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  1. He doesn’t after Richards K’s Travis. Then Swanson hits a bases loaded double, clearing the bases.
  2. Curious to see if Cora will do the same as he did last weekend and end the inning after 20 pitches. 17 pitches so far in the 1st for Richards. Remember he was the pitcher on the mound when Cora ended the inning.
  3. Today’s game will be on MLB.TV using the Redsox TV feed. So you should be able to find an online stream for the game.
  4. I believe he also said the only other way it would makes sense for him to hit 2nd without their being a DH is that if the pitcher bats 8th and say Pache bats 9th.
  5. I’ve been waiting for this to come to Xbox. I had to stop playing Madden and FIFA a couple years ago because it felt like it was just a roster update every year. I believe Diamond Dynasty will be the mode I play the most.
  6. Fried was supposed to start tomorrow but has potentially been exposed to COVID and has tested negative so far
  7. Today’s game will be on MLB.TV and since it’s an away game I don’t believe it will be on any Braves local market channels
  8. Smyly with a good 1st ST start. 2 IP, 1 H, 3 K, 0 BB
  9. Will Smith with a 1-2-3 inning Top 3. 2 groundouts to 3B and 1 K
  10. So far d’Arnaud with a 2R HR scoring Ozuna and Ender made a diving catch with bases loaded that would have cleared the bases to end top 2.
  11. Today would have been a good day for Pache to hit 3rd to get those opportunities. Depending on who else is playing in a game he should hit closer to the top to get those chances not towards the bottom like he will be once the season starts.
  12. Don’t teams also have the option of bring in a RP for a batter or 2 and then they can go back to the previous pitcher.
  13. By those numbers the Braves could easily afford to spend another 20-30M per year and stay under the luxury tax. So either AA is not spending it or LM won’t let him
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