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  1. The goal posts keep getting moved. Originally, this was a discussion about QB play during the SB. now it's a discussion about performance during the regular season. Modern stats prove MR was the better regular season QB in 2016. There is no valid argument to the contrary. Those same stats prove TB was the better QB during the Super Bowl. There should be no argument on that point either.
  2. Why do you keep moving the goal posts? Seriously? We were discussing stats and then (when the facts ran counter to your position) you switched directions.
  3. And yet you have nothing but obsolete stats to back up your position. Modern metrics show TB was the better QB. You can yell from the mountain tops otherwise, but the facts support my position.
  4. Why don't you tell me what you know about it and then I'll decide if it's worth my time to reply. Given the post above, I'd say your knowledge is limited to hear say and conjecture.
  5. You keep using Passer Rating and calling it Total QB Rating. I've corrected you several times, yet here we are again. Passer Rating (code RTG) is obsolete. Take a look at modern metrics - Total QB Rating (code QBR) shows Brady with a better rating during the Super Bowl.
  6. Here's another bottom line - On 3 & 4th downs in the Super Bowl: 1-4/ 19 yds/ 4 sacks/ 1 fumble And 2 other bottom lines: Total QB Rating during SB:. Brady > Ryan Defense adjusted Yards Above Replacement (DAYR) during SB: brady > Ryan Passer Rating is so obsolete, literally nobody uses it as a valid evaluation tool for QB play - except for this board. Why is that? Ryan is a great QB, who had an amazing year during 2016 - unfortunately for the Falcons and their fans, he was outplayed in the SB. Brady defined the moment.... The mome
  7. No argument that I've been wrong plenty of times... Some of those experiences have been worse then others.
  8. I get it - been there before. You're pissed at Atlanta's collapse, so you went searching for something - anything. And there it was! A stat showing MR played better then TB. That you went with it wasn't the problem, but then you split your bets and doubled down. ****, but somebody (me) decided to verify your findings and that's when things came off the rails. i appreciate your attempt to change the "story", but you used that stat as the single point of your argument to many times. You've been had. Best to close the thread and wait for another battle. You've got nothing le
  9. Not moderating anything - Simply adding an opposing opinion to an interesting thread. BTW:. While I've got you here, any chance you can answer a couple questions I asked you back on page 16?
  10. I've been following this thread with mild amusement, but apparently none of your Falcon brethren are going to walk you back off this ledge. That you used (and misidentified "passer rating" was slightly irritating, but I chalked it up to the post Super Bowl mourning period and your attempt to look at the bright side. As as a side note:. I'm guessing you use Batting Average as the single stat to evaluate baseball players - even though OBP, OPS, WAR and a myriad of other stats have proven more useful. anyway, I digress - back to Super Bowl Li:. I was happy to let you tr
  11. For the record, I'm not attacking MR in any way, shape or form. He's a stud! In fact I look forward to him signing a team friendly FA contract with the Pats in 2019 where he'll replace retiring TB12 - and lead the New England to a couple more SB championships. It'll be perfect - a BC hero and his wife, who is the greatest female athlete out of Maine return to New England. It's going to be awesome folks!!
  12. I'm really intrigued by this. Quite absurd of Shanahan to handcuff a QB of MR's talent. Do you by chance have a source on the Sanu comment? I ask because I couldn't find anything on it via a Google search - something I'd expect given the significance. I did find an SB Nation article from 24 Feb where Sanu totally defended KS during an NFL network interview the day previous. Very strange and conflicting positions to say the least. also, regarding MR's authority to audibilize - there's a thread from this year in this forum discussing that he has authority on about 50% of the plays. Did
  13. If you're going to start a thread, please - at a minimum - use proper terminolgy and stats: - QBR = Total QB Rating - RAT = Passer Rating the 2 ratings are not interchangeable, regardless of how many times you've attempted to do so in this a thread. 2016 Post Season Stats: Matt Ryan: - QBR:. 93 - RAT: 135.3 Tom Brady: - QBR: 78.4 - RAT: 97.7 now you can carry on proving MR was better then TB. Good luck next season! Hopefully the Pats and Falcons can match up again.
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