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  1. 3+ quarters of football where he did not allow even a pressure on a day MR2 was running for his life. That's great isn't it? He is a rookie isn't he?
  2. Guys are overreacting to the Oline play, we saw what to Oline was going to look like in our next to last preseason game when we didn't go up against a vanilla defense. They looked terrible and lost. Guys said it was a learning experience. You have to realize that replacing 60% of your starting Oline requires time for them to gel. IIRC some guys were saying it may take up to game 6 to see consistently good line play. What did you expect to see when our Oline's (5 guys playing their 1st NFL game together) first game is against the best defense in the NFL? So step back, take a breath, and chill. With all that being said, Philly's defense is not too big a step down from Minny's, so while I expect improved play and pray for a win, 0-2 is a real possibility.
  3. You guys so caught up on writing style didn't notice the actual content of the article. He makes some very good points.
  4. Man, ya'll killing me with "projected rounds." These guys have been scouted all year for how they fit the Falcons scheme. We targeted our guys and we got our guys, period. Anybody outside the team is just giving a generic evaluation of talent. When are you guys gonna get it. Outside of a few picks all these draft experts are wrong every year! But you guys want to give their opinion more credence than a management team that has been essentially killing our most recent drafts.