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  1. I heard that COVID-19 can really be bad for people with arthritic knees.
  2. No, of course not. Unless by "legit" you mean some fluke could occur, we have no injuries, other teams lose their stars to COVID, or our players are much better without crowd noise.
  3. This is good news! There is nothing more important than football! We're all going to die here eventually, so these games need to be played!
  4. ... I'd still like to know how you guys think football is going to be played this year. Will it be just the NFL and not college? Will some states, like GA, open up stadiums while others do not allow fans? Will players infected with the virus have to stay out for two weeks even if they have no symptoms? Will we need larger rosters as a result? I have not scoured in the internet but also have not really heard anything that makes sense.
  5. If the entire thing crashes, then i'll agree it's the most entertaining ever.
  6. If they don't catch the virus and become immune, what other option is there to actually play this year?
  7. It's great that we're having a draft but the NFL needs a real plan on how they can play games this year with COVID-19. I'm not talking about fan attendance. The real problem is the players. What happens when a lineman gets COVID-19? Even if they are asymptomatic, they're out for at least two weeks. But it's really likely that they'll spread it to a large number of other players on their team, probably those in their position group (for example, other linemen). Then you run into the situation where you just can't even field a roster that can safely play the game. Then the season is cancelled. I can only think of one way to avoid this and it's something I've not heard anyone mention. NFL players need to agree to subject themselves willingly to the COVID-19 virus right now. Yes, it's dangerous. But to play in 2020, we need a majority of these guys to be immune. So I think the NFL should pony up an extra $100k to all players who agree to willingly catch the virus now. They can do so in a controlled setting -- some special NFL COVID pop-up hospital. Some small percentage of them will go to the ICU, I'm sure, but the majority will not. Unless a certain percentage of players are immune, how can this game realistically be played?
  8. Don't waste a high pick! Just pay Jameis!!!!
  9. No way! Newton is basically done. Winston is still on the rise.
  10. I agree with you but he also threw for more yards and TDs than those guys on a trash team, and you're talking about all time great QBs there. I'm talking about a backup QB with high upside. And let's see how the GOAT does this year. I bet he falls off quite a bit...
  11. You make a great point except it's really only true about the 2020 and 2021 seasons. In 2022, Ryan will be 37 and the contract was designed to give us an out that year. He'd only have $9M signing bonus left to be paid by then. So I agree that Jameis would not want to wait long for his shot at being a starter. But if you look at the NFL landscape the Falcons are starting to look appealing with regard to where a good QB might go for a chance in a good organization after serving as a backup. Steelers and Saints might be slightly better but similar to us. Patriots probably top the list.
  12. He's gonna have to take a backup job whether he wants it or not. But he'd have a path back to starter in a great organization here.
  13. The Bucs had a trash OL, no running game, and one of the worst defenses you'll ever watch play NFL football. Yet they were in the hunt for a wildcard anyway, in part because of Jameis' very high production. I think he could really do something on a normal team, like ours. He's by far the best QB available and we have to dump Schaub.
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