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  1. GOD-del sucks. I hope Jerry Jones gets him thrown out. Jerry is fighting for the players and Zeke in particular on this one, which is why I'm sure the NFL execs have begun with the race baiting. One thing I'm sure of is that the other owners will not be removing Jerry Jones from owning the Cowboys. That would establish a precedent that none of the other owners want. And half of the other owners don't like GOD-del either.
  2. I doubt WInston did the groping. It just happened to be his Uber account used for a crowded car. Winston learned that lesson already.
  3. I mostly blame a handful of players: Schweitzer, Julio, Hooper, and Matt Ryan, in that order. Every possession is important in an NFL game, and all four of these guys caused us to either punt or turn the ball over. Schweitzer is just not very good. Too many plays are blowing up because he is not blocking his man effectively. And this week he chipped in with holding and false start penalties. Julio dropped a sure TD that would've totally swung the momentum of the game down the stretch. It's really the circumstance. We had to have that catch. It is 4th and 7, 4th quarter, division rival. He was wide open for a TD. This kind of sums of why we're .500 right now. He also had another drop earlier in the game that would've been a big first down. Hooper has just not been able to take that next step. He's shown flashes, but he is not making the routine plays and those drops are turning into punts and ints. Not to mention he got penalized a few times also. Matt had a decent game other than the INT and the overthrow the first time Julio got open. But no QB is going to be perfect and he did make plenty of other throws. I can think of a ball that bounced off of Hooper's face on third down, and the beauty to Julio that got dropped. He also did make some awesome throws with guys all over him. Schweitzer needs to do better and Matt will do better, IMO. These were the plays we made last year and we aren't making this year. It's really the difference. I think if a couple guys can just play better we can start winning more games.
  4. It was a great win and an awesome game, except the loss of Schraeder is big. We need him back ASAP. I see the right side of our line as a real liability heading into the game against the Lions. I'm pretty sure they will game plan to exploit us big time on that side. Packers didn't really get a chance to do it and don't have the horses up front that the Lions do.
  5. I think it's awesome that the eggplant somehow made it into her most used emojis!
  6. It's a big bank statement. I just bought aftermarket tix for me and 3 others and it wasn't pretty.
  7. Collinsworth: "This is not the Patriots defense!" Me: "Uh, that appears to be who is on the field right now."
  8. That was my main takeaway too. But I will also say the momentum in the second half was totally different in this game than in the Superbowl.
  9. Neither guy has looked very good to me. I hope for the best but kind of think a replacement will be a priority at some point. All teams have a weak link somewhere and RG is ours.
  10. I don't think "worried" is the right word, but I do want to see what the play calling looks like in a real game. I was not very impressed so far in preseason. I feel like last year our plays worked very well off of each other and were designed to suck defenders out of an area where we intended to throw too. A lot of play action with throws to vacated zones. Complementary routes that forced defenders into difficult choices and stuff like that. But in the preseason games, I haven't really seen that. On third and short we do not fake a handoff. On third and long, we have no back in the backfield. On first and 10, we line up in a run formation and run the ball. But I do think it's just preseason, so we are probably just working on some fundamental plays and treating it like practice moreso than trying to win the game. There's really not much else to worry about since the team is otherwise pretty much the same. We just need a RG and need the Oline to stay healthy.
  11. Anyone else think he might be the starting RG by week 3?
  12. RG is a sore spot for me. I don't think we have a good RG on the roster right now. That's part of why the competition is taking so long. Neither guy really looks ready to start IMO. The team overall looks great, but we need the OL to stay healthy. I guess most teams can say that, but in our case the drop off on OL is pretty obvious.
  13. Our defense is improving, but we're still 3rd best in our own division until we prove otherwise.
  14. Just pointing out that there are good reasons not to pirate television. I get that it's nice to not pay that extra $50 each month -- it's just up to each of us to decide whether it's worth it based on our unique situations. Sometimes I'll share an ESPN login or whatnot, but it's not worth it to me to take it much further than that. Not trying to "be that guy," just trying to give some reasons why not everyone uses Kodi or Terrarium.
  15. Mainly because it's not legal and carries a serious penalty. You can actually be bankrupted if caught, and it happens. I just don't see any reason to risk that over $50 per month. Cable and satellite providers are beginning to aggressively go after many of the illegal Kodi add-ons. Here's a list of the add-ons they've shut down so far: It's really up to each person to decide if you want to break any law. I speed all the time. It is worth it to me. Every year or two I pay a $200 fine that I will happily pay to keep going up to 20 mph over the speed limit nearly all the time. But stealing TV content is not worth it. The fine will be $150k per infraction. Once they've caught you, the copyright damages will cripple anyone. It's the same reason I would not speed if the fine was $1M. Another reason I do not pirate television is that I enjoy the content. These shows are not made for free. Thousands of people have built their livelihoods around it. If everyone sneaks into the movie theater, the movie theater will not be in business for long. I believe we are at a tipping point right now, where the quality of shows will begin to fall based on streaming and piracy. A show like Game of Thrones requires a significant budget. And that's another reason I believe we will see far more people prosecuted for illegal piracy in the coming years. It's kind of like when a small town decides it needs more money, and sets up more speed traps on a lonely highway.