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  1. But there is only one common denominator when it comes to the success of both of those teams from the start. That commonality is KS. The wheels seemingly fell off after he left. And how can this 3 year death spiral be explained away? You reference the niners defense being a huge part of their success but why can’t we have a defense like that at this point? DQ is supposed to be a defensive minded HC! Plus he fired his DC and took over this season only to be a complete failure. The regression of this team since 16 is mind boggling. Curious where you think the team would be i
  2. It’s not the players. It’s management and coaching. Because well into this 3 year death spiral, even if it is the players, it’s on management and coaching. Repeated failure by the players should be unacceptable to coaching, and repeated failure of coaching should be unacceptable to management, and that failure of management should be unacceptable to ownership. If it’s not then what you have is a complete failure as an organization. If management and coaching stay in place in 2020 that’s what we will continue to have. A complete failure.
  3. Yeah. I don’t believe it was staged, but when I really start thinking about it, and it’s gets dark inside my soul, it does seem almost too good of a situation for the new stadium and PSLs for 16 too not have been orchestrated. If 16 wouldn’t have happened the PSL sales would have been very different. I mean it’s almost like a deal must have been made to put the Falcons in the Super Bowl with the only requirement being they had to lose to the Pats. Just to sell the new Stadium PSLs. Fantasyland stuff I know. But it’s just so perfect.
  4. As a fellow PSL owner I would like to ask you if you are ok with the success and development of the organization since 16? Do you think the organization is presently trending up or down? If you are ok with the last few seasons what excuse do you give for the team’s failures? And personally I feel like passion for winning is no good if it’s misguided. I feel like the Falcons are truly lost right now. Rudderless. AB is in the business to not only win championship but to make money. If he stops making money he will be forced to reevaluate everything. If he continues to m
  5. I will always be a Falcon fan, and I’ll show support for the players, but I personally believe the time has come to send a financial message to the organization. I don’t think its wise to spend my money on a organization that doesn’t seem to care about putting capable people in charge. If we continue to spend money on a team with mediocre leadership why would they ever change? There should be accountability. I believe blind loyalty to any organization is VERY VERY dangerous.
  6. Right. I think that says a lot about management/coaching. After watching the inconsistency of the DQ Falcons I believe management/coaching is what makes a team great, not great players. Proper management/coaching makes players great, not the other way around. DQ is a FRAUD and the Falcons will always be mired in inconsistency and mediocrity until him and TD are gone. We need ruthless management and smart innovative coaches. What do you think would have become of the Falcons if Lynch and KS had taken over the Falcons roster in 2017?
  7. Yeah. Watching the 49rs play eats me alive. John Lynch and KS took over a failing Niners team in 2017 and have completely turned that organization around. TD and DQ started 2017 with a winning team and only had to make sound decisions going forward. All they have managed to do is run the team in the ground since then. A total failure. There is NO excuse.
  8. I’m not sure about specific hires but I need to see TD and DQ gone. I lost faith in DQ last year but just this season I’ve jumped on the fire TD train. I think it’s time for a change in philosophy all the way down to the roots. It’s time to get serious and get some hands dirty. Screw finesse. I don’t think the philosophy will ever change with TD on board.
  9. Don’t get me wrong. I DO like the new stadium. I enjoy all that it has to offer. Only thing is I don’t go to the games for the stadium. I go for the game and the atmosphere. And the atmosphere sucks. I really enjoyed games at the Dome. When the falcons were winning or in the playoffs the atmosphere was electric. It’s not like that in the Benz. Win or lose the crowd sucks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We have witnessed the last great Falcons games. They were in the Dome. The 2016 playoffs, 2012 playoffs, 04 against that Rams, that electric atmosphere will NEVER be recreated in
  10. I want to see what happens on Black Monday. That’s going to tell me a lot about what I need to know.
  11. That is correct. I have seats in 208 row 2 right about the 15 yard line and I don’t get any rights of first refusal. I do get presale offers but so do united STHs. Also the presale seats for popular events (like the sec championship) are usually upper level corner seats.
  12. I wasn’t aware Ryan was playing defense that game
  13. Sorry I should have been more clear. I was referencing an earlier post that was talking about the players being upset with the fan base in general(or at least that’s how I took it) . The post below:
  14. No, i would never be toxic. I was not one of the people booing at the last game. As a matter of fact it caught me off guard. As a PSL owner I completely understand it though. I felt like it was directed more towards the coaches than the players. I don’t think booing is toxic, but do think it’s time the team and staff woke up.
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