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  1. He was in Vegas at the UFC fight. Also saw Mark Davis there as well. Could possibly be a Raider.
  2. Stephon Diggs is a crybaby. He won’t be a Viking next year.
  3. Game not living up to the hype.
  4. Play action game looks identical to 2016 Falcons.
  5. Man, I’m done watching this crap team this season. Over and out...
  6. This franchise has been blessed to have both Matt and Julio. You will never hear me complain about either. We may never see the likes of both on their roster again in our lifetimes.
  7. No, Quinn, his staff and our O-line need to be chained to an engine block and dropped into the ocean!
  8. **** this O line and everything they stand for!!!
  9. That time of the game where we go from being competitive to being obliterated!
  10. Perfect! Who didn’t see that one coming!
  11. This team never ceases to disappoint on the biggest stages.
  12. Christ! The Benz will be empty by the end of the 1st!
  13. Looking forward to the day Freeman gets cut. Washed up has been!