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  1. Mentioned it already, but high-low with those two would have a lot of potential if he ends up here.
  2. So nice to finally have good ownership. Now if we could just get the Liberty Media to sell the Braves.
  3. This was specifically during the 2015 season, where he struggled to get past his first read as he was adjusting to the new offense. Mike Zimmer even said as much. I'll see if I can find what he said.
  4. Did a little more digging. My biggest concern is that he only averages 6 rebounds a game. I think I'd want someone who could give a bit more in that department. His 3P% has also dipped each of the last two seasons. I don't know what all is at play there, but we should understand before we acquire him. Still liked what I saw.
  5. In all of those years, the offense has come out very strong the first 4 games. That’s how long it usually takes before defenses begin to adjust. In 2015, teams realized Matt couldn’t get past his first read. In other years, teams just started coming up with better game plans as the year went on. I expect the Falcons to start strong, but due to having a better coach, the Falcons will sustain that level, even though there will be some drop off after the first few weeks.
  6. He’d look really good in the pick and roll with Trae. I’d be really interested in seeing him run the high low game with JC as well.
  7. My only real concern is that Nate has been ousted from jobs previously due to lack of offensive production. There were several times in the playoffs where there wasn’t any ball movement and bad possessions. I hope this doesn’t continue going forward.
  8. Just read an article that suggested trading Gallinari and a ‘23 first round pick for Harrison Barnes. Thoughts?
  9. There’s at least two more buckets he should have.
  10. Isn’t this what got Nate fired from previous stops?
  11. Trae starting to get more aggressive as the game goes on. If he can cut, it’s a wrap.
  12. Too many possessions where there’s one guy who touches the ball, takes a few dribbles and then hoists up a bad shot. Need more ball movement on that end.
  13. With Trae on the floor, Lopez is almost unplayable anyways.
  14. 44-20 points in the paint. Fix that and we have the game.
  15. I’ve got to say, things could be way worse given the way things started. I love the way they fought. They just need to tighten up a few things and they’re right back in it. Cam’s ball pressure is unbelievable. Wish he would’ve finished that last possession with the rebound. Just win the next two quarters and we’re in good shape.
  16. I'll actually be at the game. I almost went to Game 2, but decided against it. Hoping to bring some good juju tonight!
  17. We should start counting early for the other team to throw them off.
  18. I think Senio Kelemete is the much more likely signing at this point. He’s started at LG in the past, has experience at several spots along the offensive line and started 8 games for the Saints with Fontenot on NO.
  19. Would love to see what Ron Washington would do with that team.
  20. The NFL would **** their pants if it was even half as entertaining.
  21. I just watched one with Max saying he should go to the D-League first.
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