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  1. Although the math wasn't right, I understand what you were trying to say. How would the cap money be split up between the 3, including Grady's ~11 mil.
  2. What's to stop the kicking team from just touching the football to knock it off the T, and recovering it 1 foot from the kickoff spot?!
  3. I don't like the idea, but it would be interesting to see how they would handle your starters having to sit 2 games.
  4. Those 3 would be better compared to Julio, Calvin, and Austin Hooper...
  5. If Duke makes the pro-bowl this year, that means a LOT of LBs in the NFL got hurt this year!!!
  6. I do agree with this statement, but by not trading some of those 2nd and 3rd rounders we wouldn't have some of the 1st rounders that we do have. Julio wouldn't have been a Falcon, Takk wouldn't be a Falcon, Desmond Trufant may not have ever been a Falcon. Would you really want to give up players like that for extra chances?!
  7. You nailed
  8. I agree 100%!!!
  9. In JJ's case, I can't blame him for asking for a new deal the same year that the team spends a 1st round draft pick on another WR...Calvin Ridley. In Julio's shoes, are they trying to replace me is what I would be thinking. Look what happened with Roddy after they drafted JJ. I would want to make sure that my future is secure as well, based on the past. I don't personally think that they drafted Calvin thinking that we can let JJ walk now, but in JJ's shoes that thought would have to be there given the past. I believe Calvin was drafted because he was BPA at the pick.
  10. The biggest problem our DEs have had is the QB just steps up in the pocket to avoid the speed rush from the outside. If the pocket gets pushed, then the QB can't step up and avoid that speed rush from the outside. If he does step-up, he gets sacked from the interior pressure.
  11. And in 2013, when Julio and Roddy were both injured, what's your excuse for his 4,515 yards and 26 TDs when his best receiver was Harry Douglas? Before you bring up Tony Gonzales, he had a total of 859 receiving yards and 8 TDs, while Harry Douglas had 1,067 yards and 2 TDs. Matt's weapons were gone, and he still put up over 4,500 yards...
  12. I feel it will all depend on the interior of our DL. If we get that consistent push up the middle, I feel that our DL will be one of the top 5-10 in the NFL. Beasley may be a one trick pony, with his speed rush, but he is very good at the speed rush. If we get that push up the middle, the QB can't just step-up in the pocket to avoid Beasley. I believe Takk will continue to get his pressures, and will get more sacks if the QB can't just step up in the pocket. I feel Grady will have another great year, he just needs another DT that can push the pocket back into the QB's lap. That's where I am hoping Hags will come in handy. We all know he is very strong, and if he gets 1-on-1 looks with on OG, I feel he can help push the pocket into the QB's lap. If Hags gets doubled, then that will more than likely leave Grady 1-on-1 with on OG. I like our chances there! If our interior DL can push the pocket, our DL will be a force! My 2 cents...anybody got change? lol