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  1. Pay Julio. Draft DT and OL this year. Next year, let Grady walk, cut Sanu, cut Trufant, cut Beasley, Mack retires, pay Debo, resign Neal or draft replacement.
  2. Teco is a player.... He’s going to be missed. Wish we were able to keep him, but it’s the nature of the biz.
  3. Rams D will be gassed by 2nd half. They will suffer the same fate as Falcons if their offense doesn’t do something!
  4. Well ****! Game over!
  5. God I hate the Saints! Get an interception and the whole team has to assemble in the end zone for a picture. I hope they turn it over!
  6. Flacco to Jacksonville, calling it!
  7. Flat! Flat terrible performance! Team was definitely poorly prepared!
  8. This team is finished! Total overhaul from top to bottom need to occur.
  9. Throw in the strength and conditioning coach as well!
  10. Somebody better get fired tomorrow!
  11. Bottom line is coaching. Total absolute failure on their behalf.
  12. This team has totally collapsed from top to bottom. Blank needs to make some decisions moving forward. What a pathetic bunch!
  13. Takk is getting blatantly held every **** play!
  14. We are going to get shredded!