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  1. Yes Sir, it will take a lot of time. We need a full re-build. GM/President, HC, Offense, Defense and Special Teams.
  2. Okay, YOU ALL together, let's say it again << DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS !!! >> .
  3. I have been a Falcon Fan since 1976. And I repeat << The Atlanta Falcons will win a Superbowl >> the year after I die ( I am 66 now!).
  4. VEL, You hit the nail on the head. The best description of why we are what we are is that the Falcons have a 2016 Offense and a 2013 Defense. Since the NFL is in the 2019-2020 season, there is no wonder that the Atlanta Falcons have a record of 1-5. Same old story since 1966-1967. We need innovators. A Team President, a General Manager, a Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator and a Specials Team Coach that live in << THE PRESENT >> not in the past.
  5. VEL, my vote goes to Ed Dobbs as GM/President.
  6. Also, I agree w/ MULARKEY as OC and ULRICH as DC w/ RAHEEM MORRIS as HEAD COACH !!! ... ""On my signal; GIVE THEM **** !!!"" No more ''"'rise up"" ... "" GIVE THEM **** !!!"" ...
  8. *TMO* count me in! Our next HC = RAHEEM MORRIS !!! ...
  9. Well now, I finally have names for, both, the Falcons D# and O#. The SWISS CHEESE DEFENSE and the DUMPSTER FIRE OFFENSE !!!
  10. I know and I stand by it. The Falcons will win the SB Lombardi the year after I die. The problem is that's not going to happen any time soon, I hope I live a very long and fruitfull life !!!
  11. ""If Matt keeps throwing the ball to that Stocker guy I am out of here!!!""
  12. As "" JD dirtybird21 "" stated:
  13. As Kaptain Krazy says "" If the QB isn't being pressured consistently, it doesn't matter how good the secondary is. "" The choice is a DT at #14!
  14. For me, it has to be, a DT at #14.
  15. As of now, I like best the 2016 Free Agent Class. That's when TD nail it! And remember where we ended at. Hint = SB51 .
  16. The real uniform for a Falcon* player shall be a black (blue-gray) jersey, white pants and a black helmet. *Wikipedia {PEREGRINE FALCON}.=''A large, crow-sized FALCON, it has a blue-grey back, barred white underparts, and a black head.''
  17. Ed Oliver Combine's stats reminds me of this: ""The falcon is a widespread bird of prey, better know as the raptor.The RAPTOR is renowned for its speed, reaching over 200 mph during its characteristic hunting stoop, high-speed dive, making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. The highest measured speed of a falcon is 242 mph.""
  18. The real name of the Coryell offense is the ''AIR CORYELL OFFENSE". It was instituted when Coach Coryell was the HC of the San Diego Chargers and his QB was Dan Fouts. Damm! It sure was explosive!!!
  19. Coaching is why they are where they are !!!
  20. Yep. They do kill You!!!
  21. STRYKA hit it on the nail. Just read this article: .
  22. Like kiwifalcon said ""He understands it's a result driven business and here in lies why he's putting these guys under the gun."" The Not For Long league is actually a ""What have You done for me lately?"" business.
  23. VEL You're F***ing Right! You do not wait for Your enemy to prepare, You Seize the day and buzzsawed them until they give up and forget the shout " Never give up, Never surrender and Never retreat! '' RESIST, INSIST & PERSIT!!!
  24. I love the originals unis because those were the ones I cheered on, and more than that, I spend my ""MONEY"" on. For me RED Helmet, BLACK Home Jersey, WHITE pants with RED/BLACK trim and the RED/BLACK on WHITE socks. If not I will go with the RED Helmet, RED Home Jersey, GRAY pants with RED/BLACK trim, and the RED and WHITE socks. I still remember freezing my, you know what, as I was the only Falcon Fan remaining in my whole section of Fulton County Stadium.
  25. In another thread I indicated that our next SB window will be the year of 2034. The Falcons go for the Lombardi every 18 years,1980, 1998, 2016 and hopefully 2034. Again, I wish all of you will be here to see our next franchise QB wins it. Matt Ryan will be remember only as DAN MARINO 2.0!!!