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  1. It's not that a double move is difficult in and of itself.... It's the ability to sell the break, read the corner and break the route as soon as he commits to the out and then to accelerate on the second move all at full speed..... That's what creates that kind of separation.
  2. Anybody else getting second hand embarrassment with Witten?
  3. Nuevo Laredo for Mexican, Bones for steak, Gunshow for an upscale but unique and fun dining experience, the Optimist and Kimball House for oysters, west egg for brunch though there are tons of great options for brunch, Felinis for greesy pizza, Antico, Vero or verassanos for nice pizza, Houston's for nice but casual..... There are so many others but these are some of my favorites
  4. I partly agree with the original post but the world has changed from the good old days and if football is going to survive as we know it, it needs to change. It's not necessarily completely correct, but unfortunately, perception is reality and when parents stop letting their kids play the sport, football's future is in danger.
  5. You can say that again
  6. Haven't heard anybody say anything about this guy, but I think Donnie Myles is an under the radar guy who I like a lot. On a bad defense at UNC, he and MJ Stewart were two of the bright spots the last 3 years. The posted highlights don't do him justice. I've watched him a lot and think he could be a solid backup SS.
  7. Talent wise his team was completely outmatched.... He looked very good as a receiver out of the backfield, when there wasn't much of a hole he was still able to get positive yards and he had several very good runs. All in all, he looks good to me.