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  1. Sometimes the combine stats don't show a players true abilities. He looks a lot faster with the ball in his hands and he is much more physical
  2. I wouldn't, but I would to pick up a few picks. We draft very well and I feel like there wouldnt be a big drop off in production if any. Plus you never know what additions you could add with a couple picks. We have been hitiing on the late round picks as of late. Plus just my opinion but I like having a real physical back to wear down defenses. Coleman is a one cut back, but a good one. I just like exploring options and if cook drops that low he will have a chip on his shoulder.
  3. If he is there in the second we draft him and trade tevin colman for two later picks. Cook and freeman would be a **** of a one two punch. Plus cook would greatly improve our redzone offense.
  4. Yea that would be pretty cool, but the transition to Fs would be a bit harder. Safety is a much more complex postion than corner. And instincts are key. Either way I think he could have sucess at any position
  5. I think Cj Goodwin finds a way to breakout this year personally. Listening how many times DQ mentions his talent.
  6. Lol well you crushed my dreams. My feelings are definitely hurt.
  7. Have you ever bought a mega millions ticket? Have you ever won the mega millions? Have you ever talked about winning it? Stop trying to dispute something that at least could happen, fantasy or not. Whether its a 50% chance or a .005% chance. Stop trying to make people agree with everything you say. We all have our own opinions and if you don't like it don't respond, or atleast explain your reason for not liking it, but dont think its ok to just call somebody out and get disrespectful and them to not react to it!
  8. Pretty much said it would'nt happen, but its replies like that that make you look like a 12 year old behind a keyboard.
  9. They aren't even close to the taints! Not alone our offense
  10. Thank you. How can you try so hard? Yes, people get high and pretend to be forum cops?
  11. I think you meant to say "aren't" making any sense. There is a educated thought for you.
  12. Me 2. I would not pay him that much but with a restructured contract id take him all day
  13. Between patrolling these boards and your "perfectly fine sex life" your hand must be exhausted
  14. Thank god you found it!!! Hand it here before Ezekiel 25:17 sees it. He is 5-0
  15. Yea scheme specific. Literally our scheme specific.
  16. Pretty much. Are you a forum cop? If so im sorry officer I did'nt know I was breaking any laws lol. Go get some p**** bru. If you don't like what people post there is a little black X in the top right corner of your screen. Click it!!
  17. Uh idk maybe the person we now call our HC personally formed sherman into the best corner in the league . Either way I think I made it pretty clear there is virtually no possibility we trade for him. What else is there to talk about?
  18. Yea I feel you, but I like the idea of julio vs sherman every week in practice.
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