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  1. Yep, we are screwed! Going to free up my Sundays at least. Sark will get canned and we should draft rather highly.
  2. We don’t play again for 10 days. We need the time to evaluate last nights debacle and vastly improve on offense!
  3. I have been a huge Ryan fan and supporter from the get go. However, after last night’s performance, I just can’t force myself to put any faith in his ability to produce a game winning drive. He looked as bad as I have ever seen him play. Pressure or not, he looked rattled and was horribly innacurate. His throws lacked zip and decision making was hitrocious. His performance was not indicative of a seasoned vet and former MVP. I’m hoping that it was an anomaly and that he will right the ship, but it’s going to take a series of better performances before I change my mind.
  4. Praying for him tonight. Hope it’s not season ending.
  5. What a bunch of *** wipes!
  6. This performance is so historically bad it’s comical!
  7. Kazeee and D Bo save the day!
  8. What at ****! We get a golden opportunity and we **** it up! Offence could screw up a 2 car parade!
  9. Matt Ryan, You Suck!!! I am being as kind as I can be!
  10. Ryan is playing god awful! He should give his game check back!
  11. One of the worst offensive performances in years!
  12. Jesus! The whole defense is hurt!
  13. It’s games like this that solidify the fact that college football is a better product.