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  1. Anything that gives the Pats some divisional competition is ok with me.
  2. I say good luck to him. He has a couple of years in the league now, and who knows, with a few more he could become a very good play caller.
  3. Definitely not a Super Bowl, but I can't be mad about wins. I like to watch the team win. We can still draft the right players to the right spots.
  4. Thats a sizable margin between JJ11 and #2. I love that he is a Falcon.
  5. I know I did. And i watched the clip like 500 times. JJ11 is a Falcon for life!
  6. I thought for sure this was going to be the Saints losing to The Vikings in the playoffs last year. This is good too!
  7. I always want them to win. It's sad that the thrill of the game is pretty much gone for me this season with nothing to win for, but I still want to beat GB.
  8. I really don't want to deal with my Saints friends if they win it all in our house. I pushed back talking to my Pats friends for an obscenely long period of time.
  9. I hope you are having fun. I love the city, and I get trash talk all the time because I wear Falcons shirts or hats. Mostly it ends up over some drinks and in good nature, but there are some that go too far. (Thats true of anywhere)
  10. Did the Skins have a bad week or did we have a good week? Yes we sucked in Cleveland, but we all knew this team was up and down. We have Jones coming back and we will be better. Will we make the playoffs? Maybe not. But we know we can play and that's all we need.
  11. I am not giving up. We have seen highs and super (bowl) lows. This is my team and I ride or die.
  12. Never been there. Never going there. I have enough Saints fans in my life, I don't need them on my computer too.
  13. I don't think "no problems" is in our future with the Saints. We can beat them, sure, but they are rolling right now. I have already told my family they need to gtfo or be quiet at 820 when the game starts on Thanksgiving.
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