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  1. Yes, I didn't come to this board to discuss the superbowl, nor did I come to make a statement on Brady's playoff performance in a thread that in part was made to discuss his performance! Sagacious is not a word I'd use to describe you.
  2. He threw 62 times, buddy. I'd hope that he could set the yards record and number of completion records, considering how many times he threw the ball.
  3. Okay, I'll be honest. Do I think cheating was primarily the main reason why NE won. No, they most likely win those 4 superbowls regardless of what happened.? None of us know if any results would have been altered had it not occurred. I doubt it would be, but once again we don't know However, I read your initial post and it was asinine to absolve them of any blame whatsoever , which is what you were done. You've seen backed off, thankfully.
  4. You're the typical Patriots fan incapable of blaming your team for any blame whatsoever , but instead place the blame upon the league that burned multiple tapes. Don't be a dolt. They cheated, and it'll always be apart of their legacy. Some choose to hold against them... some don't. 4*.
  5. I've already multiple debates in the thread. I'm also not interested in seeing your excuse making arguments(which they were and foolish I should say) when I've seen them from Pats fan year after year since '07. 4*
  6. Save the nonsense explanation excusing the Pats of any wrongdoing, they cheated and were caught . 4*. I'm not interested in your excuse making. Our time will come. I'll leave this topic, just remember your team only has 1 legitimate superbowl. Congrats!
  7. The Cubs hadn't made the World series since the 40's before this year. Our time will come. Your Pats have one one legitimate superbowl anyways
  8. The Cubs just ended their drought after 100+ years. You're probably a RedSox fan, if you follow baseball. You know all about droughts. The Jets time will come. It's your worst nigghtmare as a Pats fan.
  9. Yes. You must be a participant in "The Jets Suck" threads at I hope they keep it up when the Jets drought is ended..
  10. Funny you mention that, as I was re watching that game last week. Asante was not going to pull that pick with his feet inbounds, but yes Eli got lucky. That wasn't "clutch", that was lucky. Almost mistakes matter when evaluating players. It gives you information about their decision making in that game. There is no better way to evaluate quaterbacks than to take notes of when they had interceptable passes, or receptions dropped by receivers that should have been touchdowns. It separates the supporting cast from the QB and helps you analysis him independently.
  11. No, decision making matters and counting decisions like that is a good way of evaluating whether a guy played well or not rather than following typical narratives that fans and the media do because they don't comprehend what they're watching. Brady played like crap, period. By the way, I listed numerous other plays where he was bailed out... the vic Beasely play, the poor accuracy he displayed throughout much of the game, the Martelleus Bennet play before half. He wasn't good. Do I like Brady? No. But I can acknowledge when he's played well and superbowl 51 was not a good game from him. For instance, he was great against the Steelers. I The only reason people believe Brady is better than Manning is because of narratives. Manning was the better player. It's shameful to use QB wins as the argument for Brady>Manning. It's not a quarterback stat , it never will be and it is an extremely shallow stat. Brady was carried to 3/5 superbowls in the mid '00s. If he was on those Colts teams from 01-04, I can tell you for a fact that the Colts wouldn't have won superbowls. I don't even think Patriot fans thought Brady was better than Manning back then. The Colts went from
  12. Manning was better than Brady ever was. It makes me sick to hear people call Tom Brady the GOAT.I think Rodgers surpasses him/Manning one day.
  13. And that matters when evaluating whether a guy played well or not. It's called decision making. I'm also not going to give him credit for "coming up big" when he threw to passes in OT+the 4th directly into hands of the opposing defender. That's not coming up big, that's what we call being lucky.