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  1. As long as they can continue to get away with holding and jersey tugging on virtually every play, they will be quite an impressive group. Even with those tactics, they were unable to handle the Gronkless Patriots, so in the event the Falcons do manage to avoid the SB Swoon and get back to the Big Game against NE, I am certain they will be dispatched with a lot less suspense!
  2. It's very, very difficult to fault and ridicule a true-blue fan(atic) like Gazoo..... But he sure knows how to grease the skids.
  3. Every Board needs someone like Gazoo! Next, he'll be insisting that Quinn is a HOFer, in whose honor the Lombardi Trophy should be re-named.
  4. Even a broken clock is right, twice a day.....keep spouting off enough "predictions", and you're bound to hit on one. That doesn't make you knowledgeable. LOL You think I have a limited understanding of the game...? I, who predicted on draft day, 2001, that the Pats' 6th round draft choice,Tom Brady, was going to end up the greatest QB to ever play the game. I also predicted, on September6, 2007, that after acquiring Randy Moss and Wes Welker, the 2007 Patriots would go 18-1. On Jan 21, 2008, I predicted they would lose the SB to the Giants, knowing how difficult it was to beat a team three times in the same season. See....anyone can do what you do.
  5. Why don't you just wait to see what sort of season Matt Ryan has, Nostradumbass, before uttering nonsense about future events and end up making a fool of yourself?
  6. I would say he's had one elite year...2016...the other, he threw 32 TDs. That's no longer elite, IMHO. I like Ryan and would take him over most QBs in the game today. But that alone doesn't make him elite. Plus, there is the argument that having an outstanding target like Julio Jones only makes the QB look better, too. My comments are not designed to diss Ryan, but geared to lend a little reality to the outlandish, over-the-top and over blown claims of Mr. Gazoo, who probably just makes those statements to be provocative. Fans will be fans, of course, but the good ones keep it real and honest. As a die-hard NE and Brady fan I have no problem in saying that Rodgers is probably the best QB in the game today, given what he has had to work with, and the tough start to his career because of the Favre situation, but simply hasn't had (and most likely never will!) enough time to accomplish what Brady has done in the game. Gadzooks should have as much integrity. As an aside, Montana was always one of my favorites and his reknown as the game's best ever wouldn't have drawn an argument from me, up until a couple of years or so ago when I saw their stats and accomplishments lined up, side by side. He didn't come close to matching what Brady has done...that was a surprise, but it is the truth.
  7. Really.....I mean, Really...? This is where you lose support for your POVs...tinted specs. One outstanding season out of nine... and he's elite? Brady has averaged more TDs over his entire 17 year career than Ryan....including the 2.25 seasons or so he didn't even play! THAT'S elite, Homer.
  8. Hard to believe.... It's so obvious. Late in the game...during a TO, Brady and Mcdaniels are discussing the next crucial play and BB leans in. Not to TELL them what to run, but to make **** sure they are calling what he would have!
  9. That play alone leaves me wondering where this guy gets the cajones to be calling someone else out for a screw-up. One could just as easily make the case that he single-handedly lost the game!
  10. I don't know why everyone wants to blame just Shanahan. Yeah, he's the OC, but isn't the HC in step with the game plan? Doesn't he have ultimate say about everything? Not that he micro manages, but when you see the trend in a crucial situation, stop the presses! No? They are, after all, in communication at all times with the headsets. I know for a fact that in NE, BB is tuned in to everything going on...both sides of the ball.
  11. I knew you and I were simpatico. Just zip it up and DO YOUR JOB.
  12. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought the Smiley Face would be the tip-off that I was speaking in jest, to be provocative to some of the less astute, but know-it-all Falcon fans who have disparaged my opinions! Only an idiot would seriously claim that all NEers are bush and uneducated, etc, so I was trying to make that point without having to explain it to them.
  13. You have to be able to differentiate between when I post a retaliatory jibe and the obvious. Of course I don't really think all folk in from the South are backward and ignorant.....same for Chicagoans, in general.
  14. If they have real character, they will. And I hope they do because I admire character, regardless of whether they are the team I follow. But I have my doubts about them, based on some of the sound bites I heard from that game when the tide was running in their favor...a bit arrogant, IMHO. We shall see how it plays out. As a fan, though, I must tell you that repeating such a great performance is extremely difficult.
  15. LOL, Homer. Oh, I've challenged you many times.....problem is, you refuse to respond, instead start with the cute name calling and quips! That's because you have no way to refute the questions or my points without showing what a fraud you really are! Matt's elite...? HaHa, just like Eli is elite! He had a great season....savor it. So did Cam Newton, the year before, when every Panthers' football guru-wanna-be like you (to the Falcons) was proclaiming him the Second Coming of the Holy One. How'd that work out? Now, I'm not predicting the Falcons have no shot at the playoffs, but the odds of them returning to the SB have to be "slim, to none". They had their eyes opened and their ***** handed to them, so they are probably still talking to themselves about how they were crushed, all hope evaporating in what seemed less time than Quinn could say "Oh, f***". Don't believe all that horse manure about the players "putting it all behind them and moving on". You don't just turn the page after a humiliating and colossal question yourself, your failings and what you need to do to get better (I'd start with a conditioning Coach if I were Arthur B).