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  1. They did not even make the super bowl. We could not have been any closer to winning it. In fact, everyone on earth knows we should've won it. It took a miracle for the Patriots to beat us. We kicked everyone's *** up until the last quarter of the last game. We have nothing to be ashamed about.
  2. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I don't think Hageman has the right natural mentality to be a great NFL player. That is the only thing that has ever held him back and it will probably continue to do so. People can change, but to reach the elite level of any profession your base personality needs to align with what you're doing. I think it's likely that Hageman maxes out as a useful rotational guy.
  3. There is a lot of parody in the NFL, but I think you have to give the Falcons more credit than that. They destroyed Green Bay and Seattle, the top two projected teams, during the playoffs. The Falcons have some turnover and will be different without Shanahan, but relatively speaking they have lost very little from last year. They have a young team that would be more likely to improve with another year than regress. Injuries are the main thing that always play a factor and you never know who will be lucky or unlucky with that. But until that happens, they should be projected higher.
  4. 6:39 - looking good!
  5. It all comes down to health. Most importantly, offensive line health. If our guys remain healthy all year like they did last year, we can get back. If we lose one or two starters on the offensive line, we will not make it back.
  6. I think other teams would be wise to try to beat us with a power running game. Most of our guys are on the light and fast side. I'd try to run straight at us, which also keeps our offense on the sidelines. Poe could be a good run anchor but really wasn't last year in KC. Our team really will live and die with offense again. If we can consistently score 30 points again this year, teams will need to abandon the run. On paper, our defense seems very well suited to play with a lead.
  7. I don't think Takk will ever be able to get around the edge like Beasley. They are different players. Takk is much less predictable. To relate it to fighting, I see Beasley as the polished martial artist whereas Takk is a pit fighter. Takk is powerful and chaotic while doing a very good job of constantly moving towards the ball. He can push his man straight backwards and does not give up on the play ever. Beasley on the other hand seems pretty premeditated on what he'll try to do, and it always involves trying to get around someone--which is why he's great in stunts. But if his plan doesn't work he has the tendency to give up on the play.
  8. Demarcus Walker. Why not get another beast? The guy has been one of the best pass rushers in college football for two straight years. He has an incredible work ethic. And he's big. Our DL will be totally set for years to come.
  9. 10:50 - that play right there shows a player with heart. Hopefully it'll be infectuous. This is something you'd never see Hageman do. It's the difference between good players and great players.
  10. No, but that was pretty hilarious and awesome right there. Worth trading up just to see that.
  11. I think if we do not address DE in round 1, we should take Demarcus Walker at the bottom of round 2. He was second in sacks last year for a reason. It's because he's **** good. He's not a one trick pony and comes up huge in all the big moments. He is being slept on big time, and at the bottom of round 2 has really high upside.
  12. They utilized Julio a lot more than OJ Howard. You are correct that he didn't break NCAA records for TDs or anything like that, but he did a lot more in 3 years than Howard did in 4. In 4 seasons, Howard's best year was his Junior season in which he accounted for 602 yards and 2 TDs, with the majority of that coming in one game against Clemson due to blown coverages. Julio put up 1200+ yards and 9 TDs in his best season.
  13. I seriously doubt we'd trade up for Howard. He only impacted a handful of games in college. If he was a transcendent player, I think Alabama would've utilized him more. At this point some team is going to have to bet on his measurables instead of production, which sometimes pans out but often is where the biggest draft busts are made. No way we would trade up to take that kind of risk. If he falls to 31 then it would be a consideration.
  14. I'd rather target Demarcus Walker in the 2nd than trade up to the top of the 2nd. We might have to trade up a little bit for Walker also, but we could get him in the back half of the 2nd at least.
  15. I would take that bet. The only thing McCaffery has over Cook is that he is also a proven stud as a return man. From a pure RB perspective, Cook was much better than McCaffery in college in every meaningful RB category. He did it against better defenses than McCaffery faced, while behind a shakier offensive line. Both guys basically carried their teams, so I understand why people are high on McCaffery too. But Cook is harder to tackle and breaks off bigger runs much more frequently than McCaffery does. He's like a stronger Jamaal Charles. And I also think Cook is a better teammate and competitor than McCaffery -- McCaffery skipped his bowl game to practice combine drills.