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  1. I agree with Avery. Our pick at No. 4 shall be NDSU QB Trey Lance. Right now I am 2 for 2 on my picks. I picked Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot. Hopefully in April, I would be 3 for 3.
  2. What I like for the GM/HC is the New Bay Combo of: GM = Terry Fontenot HC = Nathaniel Hackett According to DLed the Falcons will go with the Flying Smith Brothers Combo (I just remembered The Flying Burrito Brothers rock-band): GM = Rick Smith HC = Arthur Smith What do You say?
  3. So now I have: 1. Terry Fontenot/Arthur Smith 2. Terry Fontenot/Nathaniel Hackett 3. Terry Fontenot/Joe Brady Come on TAFT give me Combos for GM/HC?!
  4. So now I have: 1. Terry Fontenot/Arthur Smith 2. Terry Fontenot/Nathaniel Hackett 3. Terry Fontenot/Joe Brady 4. Rick Smith/Arthur Smith 5. Rick Smith/Nathaniel Hackett 6. Rick Smith/Eric Biennemy 7. Lou Riddick/Eric Biennemy Come on TAFT give me more Combos for GM/HC?!
  5. I think Terry Fontenot will be the GM and Arthur Smith will be the HC.
  6. If I were picking the ATL GM, my choice would be: TERRY FONTENOT 2 REASONS: (1) Great Drafts and FA picks (2) We are taking away, from a hated rival, a key piece
  7. I agree with CHEAP TALK "Now the question is where does the problem lie, which does not involve how many times we run the ball, but rather why are those 25-attempts such a fail? ".
  8. When something is working extremely well, do whatever i,s necessary to keep the ball rolling through continuity. Whether it's promoting a subordinate to continue a system or keeping a mentor and pupil together. Recreate, as best you can, the conditions that led to success the first time around. Don't be fooled and then overpay when a previously mediocre-to-just-good employee excels in a system designed to make them succeed. Be wary of paying top dollar for a one dimensional skill set employee, because when they lose that one dimension, they are useless to you. If you sign an employee with a fatal flaw in their skill set, it is your responsibility as a boss to isolate and attack that weakness, to develop it until it no longer stops the employee from reaching their full potential. THANKS !!! Excellent Post !!! These bullets will be part of my office << TO DO ! >> Bulletin Board at my engineering firm.
  9. Yes Sir, it will take a lot of time. We need a full re-build. GM/President, HC, Offense, Defense and Special Teams.
  10. Okay, YOU ALL together, let's say it again << DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS !!! >> .
  11. I have been a Falcon Fan since 1976. And I repeat << The Atlanta Falcons will win a Superbowl >> the year after I die ( I am 66 now!).
  12. VEL, You hit the nail on the head. The best description of why we are what we are is that the Falcons have a 2016 Offense and a 2013 Defense. Since the NFL is in the 2019-2020 season, there is no wonder that the Atlanta Falcons have a record of 1-5. Same old story since 1966-1967. We need innovators. A Team President, a General Manager, a Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator and a Specials Team Coach that live in << THE PRESENT >> not in the past.
  13. VEL, my vote goes to Ed Dobbs as GM/President.
  14. Also, I agree w/ MULARKEY as OC and ULRICH as DC w/ RAHEEM MORRIS as HEAD COACH !!! ... ""On my signal; GIVE THEM **** !!!"" No more ''"'rise up"" ... "" GIVE THEM **** !!!"" ...
  16. *TMO* count me in! Our next HC = RAHEEM MORRIS !!! ...
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