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  1. What's wrong your ignore function not working. Freud would love this thread, so many billable hours. I get it, it sucks your team lost. We have all been there as fans. Welcome to the dark side of sports, where the loss itself can't live up to the manner in which it occurred. Gee maybe Matt Ryan did outplay Brady. Guess you'll find out when he drags his team back to the Super Bowl. Oh shoot mixed em up, that was Tom that did that!
  2. Stats are for losers. MR helped his team lose the game TB allowed his team to win Seems pretty obvious, especially considering where the trophy resides!
  3. Haha, your still working at this! Your misery is undeniably tasty!
  4. Yeah, we are really smarting from your 3 qtr beat down.............
  5. It was like the almost pick Asante had in 07, got his hands on it but wasn't going to pick it. And he didn't. When your as good as Brady you have to make almosts, mistakes. But it doesn't work that way. Just like the Harmon almost pick was not a pick.
  6. I see the Falcons as needing more of a Mebane kind of guy. I feel like they have allot of athletes on their front that just need to be freed up. Sea D really thrives because of those Mebane and Rubin types. I don't know who you have on your roster that fills that type of roll.
  7. I think pats fans respect the Jest but can't stand their fans. We have our own message boards for such discussion, no need to bore the Falcons fans on their own site. I am sure they could care less.
  8. It's your thread isn't it? Isn't the premise that Ryan had the better stats than Brady, played better? When it was all on the line one QB stepped up and the other stepped back. Those are the only facts that matter!
  9. That's because you have no argument. You have a false premise, Ryan has not had a very spectacular playoff career. Maybe for your fantasy league, but in actual football he is far far far away from TB. That ineptitude was on full display in the SB. Stat line looks great but final result not so much, he choked.
  10. Absolutely they did, but that was it for them they coughed up a furball in Pitts. We don't resent the Jest, I believe hate is the word.
  11. Everybody has to lose to somebody sometime. Participation ribbons are for soccer moms. If those Jest teams had a better than decent QB they would have won it all. Chad Pennington would have two rings with that group, great defense.
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