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  1. For sure. Defense and penalities. Feel we only had a few possessions in the first half with a bad INT in the redzone by Ice. Free looked real good Sanu and Hoop. Obviously Julio. Ridley seemed a bit off but other than that penalties and defense are the story of this game. ice was 16-16 at one point in the second half if I'm not mistaken. We had more rushing and passing yards than them as well. O line kept ice clean as well just dumb penalities. 130 yards total
  2. Agree with all of your points here. The sky isn't falling but we for sure need to clean up. Flashes of Freeman this week means he's getting back in shape. Ridley had a rough game and Ice looked a bit off initially. Penalties will always doom ya. Not going to be frustrated yet still a long season
  3. Yeah for sure. The play to hooper where he was picked off shocked me because stocker was right in front of him. Online let up 1 sack. Swartz is a good d coordinator. Dialed up some great looks but we will definitely continue to improve. Big fan of Mcgary too
  4. For sure. Not sure why quadree or Brian hill haven’t been in the mix at all
  5. Agreed lol two teams notorious for being solid against the run. He definitely showed he had the twitch on that catch. He will get rolling
  6. Definitely have to fix this run game though. Free showed some burst but somethings is missing
  7. Yeah and him coming back from injury and just running wild like that. No outside contain. Arm tackling and no will to really be out there. Looked like my highschool players lol
  8. Awesot breakdown.. I know it's inexcusable but definitely fixable mistakes for sure. We should have moved in from Bosher a few years back but it is what it is. First game jitters whatever you want to call it but last time we lost week 1 we went to the Superbowl. I'm very frustrated but definitely optimistic
  9. He'll probably be in the next wave next offseason
  10. What a freaking deal. Definitely worth more than that. Glad we got it done
  11. Perfect contract for him! Glad the deal got done
  12. Lmao touche. They had way too many jerseys available so I figured it was BS. Probably just going to customize a throwback and put his name on it
  13. Has anyone heard of shopnowfalcons.com? Seems fishy lol
  14. Ahh very true didn't even think of that. Thank you
  15. I've seen a bunch of "autographed" ones on there which would be fine but they aren't the official jerseys
  16. Does anyone have any websites or links where I can get an official (preferably throwback black) Roddy Jersey? Have checked all over and haven't been able to find one. Was really disappointed when NFL shop had a Ray Buchanan Jersey but not a Roddy White one lol
  17. Wanted him as well, but he already signed with the bills
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