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  1. @falconsfansrus are your seats 100 club level or do you have seats in a different section? What’s the general atmosphere in your section? I’m in 208 and it’s usuall pretty much packed with the same people right around us. A lot of yelling and cheering from 208. It was lighter this last game, with some new faces sitting in front of me. Not too many people in the concourses during the game, except halftime. The 100 club section looked rough though.
  2. Your right, they should be. Unfortunately PSLs have changed the type of person that comes to the games now. A lot aren’t really Falcons fans.
  3. Still less then Falcons tickets in the same section on a per game basis, plus you aren’t having to pay $20k for the right to buy the tickets
  4. Yes, the United get great support, and I love going to matches. It’s really a lot of fun. I will say this though, if there were $20k PSLs on United seats things would look a whole lot different.
  5. It’s not the stadium causing the issue. It’s the $$$$$ PSLs. If season tickets at the Benz were sold like they were at the Dome(no psl)the seats in the lower level would be full. All the bars, TVs, and $2 hotdogs wouldn’t matter. The problem now is that people simply ARE NOT AT THE STADIUM. The buyers of the $$$$$$ PSLs in between the 20s don’t care about being there. It’s not just a problem in ATL it’s a problem everywhere $$$$$$ PSLs have been introduced.
  6. Yes, the PSLs were definitely an ill advised move by Blank. I don’t think he knew the affect it would have on attendance. Had he known that it would kill the atmosphere I truly believe he would have went another route. It really sucks because it looks to the casual observer (and media) that the fanbase doesn’t support the Falcons, and thats just not true. There were more butts in the seats for the open practice at the Benz this year then at a regular season game. More people showed up for that practice then this last Bucs game. That shows that there’s tons of support out there. Those fans were just priced out by PSLs. I hate it for the players to have to look up and see those empty seats. That has to be disheartening.
  7. I have been to every Falcons game at the Benz (section 208 row 2 seat 1 anyone reading can come by and see me, id be happy to meet ya) and I went to every game in 16 at the dome. I can tell you that attendance has not been as good as it was at the dome, not even close. Im so happy that I was at the NFC championship game at the dome and the game against Seattle. That was an electric atmosphere and I can promise you it will never be replicated at the Benz for a falcons playoff game(or any Falcons game). I first noticed it for the home opener last year against the Packers. It was a good turnout, but not what it should have been. There were still a lot of empty seats. It became very apparent the next home game. Its not the stadiums fault. I love the stadium. The halo board, the food, the sight lines. It’s all incredible. Its the PSLs that ruined the experience. Those $20k+ club seats did it. No doubt in my mind. Used too you would see empty seats in the 300s in the dome, but the 100s were full. Now it’s the opposite, the 100s in between the 20s are a ghost town. The most desirable seats, the seats that should be full of true fans.
  8. Naw, It will be full of Cowboys fans.
  9. 7:30 left in the 2nd Falcons up 21-6. Sad.
  10. Yeah, I took this photo a few weeks ago at a United match. Those club seats are PACKED, and this was a match that had the 300s open. You will never see this for a falcons game at the Benz. Probably not even if it was the NFC Championship game.
  11. The PSLs have ruined actual attendance. The club seats in the lower bowl between the 20s have never been more then 20% full (and never will) And it’s not people in the club under the seats or down on the field. People just aren’t at the game. I figure people that can easily drop 20-40k on a psl have all kinds of options on game day. Golf at Augusta national? Taking the jet to Bermuda? Early ski trip to Colorado? Plenty of other things for those guys to do. Plus if they decide not to go it’s not even worth their time to try and sale the tickets. The Falcons mean nothing to the majority of them.