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  1. Yeah, I'm ok with my seats too for watching the game, but after walking around and checking out all of the levels pregame, my wife and I really like the 200s . We always went to the dome as soon as the gates opened so we could watch warm-ups. We really like the fact that there are bars and other open areas where you can sit and eat/drink before the game and still watch the field in the 200s. Cant really do that in the 300s. You would never catch me anywhere but my seat during the game but before the game is a different story. I thought the 300s were going to be a little more open when i purchased my seats. If i sold my psl I wouldn't sell them for a profit. I never intended to make money off my psl. My wife and I are just falcons fans and love to be at the games.
  2. I guess the only way to move seats will be to sell/buy through this market place? I got in late (told myself early on that I wouldn’t do a psl, but then last fall I couldn’t stand it any more) and have row 12 aisle seats in 314 but would like to move to the 200s.
  3. My thought? It would help if the offense would score when they did get the ball.
  4. Yup. That’s what Falcons do.
  5. Blame it on the D...
  6. If it's annoying to us imagine how annoying it is for visiting teams and their fans. For that reason alone I'm OK with it. Unfortunately its not being blown enough, especially in the 2nd half. I wish the **** thing was blaring every 4 minutes!!!
  7. Yeah, I don’t get it. A lady sat next to my wife this last game. She showed up right after the 2nd quarter started and actually made a comment about the team not showing up today right after she got to her seat! She hadn’t even seen the 1st quarter! I wanted to tell her so bad that at least the team made it on time for kickoff. She left during the 3rd. Who does that??
  8. It’s bad. I sit in section 314 row 12 and made it a point to notice the club level seats during the last game. I don’t care how it’s spun. They’re not that many people in the bars or on the sideline to account for those empty seats. Not even close. People weren’t coming and going to their seats, they just never came. Not that I could see. And another thing. I’m a fan. I don’t miss a play. I have aisle seats so I can use the restroom during a tv timeout and be back before the next snap (concourse and restroom wasn’t crowded during the game even though my row was only 1/3 full). I’m a fan. What about all of these people supposedly walking around the concourse, drinking at the bars, pouring there own beers, etc? They are supposedly bringing energy? These are “fans”?Compared to me sitting in my seat yelling and clapping as hard as I can? Yeah right. I love the new stadium but the crowd sucks. That’s the honest truth.
  9. Ashamed? No way man. I’m still excited about the D. A bunch of young guys that are all kinds of hungry. I know they are going to grow in to a great unit. Growing pains. On the other hand you say we don’t have a world class offense anymore. Why not? I’m more upset about that. MR2, Julio, Freeman, Coleman, Mack, Sanu, JM, Ryan S. That’s a group I expect more from NOW. Why don’t we have a world class offense? How many teams out of 32 should be better? How can you say we aren’t a world class offense anymore? If it’s the OC I want it fixed. These guys best years are wasting away. If Sark isn’t the guy then why the **** was he hired? That’s on management and Q, not the players on the O or the D. It’s just so frustrating.
  10. That’s right. I enjoy watching the D this year. I know they will grow, and I know hey will at some point they will get things sorted out. The O on the other hand scares me. I don’t like what I see at all. It all looks confused to me. I’m afraid that will not be sorted out. The O should be clicking.
  11. I really don’t care about what the saints did to the dolphins, or what the dolphins O did before today. All I care about is that the Falcons D held the Dolphins (an NFL team) to 20 points today. That should have been more than GOOD enough to win with Atlanta’s O. Am I wrong?
  12. Falcons are known for a high powered offense. That’s how the team is built. When our D holds a team to 20 at home I expect a win. I certainly expect the O to at least put up something in the 2nd half. At home.
  13. Yes. Falcons D is good, not great. D has held up their end of the bargain. Can you say that about the O? O isn’t helping the D.
  14. Defense is definitely not the problem, it’s the O. I hate it. We finally have a good defense and the offense sucks. It’s crazy.
  15. I don’t believe that. I believe people JUST ARE NOT THERE. Whatever the reason may be. I’ve been to every game this season and the number of fans in the bars and concourses doesn’t come near to equaling the number of empty seats. Seats are empty in the middle of 2nd quarter and concourse is empty too. It’s very frustrating/upsetting for a true fan. Personally I think that most of the people that have the disposable income for some of the high dollar psl’s couldn’t care less for the game and don’t show up if they have anything else going on on game day.