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  1. LeBron James-esque. I wonder how skip Bayless would feel?
  2. I think Pat Shurmur leaving that team is a bigger deal than people realize.
  3. That’s how I saw the team. I thought last year would go how this year went and vice versa. Hopefully, we’re all right about next year.
  4. Has anyone thought that maybe the 2016 team overachieved?
  5. That and the fact that Bellichick struggles most with coaches from the Andy Reid school of play calling. Hello, Doug Pederson.
  6. If it's a 7th rounder for a guy like Tyrod Taylor (I know his cap hit is large), then I have no problem. Anything else makes no sense.
  7. If you make that video, I’ll think about watching it.
  8. There's been talk here about the Falcons moving to more inside zone/power scheme. Would you take him then in an effort to build towards that? I think part of our problem up front that we are too light. Andy Levitre is only 305 and Schweitzer is right at 300. Our center is our heaviest lineman at 310 and I believe we asked him to lose weight. What are your thoughts here?
  9. I think they'll need a first round bye. The 2 seed seems to work well for us. I don't think we're incapable of winning on the road. It all comes down to matchups.
  10. Who are they? I’m a State alum.
  11. Maybe it’s the hand “injury”.
  12. Basically.
  13. I’d like to see Austin Hooper get some snaps at FB. There are a lot of benefits there in my opinion.
  14. xs and os

    That probably would have been better. Still don’t know that it works though.
  15. xs and os

    That play had been set up all game. We were running crossers at the linebackers only to have Sanu take it up the field for that play. I have little reason to believe Sark was doing that. I’m not sure Kyle did that when he played the Eagles last year.