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  1. Thanks RAMS! Good luck in our house!
  3. Eat your crow..........
  4. WHO DAT!!!!!!!!! MY ***!!
  5. Suck it Payton. Karma is a *****.
  6. I agree, but that garbage media organization TMZ are always looking for dirt. Bunch of sleazebag bottom feeders. Get your head on straight Takk we have your back.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. What's done is done. I think we will be better off in the long run anyway.
  9. Has nothing to do with the Vikings, it has something to do with you swampers taking a team lightly and paying for it.
  10. I'll just leave this here
  11. Glad you are overlooking the rams. Good chance coach Vicodin and the rest of the swamp rats will as well.
  12. Hmm you get blasted here and by her. Ever consider you may be the problem?