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  1. brdu4

    Braves @ Mets

    I’m confused. I thought an ump calling a HBP is not reviewable. Didn’t the Mets get away with that against the Marlins this year. Ump was calling strike 3 then changed to HBP but it couldn’t be overturned.
  2. brdu4

    Braves @ Mets

    So is Muller hurt. I see no reason to pull him after 56 pitches.
  3. brdu4

    Braves @ Mets

    6/21 Game 1: Anderson vs DeGrom @ 5:10p ET Game 2: Muller vs TBD @ 8:10p ET 6/22: Morton vs Stroman @ 7:10p ET 6/23: Fried vs Peterson @ 7:10p ET
  4. Per ESPN, Rumors that there will be a few teams that will ask umpires to check pitchers if data or video suggests that they are using substances.
  5. Tonight: Morton vs Gant Friday: Fried vs Martinez Saturday: Smyly vs Wainwright Sunday: TBD vs Kim
  6. I guess we just can’t have nice things this year.
  7. I agree it would suck to lose $11 million to the pen. By giving Wilson a shot. He gets some experience and he can’t do any worse than Drew
  8. Think it’s time to give Wilson the chance to hold spot on the rotation.
  9. Yeah that was Riley’s all the way
  10. Now this is baseball. Don’t need all that HR or bust. Put the ball in play and good things will happen.
  11. that right there is why fans and I’m sure players have an issue with Snit. Bobby Cox and most Managers would have been tossed for arguing.
  12. That’s a BS no call on the ball. MLB really needs to look enforce balks on lefties pick off moves. 80% + of time they are.
  13. Leaves the mound as in the inning is over, in between batters or anytime they are outside of the circle of dirt.
  14. I really don’t think the season is shot nor should they do anything that resembles them thinking that. Just need every thing to come together. 1 week they are hitting with no pitching. Then the next week is pitching with no hitting. But if they are in the process of mailing it in. they might as well call up Waters and see what he can do. Then roll with a rotation of Morton, Freid, Anderson, Wilson and Davidson. Also they have won the division 3 years in a row. They have been fortunate that the Donaldson and Ozuna 1 year deals worked out. Without those deals working who knows whether
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