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  1. Peppers is going to be a bust in my opinion. To slow to play safety and to small to play lber
  2. I'll give him a 7 out of 10
  3. While it would be great to have him on the line, it would cost us our future. We have built a very good team through the draft and should continue to do so.
  4. I didn't say he wasn't our best corner but Alford and Collins have both closed the gap a decent bit since then. I wouldn't pay him "elite" CB money. If we can get him for a fair deal I'm all for it but if he wants to be one of the highest paid cb's I'd move on
  5. I disagree on Tru. I think he is a good cornerback But he "locked down" his side of the field because Alford was playing awful at the time. Why go after a good cb when you can attack a terrible one.
  6. I don't. we had a **** of a season and have a great team going forward. I'm pumped for next season. Last season is done and dwelling on it it pointless
  7. I would love signing Fairley. Him and Jarrett in the middle with Hageman backing them up would be vicious. It would also give us more freedom with our draft picks. One less position to worry about.
  8. Quinn is going that Nick Saban route. You can never have too many great football minds on your staff.
  9. Fair enough. I just couldn't turn down that unreal speed we would have at every LBer position. Speed can make up for mistakes and we would have plenty of it
  10. Question for those against trading TRU. Say a scenario was available where we were able to trade up into the top ten with Reuben Foster still on the board. Would you really not do it? We have way bigger needs than LBer but a core of Jones, Foster, and Campbell would be nuts for the next 5+ years. The secondary would be more than adequate and we have the rest of the draft to beef up the Dline and get a Guard. In my mind ya gotta make that move if it's possible
  11. Sign a big DT to collapse the pocket. Draft a good young FS To split time with Allen early on and Hopefully takeover the position as the season goes on. Use the first on Tim Williams to pair up with Beasley. (Scary stuff man). Pickup a solid veteran Lber to pair with the young guys. Oh and maybe a bruiser for short yard situations.
  12. Every team has players that smoke weed and we are no different. I have no clue if we draft him or not but if we Don't I doubt it will be because he smokes bud
  13. Do you know the guy? It's easy to pass judgement on people you don't know.
  14. Im not saying he is using now. I'm saying we drafted him knowing he had been popped with smoking weed im the past. Drafting Williams would be no different