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  1. Actually, I think the 7 spot is unlikely to be an 8-8 team. It's another wildcard team, so it'll be who ever has the next best record. The 8-8 team is much more likely to be a division winner than a wild card team. For that reason, I think this could be a good change. Plus, it gives us more games.
  2. I think he'd whoop our *** more than yall realize. He's basically their best player.
  3. Hopefully the Louisville chrome red helmets with a Falcon dive bombing a saint on there.
  4. Hah! The guy with 666 in his name just couldn't help but respond. Life is full these absurd amusements!
  5. Dude between Grimes's Violence and The Remedy I feel like you and I must have the same playlist.
  6. There is a lot of randomness that plays into any football game, just like anything in life. Tonight things went the Titans way and they were good enough to really lay the wood on the Ravens. If they played again, I'd still bet Ravens.
  7. Well the records said 14-2 and 9-7. But sometimes the 9-7 team can beat the 14-2 team.
  8. What nobody seems to understand is that the offensive line has to create holes for big guys like Derrick Henry. He is not avoiding guys in the backfield. He is great right now because many times during the game he gets to the second level untouched. It is very hard to tackle a a 260 pound man that is running at 4.5 speed. But on the Falcons he would barely ever get up to that 4.5 speed. He'd be more like Fournette on the Jags if he played on our team.
  9. The Ravens are the better team and it's too bad they lost to such a one-dimensional team like that. But they outgained the Titans by 200+ yards and would probably beat them more times than not. In fact I think the Titans would win about 20% of the time, and tonight was one of those 20%. Any given Sunday, anyone can win. The Titans had like 5 great offensive plays and were opportunistic on defense with three turnovers and two fourth down stuffs.
  10. Just because he lost in the playoffs doesn't mean he's not a total badass. I feel like if these teams played 10 times the Titans would probably only win twice. They were outgained by 200+ yards and ran like 25+ less plays. It's just the Ravens dropped six balls, turned it over three times, and had a ton of penalties. Also failed twice on 4th down.
  11. Well your choice of music is impeccable so reading this post was still worthwhile. I was playing The Remedy on repeat just a couple weeks ago.
  12. Well in fairness I was pointing to two plays. Jake held TWO DIFFERENT TIMES and pushed us out of FG range both times!
  13. I say let Hooper walk. We can throw to any bum at the TE position and he'll put up numbers. We can't have the most expensive guys at every offensive skill position.
  14. What if Jake Matthews just hadn't held? He pushed us out of two FGs in the 4th quarter. With either one, the comeback would've been impossible.
  15. We already missed out on hiring Willie Taggart. The Falcons organization is inept!!!!!!!