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  1. I know we didn't draft him, but I thought this was a story worth sharing about Michael Carter.
  2. I like Sermon too. Less proven, but he'll be a good player.
  3. I don't completely disagree, but I would say that Javonte has a chance of being an elite rb and our current coach has shown what he can do with an offense led by an elite rb. There are some solid prospects after him, but I do think there's a not insignificant drop off. That for me is a reason you can make an argument that it's worth it.
  4. See I'm the opposite. I've just never been a big fan of Etienne. There's no doubt that he's really fast and runs hard, but I've always gotten the impression that his speed is more straight ahead than functional. He can take it to the house, but how does he do when the blocking isn't there for him? Williams on the other hand is fast enough and is a guy you can rely on most of the time to beat the one guy who you scheme for him to beat one on one because of his balance and ability to break tackles. His elite skill plays pretty much no matter what whereas there are plenty of pure speed backs who
  5. The thing about Javonte that I love is that typically when you see a complete back like he is who runs as hard as he does his team has run him into the ground because his body can withstand the punishment and he wears on a defense as you use him more. The fact that that is not the case is a huge plus. Add in the fact that as an elite back he shared the backfield without complaint which says a lot about his character. He seems like a pretty humble kid which could make him less likely to hold a team hostage in the future. I'm completely fine if we don't take him because we have so many other nee
  6. The only way you could think that is that you haven't actually watched them play. They are almost nothing alike. From height to build to experience. Howell throws one of the best deep balls I've ever seen while Trubisky's accuracy on deeps balls was inconsistent. I don't know if Howell will become a franchise quarterback, but I do know that if he isn't one it won't be because he's similar to Trubisky.
  7. Hamilcar Barca was the father of Hannibal. Both Carthaginian generals.
  8. Go to about the 5:40 mark in this video.... He's not afraid to do the dirty work. https://youtu.be/bSU9krbolfw
  9. He's 5-10 so more compact. His balance and ability to break tackles is elite and he's also been used a lot as a receiver out of the backfield. Another huge benefit is he's shared the backfield throughout his career so for a back who is as physical as he is, he has far fewer carries than many similar backs coming out of college. He's built like a workhorse but hasn't been used like one.
  10. You gave up right before one of his better games.
  11. Fair enough. If one of those was the Notre Dame game, that was probably his least productive game his entire career. That's not to say it shouldn't be used to evaluate him, but I think his body of work shows that was an anomaly rather than who he is as a back.
  12. I don't get the not explosive thing. There's one play against Notre Dame where he probably should have gotten the corner and didn't, but other than that I can't think of yards he didn't get because he didn't have enough explosiveness. Don't agree on the poor vision thing. He's a patient runner who rarely if ever has problems finding or hitting the hole. His ability to break tackles is elite, he's a good blocker and he's also a good receivers. Plus because he's shared time with another good back so he has less mileage on his tires than some of the other backs with similar production
  13. I like Ettienne, but I'd rather get a guy like Javonte Williams who I think is every bit the back Ettienne is without the name so you might be able to get him a little later. He's also got less mileage on his tires because he's split carries with Michael Carter who is a very good back in his own right.
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