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  1. Bouye is a great player but the facts are he always is on the team's #2 receiver. It's a big difference.
  2. Hopefully Hage can go on to have an awesome life on and off the field! Never could really put it together for us but he did have his moments where he laid it out there on the field for us. RESPECT
  3. I gotta admit I've been down on Jake but that was one **** of a play at just the right moment!
  4. They are completely different players! Tru is a smallish finesse cover corner who can't really can't do anything else (including catch). Ramsey is a huge flying puma that takes people's heads off and runs away with the ball. Now, Ramsey is one of those disgruntled humans that will probably switch genders in about 10 years. But for now he is as good as gets at NFL CB.
  5. Dude you really have not watched Ramsey play if this is what you think. Trufact actively runs away from ball carriers. Ramsey is out there trying to kill people.
  6. Let's not forget that some of those 40 yards were actually a pass breakup that the Jags didn't challenge, which caused this mess.
  7. I don't think anybody is just talking about this season. Jalen and Trufant are on two completely different levels, which is why I propose throwing Freeman in on the deal!
  8. I'd have to disagree. I've watched plenty of Jags games and the guy is a straight up beast that other teams avoid. He runs with anybody, jumps like a gazelle, and hits like a truck. And he has the wingspan of a city block, which Quinn loves.
  9. The only reason Ramsey could be considered "overrated" is because of his attitude. His athleticism is second to none and he is the best CB in the NFL from a pure on-field play perspective.
  10. Well admittedly I don't know how much bonus we'd owe. Both both guys have outsized contracts and my thought would be that the Jags could take on the future years of that in exchange for us taking their superstar who is pretty affordable still.
  11. Trufant and Freeman for Jalen - problem solved.
  12. Yeah this "Bunter Mentality" show isn't even close to as good. I think they were told some BS reason but the station was really just tired of the apologies they had to offer from time to time.
  13. I'm willing to eat some crow! I thought we'd lose and we pulled it out in dramatic fashion! We may not be the best team in the NFL but we just need some positive momentum. That game was a start!
  14. I'm fine with Duke just leading the dance parties after wins.