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  1. This guy is a match up nightmare. He is in my opinion a Kelci clone, this would gash the middle of the field and seams. Wouldn't be disappointed at all.
  2. If Sewell let him compete for a starter and let the best man win. Slater would be my LG.
  3. If we were to get another weapon it would be Pitts for me. He is a huge match up problem. That being said I want Sewell or Slater.
  4. Yeah don't see anything that should be punished.......... buuuttttt.....F the Swamprats.....
  5. Get the gas and matches. Burn this pile of dung to the ground.
  6. This X 1,000,000. 1 minute no timeouts and 75 yards to go for a TD? Gimme a freaking break at heaping the blame on TG. Just plain irrational thinking.
  7. Never fails. Every year the mandatory Bulldog's homer thread during the draft gets made and the false narrative that it's the path to success gets pushed. SMDH.
  8. Top 10 mocks are generally close because I would bet most teams big board are close to identical based on talent. Its not hard to look at that list and decide who is going where due to team need.
  9. I remember another Falcon cb that had an aversion to tackling people. He turned out pretty decent. If you are good/great cover corner you won't be asked or expected to make a lot tackles.
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