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  1. Great Group!! Love these guys!
  2. Because they are conference champions.
  3. Shanny kinda showing his stubborn streak. The Mike Person Experience in Atlanta was a failure. I'm all for second chances, just glad it's not with us.
  4. I joined during the last run to the Super Bowl. But, I have been reading posts since The Wolf was Dire and KOG's avatar was Michael Turner.
  5. I gotta say, Your avatar fits you perfectly.
  6. 5gal mouth 1/2gal facts.
  7. That's reason enough right there for me not to cut the cable.
  8. Did you see the guy pull his hamstring trying to catch him? Can't wait to see him in a Falcon's uniform.
  9. Dude squats over 600!! Gonna be anchoring that line!!
  10. Very well written, informative, and grammatically correct articles. They were a joy to read. What passes for journalism these days is a shame. You sir, are the exception and not the rule.
  11. That a saying that's used a lot. I even used it myself. However, in this case I was pointing out that Jarrett saved a touchdown with that tackle in the backfield.
  12. I am not so sure he would have gotten caught. That right side of the field was full of blockers and no Falcons were in the picture. We want to call it stupid because Jarrett blew it up and it didn't work., but if he had gotten blocked on that play Seattle had a convoy to the endzone set up.
  13. But if Grady Jarrett hadn't gotten into the backfield and made that tackle Seattle had a convoy to the end zone. Carroll had seen something about our field goal coverage and was trying to exploit it. Jarrett deserves mad props because he saved a touchdown with that tackle in the backfield.
  14. Why the fixation with people in seats? The stadium is designed for people not to be in their seats! Really, there are bars all over the place! TVs everywhere (including the bathrooms) Places to stand, eat and watch the game. Clubs for people to gather and watch. I don't see any pictures of the City View where there are 2 levels of space for fans to stand and watch the games. It's a brand new stadium you can literally use the entire 3 hours just exploring what it has to offer.
  15. I hate to hear this news about Freeman and hope he has a speedy recovery. But this forces Sark to be more creative with his play calling instead of trying to run up the middle all the time with Freeman, he has to involve other playmakers in his play calling. Even the pro Dallas announcers noticed the difference in play calling after Freeman left.