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  1. @Falcons Fan MVP @egoprime II @HASHBROWN3 @ATLskinjob @dardan Here's the overview from Aaron Freeman (@falcfans on Twitter) from the Locked On Falcons podcast. This evaluation comes from watching about 65% of snaps in the truncated 2020 Pac-12 season. Also watched a few games from years prior. Background: Drew's father is Chris Dalman who played seven seasons with the 49ers before suffering a season ending neck injury in training camp. His father Chris Dalman starting coaching at his high school alma mater before coaching under Jim Mora Jr. as an assistant offensiv
  2. There’s a Falcons podcast that does a very detailed scouting report on him. I’ll post a summary at some point here.
  3. There's probably a lot of economic opportunity for some of these cities in terms of jobs provided and revenue generated as well.
  4. So I just started listening to the Locked On Falcons podcast. He does a really good job and seems very knowledgeable about the team. He’s currently doing a series on projecting the careers of all the draft picks. He’s also talked about Dean Peas on defense, the offense without Julio and several other topics. I think he’s worth a listen. Very good content.
  5. To be fair, he did mention a Jaylin before that, but I’m pretty sure he was referring to Mayfield.
  6. *Javian Hawkins, UDFA HB, not Jaylin, the safety from Cal.
  7. Someone posted a tweet from him saying that he offered it, but Julio wouldn’t take it.
  8. Yeah, he's definitely the one no brainer that's out there. I just looked it up, and Correa is apparently signed with the Chiefs, but there are still other viable options out there.
  9. Jurrell Casey and Kamalei Correa both make sense because they both played under Pees in Tennessee. Steven Nelson makes sense if they don't like what they see in camp out of the secondary. We will see what the Falcons do with the money they have left.
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