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  1. Thank you for the attention, but what do you think about Vick coaching the Falcons???
  2. It may be a little outside the box, but Michael Vick would be the second best possible candidate for your Atlanta Falcons head coaching position. What if we've just been trying to get to where we've always been? Michael Vick created the modern Falcons and its time for him to create the new modern Falcons again. Michael knows football. He is respected by all players. He is the reason the dreaded Falcon filter was installed and in a poetic twist Vick can now pass through the filter to complete the greatest comeback story of all time. With Vick back as head coach, we can finally kick
  3. I think Trump could bring in Harbaugh to run the defense.
  4. Look this is not meant to be a political post in any way, but we should seriously consider Trump as our next head coach!!! The guy is a fighter, a winner, and he likes football (he saved college football this year). He is great at running organizations of all types and doesn't care what anyone outside the organization does or says, much like Bellicheck. I think he could come in here and just build the best assistant coaching staff that the world has ever seen. He brings an attitude and energy level that will infect the whole staff like positive vibes at a super spreader rally. I did hear
  5. If the Dems can elect an old senile retread by switching to writing votes down on paper and hand counting them, the we can win a lombardi by herding up a bunch of stampeding bulls.
  6. If you do not weigh 250+ pounds in your underwear then we do not want you on the team. Even the kicker should be a big ol haus just to send a message
  7. No, it's a mindset. The only joke is our franchise and we need to pack much more power into the punchline.
  8. We need a Tim Tebow horse in here, a big old bull. Then let's just run power formations and triple options, stop signing these high paid QBs and pass catchers. Pump more cash into the lines than every other franchise, get the mules kicking up mud. Triple TE sets, fattest and baddest. New team approach. Cheap girzzly bears that drag the opposition straight ahead like a **** plow, toughest team in the league. Grinding out wins, holding leads, ripping off face masks, crapping down throats. Gumby has been an all time great QB for us, but lets trade him to SF before they realize their window
  9. There is one more thing the Falcons did years ago that they will probably do again soon this season. End of the game, we score a TD for a one point lead, so we go for two to extend the lead to three points.... except Matthew Iceman gets intercepted, the Panthers take it to the house, and win by one point!
  10. Bridgewater all day. Even when it appears the game is over he can still get 75 more yards plus a TD. Jimmy G is terrible so that's much more unpredictable.
  11. Got rid of Sark to appease the mob. Kind of like why Vick was jailed for two years, people marching to defund the police, etc.
  12. I just realized there are seven teams with only one or zero wins. We already have the tie breaker against the Vikings. So we really do have our work cut out, it's a dogfight at the bottom.
  13. No we spent too much of our total team cap on Matthew Ice and Julio Jones and then flubbed too many times on our cheap draft pick guys.
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