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  1. who gets added to the 40 man roster to protect them from the rule 5 draft?
  2. Signed and Club Control total of $51 million Freeman Melancon Acuna Albies Inciarte Alex Jackson Ortega Riley Soroka Touki Jeremy Walker Webb Weigel Ynoa Fried Newcomb Minter Sobotka Bryse Wilson Kyle Wright Club Option Julio Flowers Markakis Mutual Option Hamilton ARB Folty Greene Culberson Luke Jackson Dansby Camargo Grant Dayton Adam Duvall Free Agents Donaldson Keuchel Cervelli O’Day Swarzak Martin Blevins Hechavarria Tomlin Joyce info was obtained from Cot’s Baseball
  3. I think Donaldson comes back. Julio’s club option is picked up. Keuchel I feel is gone and Wilson takes his spot in the rotation. I don’t think the club trades Newcomb and they see him as the closer once Melancon’s contract is up after next year. I’d like to see them resign Tomlin, O’Day, Martin, Hechavarria and Joyce. Think it’s time to let Markakis go and bring up Waters and/or Pache.
  4. This is a pathetic way to go out after 4 great games. Never agreed with Keuchel starting game 4, should have been Julio or Fried. Then you would have the most playoff experienced pitcher starting game 5 if need be. After the Braves couldn’t win game 4 with the multitude of chances they had and couldn’t get it done. I had a feeling this game would be lost but not like this.
  5. Get him a custom made football helmet that he can put on with the Braves logo on the sides.
  6. Great win tonight. If we take 1 of the next 2 the Braves will eliminate Phillies from the division in their own place. Also the magic numbers are 2 for the Mets and 8 for the Nats
  7. Chris Martin with an immaculate inning. The 7th time it has happened this year. Last Braves to do it was Buddy Carlyle on July 6, 2007
  8. Great job by Fried and the bullpen. Better to have the shaky outing by Melancon tonight with a 4 run lead than either of the next 3 with only a 1 run lead.
  9. Also in September the Braves have 4 days off and the Nats have 2 days off. Plus they have a double header the last week of the season against Philly. Remaining schedules Nats schedule is 10 games ( MIA, NYM, ATL) then day off. 9 games ( MIN, ATL , STL)then last day off. Finish up with 11 games ( MIA, PHI with a DH, CLE)in 10 days. Braves 5 games ( CHW , TOR) then off. 11 games ( Nats, PHI, Nats) then day off. 6 games ( PHI, SF)then off. 2 games ( KC) then off. Finish with 3 games against Mets.
  10. Great job by the pen tonight. Other than nerves, wonder how much of an issue it was with the catchers getting to know what pitches the new guys like to throw and when.
  11. Not if he makes it seem like a missed pitch. Miss outside twice, then a bit inside.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keuchel takes care of it his last inning pitched. Meeting on the mound, Keuchel says 1 more batter skip and takes care of it.
  13. If you go the opener route no one would get bumped. It could be a way of limiting Saroka and Frieds innings. Use Toki and Newk since both can give you 2-3 innings each time. Pairings would be Newk with Saroka & Toki with Fried. Those pairings make the other team think on how they would set their line up since there will be a lefty and righty that they will face. Im not a fan of the opener but it can be very beneficial with bull pen wear and tear. Opener gives you 2 solid innings and starter gives you 6. Then closer pitches 9th if need be. That’s only 3 pitchers that game.
  14. Have to see if there is a way to see how many batters that Greene had 2 strikes on, wound up getting on base. His issue seems to be finishing batters off.
  15. That was a BS call. Ball 3 was closer than strike 3.
  16. Long time reader with the braves struggles in the west coast. Nice to get the first one out the way interleague games are the Red Sox and AL West. The month of June looks to be brutal.