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  1. We are trying to find you. Call me If you can or text me where you are. 678-908-6511

  2. We need a rocky themed 'eye of the falcon' hype vid!
  3. I'll be at the tailgate on 7707 fannin st, we live & Its about time to get Crunk & bring the dirty bird dance back!
  4. I've been up every morning around 3 wide awake, can't stop thinking about s'bowl LI. Hopefully a W will help me get some Zzzz..
  5. Outside of nfc south,Giants & Eagles.. Rude & abnoxious fans. The worst!
  6. @Georgiaboy04 I'll be there! (Fannin St w/ my red bandana + we have red headlights) Repping ATL, let's get it!
  7. @Crusade4Christ Follow me while I travel to LI & post live from the s'bowl, I live in Baton Rouge... looking for a few good falcons to tailgate with. Welcome to stop by on ya drive to the game. Let's make history together!
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