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  1. Ok....fine. You can come rub my face in your drought being over when your team is finally relevant again in another 50 years or so. LMAO! (And at least the Cubs and Sox made it to the big dance a few times in their miserable drought. The Jests just suck year in and year out, decade after decade)
  2. LMFAO.... The "drought" is going on for 48+ years! I wouldn't hold your breath that it'll end before you're dead.
  3. Lots of "IFS" and "BUTS" and "Shoulda-woulda-couldas" in your weak argument that somehow Matty "Not-so-Ice" is somehow better than Brady, the GOAT, in ANY way. Belichick said it best in an interview once..." Keep quoting stats, you won't look any smarter doing so.
  4. Wtf were you watching? The "clear" video evidence was the ball broke the plane when his knee hit the turf. Legit TD. To all you "bad calls excuse guys", read this: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18626326/grading-controversial-calls-super-bowl-li
  5. They did. All scoring plays are reviewed fool. They don't have to stop the flow of the game if it's obvious.
  6. Too Funny....Some on this board's cockiness has bitten you in the butt. Crow isn't a very savory taste is it? It was a game for the ages for sure. Sorry you came out as the biggest chokers in football. Maybe you'll get another chance to redeem yourselves next year. I know we have a good shot to be there. Thanks for being good hosts on this board. Get back to licking y'all's wounds.
  7. Be careful what you wish for.....the beatdown may not be exactly as you're expecting. I suspect a butt-hurt mass banning of Pats fans who flock back here to gloat. Or will you eat crow?
  8. What ...no one here is making CROW? ........Because you guys sure will be eating a ton of it on Monday!
  9. LMAO @ Jest fans telling anyone how to beat anybody. btw...Who you gonna root for once Woody moves the team to London?
  10. It's interesting to me that you not only think the SB is in the bag, but so are FUTURE SBs. Nope. No hyperbole there.
  11. I can't hate on Matty Ice. He single-handily took Boston College Football to another level. That said, Pats will win convincingly, 38-21. EDIT: (Tom Brady is "wicked, friggin' pissa, y'know ?......yup, thank you!")
  12. LMFAO...Shannon Sharp says so, so you eat it up like ice cream. I won't get into a "cheat" "no Cheat" argument here as neither side can change the other's side. But I will say that the cheater accuser is usually a misinformed, jealous hater who wouldn't know the truth if it hit him upside the head.
  13. Brady is immobile? Sure. But he gets rid of the ball in under 2 seconds in most cases, and throws it to where only his receiver can catch it. He also has great awareness and can usually sidestep a rusher or take a step into or out of the pocket to avoid the rush long enough to get rid of the ball. His "smarts" are his greatest asset, not his speed or athleticism. Always has been. It's the #1 trait that makes him the GOAT. And he's much smarter at 39 that he was in '01 or '04. Honestly, I think he's playing the best ball of his life. You Falcon fans all seem to underestimate the value of experience in big games. We have it. You don't. Pats will win. Never a doubt.
  14. It's guys like you that brings in trolls like me. Domination? Falcons may surprise me and win, but they won't dominate in the slightest. I think you and your ilk are up for a mighty freefall. I just don't see your young, mostly craptastic defense dominating the Pat's O in your first time at the big dance.
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