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  1. Ryan, Julio, Ridley, and Quinn can stay. Freeman with his non blocking resume can go. #TradeFreeman for draft picks and began!
  2. Ryan is not the problem. We all know Ryan needs protection since day 1! We need re alignment. #TradeFreeman in the offseason has officially began. If we trade freeman this offseason for draft picks and fill our d line or o line we will come out on top!!
  3. #TradeFreeman for draft picks
  4. #TradeFreeman for draft picks to fill the o line and d line.
  5. If we trade freeman we can get a quality pick for a defensive end. Freeman doesn’t block anyway. #TradeFreeman
  6. Freeman is the reason we lost the Super Bowl. Freeman is injury prone and has been a consistent horrible blocker. Stop advocating for this overpaid mediocrity. #TradeFreeman
  7. Easy. Trade freeman for multiple draft picks and we’ll be better off. No blocking freeman Coleman and this offensive line is ruining the season.
  8. Our offensive line and running backs don’t block well. It’s very simple. It’s embarrassing how bad our team blocks.
  9. No the defensive line is just trash. Even if our safety’s were back Beasley and takk are inconsistent. We may need to sign an additional defensive end this offseason.
  10. Freeman should be traded. He can’t block. Free up cap space and trade him please
  11. The coaching staff is not the problem we need to strategically realign position players. We have to trade freeman in the offseason and draft a right tackle because ryan schraeder is done. The falcons also need offensive guards. We need to draft a running back that can block. Trading freeman can probably get us a solid second rounder and potentially a free up money to sign another running back if needed. Mark Ingram, Jay Ajayi, and Levon Bell are all 2019 free agents and all block better than Coleman and Freeman. Next year the falcons could dominate if we make critical moves. Matt Ryan needs protection. #TradeFreeman