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  1. Exactly my thoughts. The last play in the video is the classic TE throwback that Austin Hooper and Hayden Hurst have had lots of success on. I think he would look really good on play action bootlegs and things of the sort. If the value is there, I say pull the trigger.
  2. What makes this even more interesting is how often JT O'Sullivan mentioned scheme. Not only do I think AS can scheme guys open, but a lot of those concepts look similar to things that AS already likes to do. I definitely think this could be a fit if he gets a year or two to sit. I don't see the ability to go through progressions in this video, but pre snap motion and things of the like could hide that weakness at least some of the time.
  3. I can hear @Knight of God popping the champagne from hundreds of miles away.
  4. If they can turn on Joe Horn, they can turn on Marcus Williams. Of course, the rivalry wasn't as intense back then, but still. Good point on the cap. I didn't know it was so bad for them. I don't see how we make the space though.
  5. I think that'd be gone with his first interception. I still don't see how he leaves NO though.
  6. What's frustrating about Marcus Maye and Marcus Williams is that I remember TATF pounding the table to draft one of those guys, yet the staff remained faithful to Ricardo Allen.
  7. It was our year. It would've taken an idiot ruin that. Thankfully, we had one on the sidelines.
  8. I thought the same. Like I was saying earlier, Chubba Hubbard was available in the 4th when I took Davis Mills. This draft is super deep.
  9. Yeah, I struggled with the Mills pick. Chubba Hubbard was actually on the board there and I could've taken him. I haven't watched too much of Ehlinger, but I didn't think Texas fans were all that happy with him. It got hard towards the end. I mostly went with names that I recognized that I thought could've made sense. There's a ton of talent in this draft.
  10. Figured it may be a good idea to keep all of the simulated mock drafts in one thread to avoid redundancy. Here's mine: 15. Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama 35. Jaelan Phillips EDGE Miami (FL) 46. Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 68. Javonte Williams
  11. I remember this board laughing at the Ryan Ramczyk pick the same year we picked Takk. Fast forward four years, one is an All-Pro, one didn't finish his rookie contract with the team. Falcons also picked Duke Riley with Alex Anzalone on the board. One started in the post season, another was traded three years in. The list goes on.
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