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  1. I don't think the team really cares.
  2. My thoughts exactly. If Kubiak ends up on this staff in any role, Tyrod Taylor makes a lot of sense at the right price.
  3. I enjoy his pre draft videos. Are there any falcons fans that do something similar? I know Unintentional Grounding does a good job. Any others?
  4. It seemed like we ran more motion today. Is that not right?
  5. Still a Kubiak fan as of now.
  6. In other words, were not the Browns or the 49ers. Good to know.
  7. I'm not sure we disagree.
  8. You probably get a lot of money out of the extremely large Cowboy fan base if you have the Falcons as favorites. Also, Falcons are at home. In other words, it's a toss up which is about right to me.
  9. I thought one of the things Matt liked about Kyle was how he called plays with conviction and how early those plays had to be called in order to have time for those motions. I agree with the rest of your points and I think that observation about Matt Ryan and his preferences is interesting.
  10. These complaints sound similar to the ones we heard when Mike Mularkey was here.
  11. Please elaborate. I thought he was decent at USC, although having the kind of talent he did makes that a lot easier.
  12. We did that so much last year, I think teams are prepared. It was usually play action to Tevin Coleman in the flat.
  13. I don't think Jarvis Landry makes any sense here. However, I think a large portion of the board wouldn't mind trading for Adam Gase.