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  1. The ending raised the hairs on the nape of my neck. Chilling! Excellent recommendation.
  2. No doubt horror afiscianados have heard of Mario Bava, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava, etc. But have they heard of Pupi Avati (The House With Laughing Windows)? Maybe not the Generation Yers/Millennials raised on Scream and Saw. Well, he happens to be my favorite contributor to Italian horror ever. He revisited the horror genre with Zeder (1983), another masterpiece that bears some similarities to Stephen King`s Pet Semetary but they were both released the same year. Hmm. But beware, this film was released in America in a cut version under the title
  3. Pupi Avati`s The House With Laughing Windows (1976), commonly considered a giallo at the tail end of the subgenre`s height, the film actually has alot of gothic elements too. IMO, one of the finest horror movies ever to represent Italy cinema. A slowburner, but never a dull moment with a ending that is oh so rewarding. Please one movie recommendation per a post, my recommendations may include a full movie stream if not at least a trailer.
  4. Spoken like a true fan. It was a pleasure reading this post. We ain't no fair weather fans here. I remember the times when people jumped on the Levy/Kelly Bills bandwagon, the Holgren/Favre Packers bandwagon, etc here in southern California. Where did all those people go? They`ve disappeared! Evaporated. *Poof* Here yesteryear, gone today! I will always fly the red and black. Now and until the day I die. Super Bowl 51 does offer me an opportunity, to pledge my allegiance to this team forever more. This game devastated me, nearly brought me to tears. But I didn'
  5. Reacher would gain a quick advantage with a flurry of kicks and punches, dodges, blocks, and feints, but near the end his cardio wears thin, whereby he goes into acrobatic wuxia wire stunt mode. But then Jason Bourne suddenly in dramatic fashion tosses off his Patriots jersey, takes his Bruce Lee fighting stance and fleexxes, flicks his nose once, then opens a volley of blows, peppering him with fists and kicks, by doing so sets up an awesome momentum shift and finishes Reacher a la Mortal Combat by ripping his spine out and uses a rib bone for a toothpick.
  6. The ring from 2-5-17 was ours that is until the fourth quarter happened.
  7. Can I find a genie and take the first three quarters from SB 51, that is 28-09? But then take the fourth quarter from SB 33, that is 13-17? 41-26 victory for Falcons in SB 51, can I? Can I? NVM, what a stupid post.
  8. I get it. But that 28-09 end of third quarter lead, everyone knows how quickly 15 minutes can fly bye? But I too just imagine every champion representing the last previous 50 Super Bowls, from `66 Green Bay to `15 Denver. Give them a 28-03 lead or even a 28-09 end of third quarter lead and witness how they would have closed out the game like representative champions. But, nnnnoooo, not the Falcons naturally given our hard luck history. We were so deserving of that Lombardi so much and played like true champions but failed to close out the game like a champion should.
  9. The game was the ultimate football fan "****" tease of the Lombardi trophy. 28-09 end of the third quarter, couldn't properly finish one more **** quarter. In some ways, that 55-10 blow out of Denver by Frisco is almost more respectable than failing to hold down the game for another lousy 15 minutes worth of game time.
  10. Thank you! I believe The Ninth Configuration is still out of print but well worth looking for in second hand bookstores or your local library.
  11. R.I.P Blatty. I am abit late with this being a new member. The novel`s depiction of the spider-walk is a hundred times scarier than the movie otherwise I too thought Legion was a superior book to The Exorcist. Having not read any of his latter works, my favorite Blatty novel, The Ninth Configuration. This book rocked! READ THIS BOOK, a real treat!
  12. Here is a repost of stats I posted elsewhere: THIRD QUARTER STATS. Time of ball possession: NWE 6:47 - ATL 8:22 NWE Drives (length and results): 00:22 punt 6:25 TD ATL Drives (length and results): 1:58 punt 4:14 TD 2:15 punt FOURTH QUARTER STATS. Time of ball possession: NWE 10:11 - ATL 4:40 NWE Drives (length and results): 5:07 FG 2:28 TD 2:33 TD 00:03 end of half ATL Drives (length and results): 1:20 fumble 2:26 punt 00:54 punt
  13. THIRD QUARTER STATS. Time of ball possession: NWE 6:47 - ATL 8:22 NWE Drives (length and results): 00:22 punt 6:25 TD ATL Drives (length and results): 1:58 punt 4:14 TD 2:15 punt FOURTH QUARTER STATS. Time of ball possession: NWE 10:11 - ATL 4:40 NWE Drives (length and results): 5:07 FG 2:28 TD 2:33 TD 00:03 end of half ATL Drives (length and results): 1:20 fumble 2:26 punt 00:54 punt
  14. It still hurts because I want an Atlanta Falcons championship team SO BAD. We basically had it in the bag too until the fourth quarter happened, 15 minutes from glory and a representing champion finally. In the back of my mind, I fear the 2016-17 Falcons could well be the greatest team the franchise will ever field for many years to come. (Remember those 85 champion Bears, they had like two or three straight Super Bowl-worthy seasons afterwards where they only lost between 2-4 games each of those seasons but never again saw the Super Bowl.) It just ****in sucks. Really does
  15. 22 yard line equals a 39 (17 yards behind the line of scrimmage) yard field goal. Bryant is 28 for 29 on 39 yard field goals. This Super Bowl is so truly LAME. Inexcusable!
  16. A Tale Of Two Sisters The Avengers LOTR OldBoy Pan`s Labyrinth The Dark Knight The Revenant 28 Days Later Zatoichi Zodiac
  17. Also do not forget the turn-over sack, it was 3rd down and only 2 yards. That cost us 8 points.
  18. The turn-over sack cost Atlanta 8 points, it was 3rd down and 2, (should have run the ball) Freeman failed to pick up the block on Hightower. Passing on 1st down and ten on the 22 yard line cost Atlanta another 8 points. (They should've run the ball three times, burned the clock, and taken the FG.) Instead Ryan is sacked for a twelve yard loss. Then on the next play, Jake Matthews is penalized for holding. A 31-20 or 31-28 victory is given away.
  19. In a game this huge, "ball control" is the order of the day. All past great champions too probably would have naturally relied on upon it with a 25 point lead and a quarter and less than a half to go. You don't build upon the lead per se but you take the clock away from the opponent. And in its mad scramble to regain possession and score again, its that team making all the mistakes instead of your own team fighting on its back the whole time.
  20. It wasn't rigged, Falcons should have went into ball control mode and kept their defense well rested by doing so. After the 28-03 lead, the whole team played like crap. Especially the offense which stopped producing first downs and points. End of story.
  21. He had time to toss the ball out of bounds because he read the pressure, but in this is a split-second, he chose to scramble further back maybe putting too much faith in his feet by attempting to make a connection down field...
  22. They're stars are young and inexperienced.
  23. It is one of the reasons Cowboys are so hated is the franchise`s arrogance and self importance. They represent Texan pride and wealth. I hate them more than any of our divisional rivals.
  24. The thing that stands in our way is a Super Bowl hangover. But our team is too young, too talented, and too hungry to prove themselves as a deserving elite SB champion next year, I guarantee it. Its now or could well be never in these next couple years.
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