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  1. Nice analysis - can't be a lot of fun for Falcons fans to rewatch the game. As a Patriots fan I've seen the game so many times it's gotten really boring, but the thing that strikes me rewatching it is how many drops the Patriots had - Patriots receivers are not Julio Jones-class receivers but they are generally sure-handed. Why they seemed to be having a case of the dropsies is anybody's guess - I remember my wife (who doesn't usually watch football) blaming it on the red gloves (that Edelman was wearing). The other thing that I felt at the time and is reinforced by rewatching is tha
  2. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I can't speak for everybody but for myself I will just start paying attention to whatever Boston team is doing well. There's been too much success for Boston fans lately; there just isn't enough time to pay attention to losing teams. A few years ago I was really into the Bruins, when they won the Stanley Cup, but nowadays I don't know if I can name 5 current players. The same with the Celtics, I know that Brad Stephens is the coach but I know next to nothing about the team and won't pay attention until they get really good again. Red Sox have some good y
  3. I am a Patriots fan and I definitely felt the refs were trying to keep the Patriots in the game, just to keep the game interesting. I suppose 1st overtime Superbowl game ever is improbable (and a sure sign that the game was fixed) but I think if the Patriots had scored with 3 seconds left on a fake kneel-down that would have been even better and was probably the intended game script.
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