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  1. The only thing worse than losing is losing to the Saints.
  2. Quite the opposite, actually drafted DJ Moore and dropped him 3 weeks into the season for Ridley. DJ Moore has been available all year long in my league.
  3. I’m not entirely sure this is the best way to go about doing this, but I could be wrong. Sack numbers would have more to do with O-Line blocking, not necessarily running backs. Does PFF not collect data on this?
  4. I was shocked we let him go to begin with. I remember Keanu being hurt in a game against the Panthers and Neasman stepping in and playing well. I thought for sure he was the long term backup option here.
  5. How does PFF handle drops?
  6. I couldn’t make past “The Trade” in this post without laughing uncontrollably. Then I read the next sentence and it started again. Thank you.
  7. Historically, they’ve been a defensive franchise. Even with this talent, 50 burgers are hard to pull off. Not surprised at all actually.
  8. Hopefully, @Peyton will see your post above and give an answer. I’m actually interested to see what he comes up with.
  9. It looked like you quoted yourself. Wasn’t sure if that was intentional.
  10. Very interesting. Thanks for the link.
  11. Source?
  12. Aaron Rodgers is my first QB. This is more for my flex position. The only other player not on a bye on my bench is Austin Hooper. The rest of my roster includes Latavius Murray, Emmanuel Sanders and Lamar Miller all on bye weeks. Top 5 QBs available: Josh Rosen, Josh McCown, Brock Osweiler, Derek Anderson, Nate Peterman.
  13. The last question was the best. D. Led: "Have you had any snow games?" Julio: "Yeah, I played the Green Bay game. Monday Night. Check it out." [Walks off]
  14. The title pretty much speaks for itself. I'm know the Falcons defense is coming together, but there may still be some issues on the boundaries and Baker has been solid all season. However, Alex Smith is going up against a pretty lackluster defense. He isn't as dynamic as Baker however. What would you do if you had to choose a second QB? **Mods, feel free to move this.**
  15. Same here. However, Trufant was better for what we were doing then. Annoyingly, Rhodes is better for what we do now.