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  1. I’ll most certainly be there, for obvious reasons.
  2. As long as the Saints finish fifth.
  3. I think it was sincere when this first came about years ago. Now, I think he’s a bit more aware that that’s what got him famous. Now, (as you’ve said) it’s just an act.
  4. I’ve heard snippets. Nothing but non stop yelling.
  5. The offense is going to Rise Up!
  6. Perfect time for them to Rise Up!
  7. I'm not sure that Eric Reid is the answer that people think he is to our safety "issue". I heard on Fox that the 49ers were trying to change his position to LB. If that's true, we have plenty of guys on the roster that can play that role. I don't think that makes any sense. If Coby Fleener checks out health wise, that could be a good signing.
  8. He recently did a talk with Nick Saban and some 'Bama players about how to manage social media, saying that it's okay to be involved but you shouldn't let it take over who you are. It is very likely that he was trying to set an example to these kids by essentially "refreshing" his social media to make a point. I wouldn't worry about this unless he starts holding out in camp.
  9. It's the Falcons, they may not find a partner
  10. How is he in the league?
  11. My thoughts exactly.
  12. LeBron James-esque. I wonder how skip Bayless would feel?
  13. I think Pat Shurmur leaving that team is a bigger deal than people realize.
  14. That’s how I saw the team. I thought last year would go how this year went and vice versa. Hopefully, we’re all right about next year.
  15. Has anyone thought that maybe the 2016 team overachieved?