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  1. Driving up from south Ga with the wife and kid. I’m glad they are doing this. I hope there is a good turnout.
  2. What! This can’t be right. After reading this board I was pretty sure the Falcons would rank dead last.
  3. I keep hearing that Sark needs another year, needs more time, came in without the NFL experience Shanny had, so he just needs time. What I want to know is if he needed time to get things together why was he hired? Why do you hire a guy without experience that may need a season or two to get it together when the window is wide open but about to start closing? Why? Someone tell me why? Why would you hire a project in this situation?
  4. I don’t know how much they have saved, but I do know they have made a TON off of me lately
  5. I must have missed it, is this a falcons related event?
  6. Willy Always Rehabbing
  7. Exactly. I paid for my psl. That gives me the right to complain. I’m not trying to sue anyone, I just want my voice to be heard about things that I think are unfair or can be improved. As a paying consumer I’m not going to just sit back an go with things I don’t think are fair without at least voicing my concern. I have that right. If no one ever spoke up then things would likely never change. Im not going to stop supporting the falcons or stop going to games, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything. I’m still haveing fun regardless.
  8. Thanks. That would be awesome. I really wish they were doing more for us regarding relocations. It just stinks. I’m a falcons fan. I love the new stadium. Like really love it. I’m proud the team has it. I love the team. I love watching and cheering. I Love feeling the highs and I deal with suffering through the lows. We drive up from near the Florida line to see every game. We don’t sell our tickets. I feel like there were a lot more fans like me in the dome. There isn’t near as many in the Benz, and it’s definitely not because it’s not an awesome stadium, and it’s not because of the team. It’s because of psl’s. Plain and simple. And this “relocation” process is just a slap in the face to me. A true fan. I posted in another thread that I don’t think we will ever see the energy and electricity in the Benz like we saw in the dome for the 2016 playoff run. The true fans just aren’t gonna be there. They’ve been priced out. It’s sad, but I know in my heart it’s true.
  9. They are section 314 row 12 seats 1 and 2. Here’s a screenshot from a video my wife was taking from our seats.
  10. Makes me think of the Steven Jackson experience.
  11. What is this relocation list they are talking to you about? I wasn’t told anything about a list. I was told the only way to relocate was to sell/buy in marketplace. That’s what I did, and paid an extra 10% on the new seats. Plus my old seats (aisle seats) are still up for sell (since December)at less then I paid for them and still haven’t sold. So right now I’m the owner of 2 psls, and they are calling wanting to collect on last years seats. I guess I’ll have to go ahead and buy this years seats or I’ll lose the money in the psl. Lol.. and when they do sell they will get an extra 10%..Lol. What a racket. I’m very frustrated with the entire “relocation” process.
  12. Imagine the Imagine the pressure stepping in to HC for the Patriots when BB and Brady leave. Those spoiled fans. How long would he get if they don’t win immediately?
  13. I hope Collinsworth drops RPO from his vocabulary after this game.
  14. I did. Unfortunately my seats in 314 haven’t sold yet so I’m the proud owner of 2 seats in 314 and 2 in 208 Ive posted in other threads how I’m not happy at all with the “relocation” process. They are making 10% on the psl I just purchased and 10% on the psl I sell. It really irks me they aren’t waiving the 10% fee for current psl owners wanting to relocate.