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  1. We drive up from South Ga Saturday after work most game weekends and get in to town about 11pm and like to hit the vortex, its open late (like 4am late)and has some awesome burgers and beer. Very unique. During the day if there's time Fox Bros is always awesome. If we are going to a 4pm game we like to hit Max's Coal Fire Pizza beforehand. It's not too far from the stadium and has great pizza and beer.
  2. I believe we would have banners if we won the Super Bowl. I think they would have worked in that little design change...
  3. I bought my psl based on the Falcons sideline being on the south side. Man that would suck if that's not the case
  4. Isn't the Falcons logo facing the wrong sideline?
  5. As far as the restrooms go I've been following the build thread over on skyscrapercity and everyone pretty much agrees that only the family restrooms are marked on the maps, not the mens and ladies. There should be plenty of restrooms. Its a really cool thread, if you guys haven't checked it out you should.
  6. Check out Southern Fibernet TV Now out of Atlanta. I live in south Ga and have this service, and use the SFN app on ROKU.They have an atlanta local channel package for <$10 a month in HD, and they have a cloud based DVR thats included. You dont have to have their internet or phone service. I use windstream for intenet (only game in town).
  7. Roku is pretty awesome. I was paying around $150 a month for directv plus whatever I could get the Sunday Ticket for each year on top of that. It seemed to go up every time i got a bill. We ditched directv and went roku back in the spring of 2016 and we haven't had any regrets. With SFN, Netflix, and Amazon its costing us around $20 a month for the entire house and that's 5 TVs one of which is outside. It's cool you can take it with you easily too. Last season my wife and I had a vacation in Alaska in September and I was able to watch the Raiders game live in our hotel on the TV because I took our Roku stick. I will NEVER go back to Directv! Oh, and our 8yo loves it too.
  8. I use Southern Fibernet or SFN through ROKU. Worked great for me last season and Its only around $8 a month. That gives me all ATL local channels live.
  9. I'm kind of disappointed we will be going after the Atl United ticket holders, they get 10-noon plus a practice and we get 12:30 to 3:30. And I guess they will have the field painted for the United. I was hoping when they did the open house for us it would be painted for the Falcons.
  10. I'll be watching tonight via the espn app (using a friends directv login) on Roku. Something else for cable cutters to look into for the regular season is SFN or Southern Fibernet. I think I pay around $9 a month an I get all the local Atlanta channels on a roku app. That gets me all of the falcons games besides MNF. Its pretty cool. Before that I couldn't get away from directv and the Sunday ticket. I live in south ga and I'm considered in the Jacksonville market by Directv so I had to get the ticket. I always thought it sucked that I lived in Ga but had to watch Florida teams.
  11. Yes, but I feel the early bye doesn't help either. It's a combination of things, not just the division games to end the season.
  12. Sucks. Hard to think of a tougher schedule.
  13. I was thinking about this last year. I feel it's almost a certainty now that he has announced his retirement.
  14. I can't believe season ticket holders have to pay full price for them.
  15. Is this setting up for an away season opener?