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  1. https://www.azcardinals.com/news/watt-just-happened-j-j-watt-agrees-to-sign-with-cardinals The Cards have a chance to win nfc west with this move..
  2. How can the Falcons not be in the mix to try and get Watson. Matt Ryan is a great person and talented QB but at some point you must plan for the future. We can’t let Carolina get Watson. The Falcons are projected to be way over the cap anyway so why not start over? Best trade package for the Falcons to get Watson? 2021 1st Round Pick, Matt Ryan , and Dante Flower Jr. 2021 1st Round pick 2022 1st round pick, Matt Ryan Three future 1st round picks. 2021-2023 plus Matt Ryan Btw the guy from BYU will probably end up being better than Justin Fields if you really know foo
  3. Do the Falcons go after JJ Watt now that he is released by the Texans? Bring him in Terry Fontenot we need all the help on the D Line as possible.
  4. The Seahawks and Wilson are not seeing eye to eye at the moment. Since Wilson wants an O-Line and the teams below could use a change at QB which team is more likely to trade for him? Falcons Bears Steelers Denver Washington Football Team Raiders Poll in Comment Below
  5. Best team for Matt Ryan to be traded to and desirable outcome for the Falcons... #1 Matt traded to Bears for 1st round pick #2 Ryan to SF for 1st round Pick #3 Matt & Russell Gage to the Jets for 1st overall pick #4 Matt, Julio, and 2nd Round pick to Houston Texans for Deshaun Watson, we draft a WR in the draft #5 Matt, Julio, and 2nd Round pick to Packers for Aaron Rodgers .. we draft a WR in the draft
  6. The Vikings drafted three defensive lineman in the draft and have not signed the veteran. The Falcons need another pass rusher and Everson could provide instant production. Bring him home TD!
  7. They are not interchangeable just a patch for the season. The Texans aren’t going to make a trade to fill the void for the rest of the season per headline news yesterday. The only chance I’m hearing now for Beasley is the Ravens
  8. Freeman to the chiefs. Beasley to the Houston Texans since Watt went down.. Trufant to the Jags or Oakland. Fire Dan Quinn, the OC, the DC, and look at hiring Mike Shannahan as the head coach. Great offensive mind. We would be loaded for the draft 2020
  9. The Falcons should trade freeman to the Kansas City chiefs. They need a formidable running back anyway
  10. Ryan, Julio, Ridley, and Quinn can stay. Freeman with his non blocking resume can go. #TradeFreeman for draft picks and began!
  11. Ryan is not the problem. We all know Ryan needs protection since day 1! We need re alignment. #TradeFreeman in the offseason has officially began. If we trade freeman this offseason for draft picks and fill our d line or o line we will come out on top!!
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