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  1. Why are you **** bent on getting rid of Hurst? Do you realize he is an important part of Smith's scheme and would definitely make us less dynamic?
  2. How dare anyone have a different take than this "expert" at ESPN. It's not a shocker that you chimed in considering the "expert" blamed Ryan first and foremost for having a thin roster.
  3. Hurts didn't have 2 turnstiles on the O-line. Really dont understand your logic or lack of actually.
  4. I don't put a lot of stock in PFF. If you do that's your choice. Scheme had a lot to do with making them look better than they really were.
  5. No he doesn't. But having 2-3 turnstiles out of 5 isn't going to get anything done. His MVP year the line was maybe a little above average but by no means world beaters.
  6. Defense is trash. Getting blowed off the ball on runs and no pressure on passes by a mediocre offensive line.
  7. My mourning period is over. Ship him to somebody in the AFC and be done with it. More interested in the players who want to be here.
  8. Could be for the multiple bust QB's and the horrible deals and trades associated with them.
  9. There's a reason Sanchez isn't in the league anymore. He sucks. It seems like since MAYBE your little turd that you hurled at the wall is a little sticky, now you have brought out the whole bucket of excrement to sling on it.
  10. I may have missed it but was he actually in Dallas when he was called by Shay?
  11. I understand that and not saying JJ wont get traded but nothing TF has said has sent up a red flag to me that screams JJ is a goner. I really dont think they are going to get a "blow your doors" off type offer for a 32yo receiver who is coming off injury issues with a huge cap hit to boot. I really dont see any offer coming that out weighs the attention that JJ commands when on the field and healthy.
  12. That's what I seem to remember. TF pretty much gave a " it would be irresponsible of him if he didn't listen to the call" response, that to me seemed to be a pretty general no matter who the player was.
  13. Please link where TF leaked this. As far as I remember it was widely known that a few teams called about JJ's availability pre-draft but were pretty much cold shouldered. When asked about it TF gave a pretty standard answer that he would have gave no matter who the player was, it just so happened to be JJ.
  14. Proof positive. JJ is as good as gone. /p
  15. That's what I said from the beginning of the trade JJ fervor. It's just over hyped media fodder about something that happens every year. Teams will call about players and their availability every year, it would be irresponsible for a GM not to listen no matter who its about. I still believe it is unlikely that we trade him because his impact still out weighs what we could get for him unless some team is just totally desperate.
  16. According to Peter King who actually talked to AB,TF,and AS post first round, drafting a 1st round QB was never seriously considered unless Trevor Lawrence fell to 4. It also sounded like they were focused in on Pitts or getting a windfall on a trade up at 4 the whole time. So Fields was never in the picture. Another tidbit was that AS/TF both believed Ryan was more than capable of playing through and if remember correctly past his present contract. So glad Pitts was our pick, just hope the JJ trade talk is the same media over hype.
  17. https://youtu.be/uP8ciWnjoMQ Some post 1st round insight by Peter King. Looks like Trevor Lawrence would have been the only one considered.
  18. He's 6'5" 325ibs. He needs to beef up?
  19. You think this place is a clown show, check out some of the Facebook pages like Atlantabirdgang.
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