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  1. I guess I'm more annoyed with his name being brought up every time there's a coaching opening. He's been out of the game for a long time. Would he try to build a defense from the '90s and '00s? Would his defense be more modern? Also, he is lauded as if he won 4 Super Bowls in Pitt when he only has 1 (still more than the Falcons have). I'm not really a fan of retreads if they don't have an exceptional record, or if there isn't a substantial difference between the prior situations and the one he is entering.
  2. Those were my picks, but I've heard the Kubiak doesn't want to be a head coach anymore. I've also heard some complain about his passing schemes. They've already won one SB together, why not make it another?
  3. He was far and away the most impressive reliever against the Dodgers. His ability to pitch to soft contact showed itself nicely against that type of lineup. I'd love to have him back, even if he split time as the closer.
  4. He was originally supposed to be the setup guy and have Greene close. It wasn't until Greene blew so many saves that Melancon got a shot.
  5. So what's the deal with Langeliers then?
  6. I say if Morris shows he's worthy, extend his contract to the end of Matt Ryan's contract. Then, blow everything up after that.
  7. Win all the games they should, some of the games they shouldn't and compete in every game that's left. None of the losses should be related to coaching miscues (time management, play calling, personnel usage etc.). They get one screw up for the rest of the season.
  8. I always thought that's about where he'd end up. I don't know that there is a long term answer for protecting Freddie in the lineup though.
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