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  1. Sorry I should have been more clear. I was referencing an earlier post that was talking about the players being upset with the fan base in general(or at least that’s how I took it) . The post below:
  2. No, i would never be toxic. I was not one of the people booing at the last game. As a matter of fact it caught me off guard. As a PSL owner I completely understand it though. I felt like it was directed more towards the coaches than the players. I don’t think booing is toxic, but do think it’s time the team and staff woke up.
  3. This season I have some negative feelings towards the play of the team and the entire organization. There is no excuse for the team being so unprepared. Im paying for a product, and I was promised a competitive product by AB and company. This team is currently not competitive. Going on 5 years with Quinn and the promised are empty. Ive paid over 21k in PSLs and tickets since the Stadium opened. I feel like that gives me the right and the duty to make my feeling known to the organization.
  4. I live 4.5 hours away and I couldn’t make 4 games last year. I can’t remember who was playing but I know I had to sell at least 2 games below face. I have Falcons side 200 level 2nd row aisle seats on the 20. I consider those great seats and still couldn’t get face. If I could do it over again I would not own a PSL. I would just buy from Ticketmaster. I can’t see any real benefit to the PSL so far.
  5. I’m sorry, but in the hunt or not the Benz will not be packed. PSLs made sure of that.
  6. I have seats in 208 and unfortunately the seats have been empty like that for falcons games since the stadium opened. Even at the opener against GB it wasn’t packed. The last great falcons games will forever be the 2016 playoffs in the GA Dome. I’ve come to realize that even with a NFC championship game in the Benz it will never be as electric as the Dome. Not even close. PSL economics have killed access for even hard core fans. This is a fact. It can’t be argued at this point. Its not the stadiums fault. It’s the PSLs. Its a **** shame.
  7. PSLs basically means this can’t happen: tickets are already committed and sold. For years. The biggest scam ever. SMH.
  8. Here is what the huddlers think
  9. They are having an event at the stadium this year:
  10. Awesome! Congrats to Roddy!! I just wish the Ring of Honor was actually INSIDE the stadium
  11. Hard to believe we would open the season on the road for the 3rd straight year.
  12. I remember a lot of folks on here were pizzed he didn’t play in the Giants playoff debacle. I remember people thinking he was good to go but he decided he wasn’t going to play.