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  1. Tomorrow will be a rough day with UGA and Braves games back to back. I’ll get to sit down and enjoy both games with a mad wife because nothing got done or I’m going to be upset because things got done and I barely get to watch games.
  2. I believe it’s Ron Darling and Jeff Francouer.
  3. It seems like the lower seed has the advantage. If you take all 3 games at home you just have to win 1 of 4 away games. Was thinking about this the other day. Was wondering if a 3-2-2 or a 2-2-3 format would work for the LCS.
  4. I do the same when the wife watches Saints games.
  5. We need to bombard the Mods to get AuTiger back. It just doesn’t feel the same without him.
  6. Using Hader now with the pitchers spot coming up for them. Limiting him to only 1 IP
  7. If Ozzie can just lay off the high stuff he’d be doing a whole lot better.
  8. Lauer is leaving a lot of fastballs right down the middle.
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