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  1. Didn't Jaws proclaim Colin Kaepernick the best quarterback of all time after a few games? Why take him seriously anymore?
  2. Again, why get out of shape over what you believe to be an idiot? Let him lose his job and become a nobody like you anticipate. No reason to get upset.
  3. The 9ers D-line had quit on that coach long before they played us. It was easy to see watching that game.
  4. 63-0 would be good
  5. This isn't worth getting bent out of shape over.
  6. It's nice to hear a coach talk about how he wants to develop his players. As stated earlier, it really says a lot about the type of coach he is.
  7. I guess he didn't want to Rise Up.
  8. Colin is a USC homer and he was born in Seattle, so I'm sure the Huskies are close to his heart. All that said, I agree with him.
  9. That's a lot of money for toilet paper. To each his own.
  10. Probably the only time in my life I can say that I'm part of the 1%.
  11. This is good.
  12. Deion Jones was actually 10 lbs lighter if you can believe that. As the broadcast said, keep him clean and he'll make plays.
  13. Tight End
  14. And the Saints for taking the other Marcus.
  15. Again, I don't think we should understate having a coach staff that's been in the college game and is familiar player. Not only is this a Quinn pick, but Brian Ulrich had to have some input as well. If he develops, I think there will be a lot more crow being served on these boards.