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  1. It's definitely a stitched patch on the home and road jerseys (not sure about the throwback, hence why I edited this post), albeit not a super high quality stitched patch. It doesn't have the same level of detail as an on field jersey. But there's nothing on this jersey that's screen printed (aside from the inner neck jock tag). Vapor Untouchable sleeve logo: Compared to on field jersey:
  2. It fits well and I would say it's pretty true to size. However, I have long believed that Nike's Game replica jerseys ran big. So compared to those, these do fit smaller, but I think that's because the other ones were too big to begin with. For example, I wear a large in pretty much all other clothing (shirts, button ups, polos, etc)...but with the Nike "Game" replicas, I mostly went with a small or medium. I went with a medium for the Vapor Untouchable Limited jersey and it fits perfectly. The sleeves don't hang way below the elbows like the Game jerseys, but rather just above the elbow perfectly. Also, the Game jerseys hemline usually hung too low but this one sits nicely at the waist. Glad to help. Also, do you have any reasons that suggest we will get a uniform update soon? If we were going to do it, I would have assumed this would have been the year to coincide with the opening of MBS. I would love a more traditional look (perhaps a 21st century refresh of the 1966 uniform, red helmet and black jersey). However, I do think this year's template update gives us a little more lifespan in the current look. We had begun to look a little stale in the old school mesh and this update freshens it up a bit. The cool thing is that this is the mid grade level jersey. So if you want the true style with the V shape design on the sides, you don't have to splurge for the $300 authentic model. Also, regarding the screen printed sleeve logo on the throwback, that's actually the way the on field jerseys were, so they do match the player's jersey. The new Nike Vapor Untouchable Limited throwbacks suggest those jerseys will also be updating to the new template, and this stock image suggests that the logos may now be sewn on. Take this with a grain of salt as this is just a retail stock photo, but this would be encouraging and a nice option for people wanting it sewn, so long as that is actually true. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side note, while we are discussing throwbacks, I chimed in on that new mailbag thing they're doing on the team website and said this: "I'd like to point out that since NFL rules prohibit us from wearing our red helmets to coincide with the 1966 throwback, we might as well do a true 1990s era look with the silver pants. We already have the black jersey and helmet. The combination of 1990s era helmet, 1960s and 1990s jersey (both eras had the same jersey) and 1960s pants and socks is odd. It's a weird blending of eras that we had never actually worn before until we called it a "throwback" last year. Just bring back the classic 1990s silver pants and call it a day." This is a nice look. But we can't wear it with NFL rules now prohibiting other colored helmets. You see teams do throwback helmets now by keeping the same lid but swapping out the decals. This was the Falcons solution to the helmet rule: Also a very nice look. But totally inaccurate and not a real throwback. We never wore this style before last year. It pairs the 1990s style helmet with the 1966 style pants and socks. Of course, the jersey style was the same in the 1990s as it was in 1966. Since they already have the jersey and helmet from the 1990s era, they should do it right and give us an actual 1990s era throwback. Either of these pants designs will suffice. The second one obviously has the Super Bowl history but I think the Deion era looks better. It just bugs the crap out of me that they mix and matched different components from various eras and called it a throwback. We never wore that style before.
  3. Figured I would post some pictures. Just copped a new Vapor Untouchable Freeman jersey. Had plenty of the old Reebok mesh ones...got a Julio when they switched to Nike a number of years back...and this Devonta jersey was the first time I got one that wasn't the entry level screened replica. Quick take: it's very nice. Much lighter and more comfortable material than the Nike "Game" replica jerseys. Those had massive long sleeves that hung way past your elbows and if you raised your arms, the entire jersey would raise up and show your belly. The new one has sleeves that are just the right length and the overall fit is much better. This is the mid grade jersey so it's all stitched and follows a similar cut to the player jerseys, in appearance. It's not quite the same as the on field jersey. For starters, the stitching isn't multiple layers. For the numbers, you have one piece of fabric with a sublimated number outline, rather than a number stitched onto another layer of fabric. The level of detail is also a little more minimal on the logo stitching. The new on field jerseys have laser cut ventilation holes on the chest and back. This jersey is more geared towards simply fan wear, but it does a good job at simulating the new design the team is wearing this year. I have included the pictures of the jersey at the bottom, but first: This is what we used to wear up until last year. Note the traditional all-over mesh design with a tapered collar (nice and wide but comes to a thin point by the NFL shield). The thin red collar trim on the white jersey goes around the entire collar. The white inserts on the sleeves have a little bit more squiggle to them. This is what we just switched to. It is Nike's newest template. Up until now, we had simply been utilizing old materials with Nike's swoosh on them. It wasn't even Nike's own template. Check how the material is totally different without the mesh. The only "mesh" is laser cut holes on the lower stomach and the lower back. There are far fewer seams (though there is a seam along the back that makes a peace sign). The collar is a traditional full v-neck rather than the older tapered collar. The red collar trim now comes to a stop at the base mesh triangle where the NFL shield is. The sleeve pattern is slightly different, filling the sleeve cap rather than having the odd curved look to it (meaning it used to "flair out" by the white sleeve inserts a bit). The pants now have laser cut mesh on the back of the thighs. Here's how it translates onto the fan jersey. This is the Nike Vapor Untouchable Limited jersey. The design is virtually the same, aside from on-field details such as the laser cut mesh holes and the shorter sleeves as this is obviously geared for fan wear. I was very happy to see a replica finally offer the streamlined black side stripes. Other replicas (dating all the way back to Reebok and the Vick era) always simply had a single thin stripe down the side rather than the black underarm area that funnels into the thin stripe. I believe you used to only be able to get that feature with an authentic jersey.