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  1. If it was a guarantee that we would win a couple of Super Bowls by trading JJ, absolutely! I love JJ, and think he is one of the best WR to ever play the game...but team first!!!
  2. I can agree with most of those players getting more playing time, but who would you sit in favor of Gage? I surely wouldn't want to sit Julio, Ridley, or Sanu in favor of Gage. Not saying Gage is a bad player, I think he is very talented. I just can't see giving Gage more time over Julio, Ridley, or Sanu. Maybe take away more of Hardy's snaps, but that would be about it...
  3. Fair enough, and I agree with you about our lack of a pass rush! Only thing we can do for this season is hope for that miraculous turn around!
  4. And I'm guessing that you know Burns is going to keep up this same pace, as far as stats go, for the rest of his career? For all we know, he could never get another sack in his career. You are basing Burns' whole career on 4 games that he has played. None of us are able to predict what the future holds. We can make educated guesses based on the information that we already have. We have more information on Burns than we do on Lindstrom, but we still don't know what the future holds for either of them. This kind of hindsight should be saved for 2-3 years after drafting them, not 4 games...
  5. I disagree...the Vikings game was way more frustrating for me!
  6. You left off number 4. Get another
  7. There are conditions around it, helmet malfunction, helmets stuck together, and so on, but none of those conditions applied to Neal. I understand wanting to have Quinn fight for his guys, but what is the point of getting another penalty?!
  8. I get what you are saying, but Neal did remove his helmet while on the field. There was no arguing that.
  9. Not trying to take anything away from Oliver on that play, but Ertz was starting to try to reach out for that extra yard when he saw someone closing in on him (think it was Keke, but not sure) when he pulled the ball back in...afraid to take that hit from our nasty and physical defense.
  10. Mike Singletary was my first favorite player. Deion Sanders is my favorite all time player
  11. Or maybe Quinn thought we didn't really have a shot at winning this game, and wanted to get some real game situation practice with 2 PT conversions. Or maybe he went for it the first time because he wanted to try and get the win with 3 more TDs...who knows, any of them are possible.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers tried to give him a shot. They NEED receivers...
  13. FREE, Calvin, Debo, Grady, Takk!!!
  14. I stand corrected. Don't follow NE too much, being a Falcons fan and
  15. Yes they did, and they didn't play NE last year.