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  1. Yeah, we'll be contenders. But we'll probably let Grady walk and so we'll need to get some above average non-star types to fill these spots and hope for the best with injury luck next year.
  2. Spurrier was great in his day but it was a different era and honestly college is a different sport. Steve wouldn't put in NEARLY enough time to be an effective NFL OC.
  3. Also, the Patriots need someone to take over the Gronk role. Basically a big dude that is a physical mismatch to go with their quick receivers.
  4. I think the trade would make a lot of sense. We are not really in a financial situation to spend more money on Julio. We already have other good receivers and really need to invest in the trenches. I think if they gave us a first this year and next, it would be worth the trade. Julio is only going to decline from here. I think he has 2 elite seasons left.
  5. I think our team needs to get away from paying top dollar for guys at the highest priced positions. Some positions are just way of out of proportion to their value, and DT is one of those. I say franchise Grady this year and draft a DT to take his spot. Makes more sense to get studs on rookie deals than to blow your wad on these kinds of positions.
  6. I'm just here to say he had TWO devastating holding penalties in the SB. Both pushed us out of FG range, resulting in no points. The last one was basically unforgivable. So yeah he's a fine player but he'll never be elite. And he got smoked at the pro bowl. Carry on!
  7. This stat just basically is a measure of which receivers are quickest and play against the worst corners. Ridley and Gabriel fit the bill. OBJ and Cooper are much more impressive because they're on the list while still consistently playing against teams best cover guys.
  8. I thought it was funny that the NFC offensive line got brutalized in the Pro Bowl after we had three guys responsible for blocking get in. LOL!
  9. No, but he will have a respectful statline. Most people have bones made of calcium but Matt Ryan's are made of rubber. So there's a chance he will never break down no matter how many times he gets bent in half.
  10. I don't think this one was on Andy Reid. The Chiefs came storming back and took the lead with only 2 min left on the back of big plays. They aren't a grind-it-out team. They needed a TD and got it. Then the coaches had them in position to win the game on that INT. It's not on coaching that Dee Ford lined up offsides. That's basic stuff you learn in pee wee league. The Patriots are the greatest football organization of all time, so when you take an INT off the board on the final drive it's not going to end well and that's not the coach's fault. Also, if the Chiefs had just won the coin toss, we might be talking about Andy Reid's amazing victory. I think the Chiefs probably would've scored. They were absolutely on fire on offense.
  11. **** it. Brady and the Pats are just the greatest of all time. It's not even debatable. How in the world do you make it to nine SB's? NINE???
  12. Probably Matthew Iceman Ryan. Normally he takes a year to warm up, but this time he can keep it cold from game one! Coleman is gone dog!
  13. I've had a few different names, been banned a few times. But I don't think I started until 2005 or so.
  14. I didn't notice they had Dexter Lawrence so low. Yeah, I'd trade back a few spots and get him. I disagree that he only fits in a 3-4. I think he'd be an absolute monster next to Grady because he's too powerful for one guy to block him well. No matter whether he or Grady gets the single, there will be a good chance for interior disruption.
  15. That'll work. But I'd rather keep Grady and get a big hoss that can play beside him. Look at that nasty Rams D!