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  1. I'll be watching tonight via the espn app (using a friends directv login) on Roku. Something else for cable cutters to look into for the regular season is SFN or Southern Fibernet. I think I pay around $9 a month an I get all the local Atlanta channels on a roku app. That gets me all of the falcons games besides MNF. Its pretty cool. Before that I couldn't get away from directv and the Sunday ticket. I live in south ga and I'm considered in the Jacksonville market by Directv so I had to get the ticket. I always thought it sucked that I lived in Ga but had to watch Florida teams.
  2. Yes, but I feel the early bye doesn't help either. It's a combination of things, not just the division games to end the season.
  3. Sucks. Hard to think of a tougher schedule.
  4. I was thinking about this last year. I feel it's almost a certainty now that he has announced his retirement.
  5. I can't believe season ticket holders have to pay full price for them.
  6. Is this setting up for an away season opener?