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  1. I remember a lot of people here were high on him and wanted us to draft him. I say give him a shot Side note: There’s no way someone who is 5’11” should weigh 254.
  2. Yes
  3. There was an article about their meeting in the off-season. Matt didn’t like play action and bootlegs because he had to turn his back to the defense. He had to get in shape to run outside zone. I’m sure there are things others can comment on.
  4. Let alone two, like I think he will have.
  5. Atlanta is a big enough market that it would help. There’s also a large enough faction of fans that agree with him.
  6. Joy is the best, although she gives the Georgia teams crap and has given the Falcons crap since they lost to the Dolphins. Also like Wendy.
  7. How did any of them ever lose a playoff game?
  8. Which is funny because early in his career, he was the first person to say that Matt Ryan was an elite quarterback.
  9. The point being that instead of finding a Brees, Manning or Ryan, you find a guy that you can pay to “game manage” that allows you to put elite talent everywhere else.
  10. I wonder if we don’t try to find our version of Case Keenum. I’m not sure that Quinn wants another $20MM QB. I think he’d rather have that money invested in the defense.
  11. They're usually set up too close to the boundary to begin with.
  12. Let’s hope not.
  13. That’s extremely frustrating. I’m not sure the point of hiring Shanahan if he didn’t fit the vision on the first place. It’s also frustrating although expected I suppose, to see something so successful be taken apart just to “do it your way”. I hope it all works out. How do you see this playing out long term?
  14. I’m not so sure he isn’t comitted to a WCO. What philosophy do you have in mind?
  15. The only problem with this is that Roquan could be there for the Saints. That’d be bad.