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  1. All I said was is that it's not uncommon for one year starters at LSU. It wasn't an endorsement.
  2. Debo was a one year starter at LSU, not uncommon because of the amount of talent.
  3. Everybody is different on how they let an injury or condition affect them.
  4. Mayfield isn't the off field liability Manziel was, the transition from college to the NFL game has actually been similar in my opinion. Mayfield regressed a ton and was every bit as bad as Manziel when he was with the Browns.
  5. Just not sold on him and don't care for his attitude really. No angst just feel like he is Johnny Football 2.0. I could be wrong and he could turn into a world beater and if he does I will eat my portion of crow.
  6. I agree that Hoop could help him, but it would require Mayfield to actually to be able to utilize it. It's my opinion he is not capable of it.
  7. Except that now he has the midget Mayfield throwing him the ball. I bet his numbers go down from here.
  8. Yeah that's just a dumb idea. I like Juaun but I'm also a realist and know that his ceiling is only so much, but I do think he will make a team just on tenacity. Being from north Ga. and a lifelong Tennessee fan I have a different perspective on dawg fans. The reason I don't care for most not all is because in my area they seem to be the biggest bandwagon fans I have ever encountered. JMO
  9. Kind of how I feel about GA homer's in here. Jauan is a **** of a hard nosed competitor, he will make the clutch catches and is a leader. He has the potential to be a Hines Ward type receiver. That being said I will not say he will ever be the next best thing. We could do worse on a late round pick.
  10. So attending a 2-3 day event where Chuck Smith was also in attendance does not mean Smith worked exclusively with Beasley. Takk hasn't worked on anything besides finding the best fried chicken joints in Atlanta.
  11. Pretty sure he didn't work with either one.
  12. Happy B-Day!!!
  13. As long as Haslem is the owner more than likely the Brown's will always be a clown show.That family has done their dead best to destroy my Vols by their meddling.
  14. I'm more surprised it isn't Matt Ryan on the Falcons one. Just check out the FB groups for proof. Personally I hate Cam Jordan with a passion.
  15. That's quite possibly the dumbest take on why you shouldn't hire ANY coach from a bad franchise. Belicheck and Saban coached at Cleveland together. They turned out okay.