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  1. My first pick was Cam Jordan, but to change things up, how about Ali Marpet to play LG?
  2. @ADAMSVILLE GYM Potentially merge threads?
  3. I do think Hopkins has better ball skills. I'd take him in a jump ball situation over the other two. I think our guy is the best overall though.
  4. https://www.nfl.com/news/michael-thomas-tyler-lockett-among-10-best-pass-catchers-of-19 5) Calvin Ridley Catch rate: 67.7%. Expected catch rate: 59%. Difference: 8.7% If the top four were in a pack near the front of the race, there's a bit of a gap between those contenders and the rest of the field. Ridley quietly had a nice season for a Falcons team that fell out of national consciousness thanks to a horrid start -- and he did his quarterback a few favors along the way, as evidenced by his catch rate difference of +8.7 percent. A very intriguing detail in Ridley's line: In a receiving corps that features Julio Jones, Ridley saw double teams more often than anyone else in this group (at a rate of 5.4%). He also enjoyed a greater cushion than the rest at an average of 6.6 yards at time of snap. Aware of Ridley's 4.43 speed, teams rarely pressed him, instead content to cover him with numbers while also trying to keep his superstar teammate from destroying them. Matt Ryan will probably keep throwing to Ridley plenty, as the Atlanta quarterbacks compiled a 113.5 passer rating when targeting him. The Falcons will hope that produces more wins in 2020 than it did in 2019. Top 10: 1) Michael Thomas 2) Tyler Lockett 3) Stefon Diggs 4) Marvin Jones 5) Calvin Ridley 6) Amari Cooper 7) Hunter Henry 8) George Kittle 9) Emmanuel Sanders 10) A.J. Brown
  5. I mentioned this on the YouTube video as well. These things aren’t always a 1 to 1 translation. DeAngelo Hall shut down Calvin Johnson in college when Virginia Tech played Georgia Tech one year. Not only would that not have happened in the NFL, but no one thinks that DeAngelo Hall is a better player. Only time will tell with this.
  6. I’m a bit shocked that he hasn’t been paired with Flowers at all. The numbers and the pitcher himself both favor Flowers over McCann. Hopefully if we advance, Flowers gets more opportunities with the LHP that will likely remain.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Glad I’m wrong.
  8. I thought this was the Braves forum and you were talking about Freddie Freeman. Please carry on.
  9. I think it’s easier to avoid the backlash of the all the feminists/ women’s rights groups and just say what will cause the least amount of backlash. ESPN has always leaned a pinch to the left anyways, so no surprise there.
  10. Were you really expecting anyone of them to say no?
  11. I thought I saw that he got picked up by the Ravens. I guess I should stop skipping my trip to the eye doctor.
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