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  1. Saints didn't get robbed. Run the ball inside the 15 yard line make them use their time outs kick a field goal and make goff orchestrate a drive with under a min and no time outs
  2. Wish I could be there. I'll be in ATL for the Dallas game though!
  3. Lol a little premature there buddy.
  4. Feels good. Probably the lowest amount of anxiety and stress I've had during a game in a loooonggg time
  5. The pick was a miscommunication or a bad route by Ridley. But what a day for Ice!
  6. Yeah all I heard all week was how their defense was going to destroy our line yatta yatta. Everyone picked against us. Huge win
  7. My goodness haha what a block
  8. Who is Takk Mckenley???
  9. We are still blaming Ryan for the loses?
  10. Okay bye