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  1. Keep in mind that this 4-12 team would have won quite a few more games if not for some really dumb coaching moves and mental errors (not jumping on the ball on the onside kick in the Dallas game, Gurley not going into the end zone just to name a couple). This 4-12 team could have been a playoff team last year IF not for those issues. This 4-12 team has/had the talent to be a playoff team last year, so why not this upcoming year?! I don't expect them to win the SB this upcoming year, even if they nail the draft, but it is possible.
  2. Social media drags almost everybody at some point in time. I don't pay any attention to social media!
  3. So Ezekiel Elliott was set-up to fail?! He went 4th overall in 2016. I would be shocked at Harris going 4th as well, but I don't think he is set-up to fail...
  4. He could suit up for the Texans and just throw picks all day, everyday, until they agree to trade him. He technically holds all the cards...
  5. This is not true at all. If we trade down, we will be getting an extra 1st round pick next year. We could easily bundle that with our 1st round pick to trade up next year, and if next year there isn't a QB we want then we trade one of those first round picks to get an extra 1st rounder the year after that...rinse and repeat until we get that QB we want, when that time is here.
  6. I believe that is very possible to get a willing trade partner, and get worthy compensation. After all, it is the #4 overall pick...
  7. You are making it sound like there is no chance of another team being interested in trading up...even though it happens every year.
  8. That is an easy question to answer. You trade down this year, getting more picks this year plus a first and second next year. You can use our 2 first round picks next year to trade up and get a QB if there is one there that we feel is a must have. If there isn't, we can trade down one of our firsts next year and get a second first round pick the year after...rinse and repeat until we have our replacement for when MR retires. My 2 cents...
  9. Multiple sources said JaMarcus Russell and Johnny Manzell were going to be a franchise QBs...don't think either of them worked out for those franchises that drafted them... Those sources can be, and have been, wrong. I'm not trying to predict the future, I just hope that whoever we draft is the right choice...no matter what position they play.
  10. They'll just let Russell Gage be our back-up QB!
  11. There is a lot of talent on this team already. I would expect immediate success. I'm not saying SB or fire everybody, but if we go 0-16 changes need to be made. I honestly expect to be playoff contenders this upcoming year. If we miss the playoffs but have a decent record, 10-6 to 6-10 range, then give it another year...my 2 cents
  12. I hope your name is Henry!!! lol😀
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