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  1. Sure he wasn't, he only was voted Super Bowl MVP. LOL You guys are so sad and delusional, you really make Normal Falcon fans look bad. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What Brady did was phenomenal, and only Falcon fans refuse to accept it. They keep making excuses, "but, but, we were winning, but, but, the the coach made bad calls, but the defense folded, but, but, Brady threw a pick six!!" An entire game is judged by an "ENTIRE GAME!!!" Not one quarter or one play, it's the total of all, and over the course of the game Brady rose, and Ryan fell, those are the facts. Gazoo tool can ***** and cry and swear that Ryan played a better game than Brady but the fact of the matter is that in a few years, no one will remember what Ryan did in that game because losers aren't remembered.
  3. Gee last time I checked that was called, "FOOTBALL!!!!!", Cry and make all the excuses and blame all the coaches you like, it won't change the fact that Brady rose to the challenge and poor little Matty Ice crawled into his turtle shell.
  4. The level of stupidity you reach is truly mind boggling. Tom Brady 63 attempts 43 completions 466 yards and 2 TDs while leading the largest come back in Super Bowl history to win his record 5th Super Bowl title and 4th Super Bowl MVP Award, while ending any reasonable debate as to who the greatest QB of all time is. Matt Ryan 23 attempts 17 completions 284 yards and 2 TDs leading a team that gave up the single largest choke job in the 52 year history of the Super Bowl, while failing to make a single significant play in the second half save for talking a crucial sack a blind man could have avoided, peeing down his own leg while watching his one and only shot at a Super Bowl sail right by him. You Sir, well, you're no rocket scientist.
  5. He sure did, he put on a clinic in how not to make a single play to seal the deal. Just think how great Ryan would be if he actually played the second half of the game.
  6. Your attempt to cast shade on the Pats off-season is as stupid as your unfounded conclusions. Here's some "real" info for you, first off what Wr taken at #32 this year was going to have more or even equal production to Cooks? Last season Cooks put up 1,177 yards on 78 catches for 8 TD's, and in the last two seasons only 3 other WR's in the entire NFL were more productive than him. Allen you say isn't very good? Well he only caught 50 passes for 500 plus yards and 8 TD's last season, not bad for a number two TE I'd say. As for Elay, you say he blows? Well lets take a look at the man he replaces, Jabal Sherred last season 33 tkls, 5 sacks, 00Forced fumbles. Elay's stats last season 32 tkls, 5.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Clearly you haven't got a clue what your talking about, if you want to cast shade at the Pats off-season, at least try and use arguments that don't show how completly stupid and biased you are.
  7. Wow, you clearly haven't got a clue what you're talking about, each one of the players you mention was replaced by a flat out better player both from a statistical and pure production standpoint. This is not even arguable, not to mention what they did beyond this. Keep whistling past the grave yard.
  8. No, actually you aren't and after that monumental choke in the Super Bowl this Falcon team will stumble out of the gate. You can quote me right now, Matt Ryan will not come close to putting up the numbers he did last season.
  9. My own definition of a Super Bowl Hangover would be, not at least making the playoffs the following year. The fact that close to 50% of Super Bowl losers don't even make the playoffs the next year, well that to me more than legitimizes the concept of a "Super Bowl Hangover".
  10. What question are you referring to?
  11. Let me be clear, in no way is it "Statistically similar for Super Bowl Winners." Over 80% of Super Bowl winners make it back to the post season following year and over 10% repeat or at least make it back to the Super Bowl. Your correct, the Pats may not make it back either, but statistically speaking, they have much better odds than the Falcons do.
  12. You really don't know what your talking about, over 80% of Super Bowl winners made it to the playoffs the following season, and over 10% repeated or made it back to the Super Bowl. Maybe you don't understand numbers but that is in no way "Similar results" as Super Bowl losers.
  13. Again, all things being said by fans of Super Bowls losers hoping to go back to the Super Bowl the following year. Sorry, but the odds speak for themselves, you have a little more than a 3% chance of getting back and less than 2% of wining it.
  14. You do understand that a football game is more than three quarters right?
  15. Actually no, since Super Bowl 1 45% of Super Bowl losers don't even qualify for the playoffs the following year. Less than 30% match their previous years regular season win total with only 5% actually improving on their previous seasons win total. Look lie to yourself all you like, but the Super Bowl losers hangover, is very, very real, will the Falcons be part of that 3% to make it back to the Super Bowl, I highly doubt it.