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  1. Takk Teco Extension A better offense. The television announcers revisiting the Saints collapse during all televised events much like they did to us regarding last year's Super Bowl!
  2. Pay the man!
  3. My favorite Falcon as of this! Takk gets it!! i'm ordering his jersey right now!!
  4. I agree with Deion whole heartedly!
  5. True. Scratch Brasley and add Duke Reily to the list!
  6. For sure: D. Coleman Roberts Shelby Reed Hooper Gone via Free Agency: Gabriel Levitre Wouln't mind parting ways with: Beasley Tru Resign: Coleman
  7. Are you kidding me? We can't hardly win a game in our new digs!
  8. Freeman can't block for ****! He's becoming my least favorite player!
  9. Sark can pound sand as far as I'm concerned! I hope they leave him there and let him walk his *** to Seattle!
  10. What's next? Embrace the suck the sequel?
  11. Screwed by the refs isn't 3. 2. 1.,..
  12. Game over, see you in September!
  13. Look familiar! Freeman choked on the block. Sit his dumb ***!