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  1. Lol never heard of the dude.
  2. @Jahi Sun@Ezekiel 25:17 I can't believe you are the only guys that got this reference lol.
  3. That Seattle offensive line made GB's defense look all world. GB's defense is still suspect. There's a reason people say "Aaron Rogers" instead of "Green Bay" when talking about the team.
  4. Dude you are so good at this. Where you get all this knowledge? You been juicing?
  5. I know. Even the announcers said it was looking like Mularkey's offense.
  6. All I know is I kept waiting for play action passes and roll outs. I saw few of the former and none of the latter.
  7. Let the Falcon's complete domination of the NFL begin!!!
  8. Knew it was the Achilles as soon as I saw the replay. Just running and suddenly coming up lame. Just like Nique when he was playing for the Hawks.
  9. Shoot for the stars (undefeated season), land on the moon (Lombardi)!
  10. The Chargers last year were playing way better than their record. They had some seriously freaky things happen to them.
  11. Wow.
  12. OK I'm lost.
  13. Because he was the genius that thought we "could get by at center" in 2015. That experiment blew up in our faces.
  14. No fair! He's been reading TATF! Dude just "Cliff Noted" just about every off season thread we had. LOL.