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  1. A Saints-Patriots Super Bowl is a GD nightmare scenario.
  2. I went with a few buddies to the playoff game back in 02 and it was tough. It took us several tries to even find a cab that would take us from the hotel to the stadium. The drivers would just refuse. We were insulted and yelled at throughout the entire game. Everywhere we went In and around the stadium there were 100s of people chanting “asssholes” at us, and it never let up. On top of that we had seats in the end zone nose bleeds and had crap thrown at us all game. One of my buddies actually got hit in the head with a AA battery. I really believe had the falcons won we wouldn’t have gotten out without being either in an ambulance or a cop car. I don’t recall seeing ANY other Falcons fans. I swore I would never go back. Ever.
  3. I emailed my rep last week about relocation and he sent me a link to the falcons PSL marketplace. I’m cool with listing my psl for sale and buying another from someone on the marketplace but what I’m not cool with is the “transfer fee” of 10%. So let’s say I sell my current psl for a little less then it was originally for 5k and buy a new psl from someone at 11k. The falcons are making $1600 off of the transfers?!?! And I have to pay $1100 out of my pocket just to move? How is that helpful/fair to psl owners wanting to relocate? I would think if they wanted to be helpful they would waive the fee for existing psl owners. This really sucks.
  4. If Panthers win and NO loses then Panthers are a game ahead and win the division. No?
  5. Are they not playing for the division if the ain’ts lose?
  6. This. If the offense was even remotely close to what we’ve had in the recent past we would be cruising with the #1 seed.
  7. Yeah, I figured. I knew straight up the Vikings would have us in a two way tie because of H2H. I just think it’s crazy that we would hold the tiebreaker in that 4-way. I couldn’t see the conference records in the screen shot.
  8. H2H? Never mind. Very weird. I guess in that 4-way tie Falcons come out on top.
  9. Maybe. I hope so. But I will never forget the last game of 2014. Win or go home against the Panthers. Outside of the playoff game against the Packers in 2010 it was one of my worst experiences in the dome.
  10. I have done one after every home game. I’ve let them know what I think about the team(I'm good with the overall direction), the problems leaving after games from my section(314), how I feel there should be more perks/activities/recognition during, before, and after the season for season ticket holders, and a few other issues I’ve had along an along. I encourage everyone to do this. I really feel like it’s the only way to get certain things done. I feel like they are listening judging by some small improvements that have already been made. At least as far as the stadium goes.
  11. Yeah, if that’s a catch then the Vikings got robbed earlier today. So inconsistent.
  12. Looks to me like he threw Matt down, so yeah, definitely. He had the chance to pull up after the ball was out but chose not too.