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  1. Agree. I have been following soccer since I was a kid in the late 70's. In the 80's baseball and football ruled. A lot of people played soccer but soccer was shunned in a lot of places as a soft sport and where I grew there was a stigma "only private school kids played soccer". A lot changed with the World Cup in '90 when the U.S. made the WC; then we got the WC in '94. I think the popularity did not grow as much until the millennial power came along and took up the flag with the Atlanta United. Now at work it seems like everyone is getting on board. My boss who is a guy how grew up in the South and only liked baseball and football is now going to games and watching games. Baseball is just a really slow sport. The NBA seems primarily focused on Lebron and a few superstars. It's really exciting to see the sport grow. Now with the World Cup coming to the U.S. and probably Atlanta it's really going to boom.