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  1. Season can't get here soon enough.
  2. Have the falcons found another gem? Who is this guy? Do we have room for all these studs?
  3. I think they should be ranked higher. What teams have more quality starters and depth in the secondary?
  4. You make good point. I have to keep reminding myself that these are not the "Old Falcons"
  5. Yeah, one of the few I actually enjoy listening to.
  6. I am excited about Beasley's potential. The addition of Poe and Takk, plus the possibility of Hageman's continued growth could give us a Dline where everyone must be double teamed. A scary thought for opposing OCs.
  7. At least he chose some good TEs to study. Didn't say much about blocking though. LOL /purp
  8. Always knew Ryan was a great QB. Just needed a quality supporting cast.
  9. I am thinking the same thing.
  10. I am looking forward to seeing Poe mash up some Olines! Imagine Takk, Beasley, Jarrett, Poe, Hageman, dude I am just giddy with anticipation!!
  11. Just saying what it looked like to me. I was aggravated by the defensive philosophy at the end of games. Allowing sustained drives by the opposition and just holding on til the clock runs out really chaps my a$$. As far as the Mat Schaub reference, not sure if it applies because trust me the Falcons are not trying to "develop" Matt Schaub he's got more experience in this offense than Ryan. If anything Ryan needed all the reps he could get. I know the same could be said for the defensive starters, but when your starters are just as young and inexperienced as your reserves you are doing the team a disservice by not getting as many players experience as you can when the situation allows. That I can understand, it's just the soft defense that bothers me. If they play, they play fast and physical and aggressive all the time, no matter who is in the game! I agree with you there.
  12. I believe the 4th quarter woes were due to the fact that we had a very young inexperienced defense and the reserves need to gain experience as well as the starters. How many times did we see Goodwin, Collins, and all the other reserves in the game during that stretch of the games? It's when we have leads like that that the reserves get game experience. Plus it seemed to me that the defensive calls went to a "bend don't break" philosophy instead of remaining aggressive and dictating the flow of the game.