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  1. Why the fixation with people in seats? The stadium is designed for people not to be in their seats! Really, there are bars all over the place! TVs everywhere (including the bathrooms) Places to stand, eat and watch the game. Clubs for people to gather and watch. I don't see any pictures of the City View where there are 2 levels of space for fans to stand and watch the games. It's a brand new stadium you can literally use the entire 3 hours just exploring what it has to offer.
  2. I hate to hear this news about Freeman and hope he has a speedy recovery. But this forces Sark to be more creative with his play calling instead of trying to run up the middle all the time with Freeman, he has to involve other playmakers in his play calling. Even the pro Dallas announcers noticed the difference in play calling after Freeman left.
  3. Why some of ya'll acting like Buffalo's defense didn't play yesterday. That's a dam good defense. I get that we have a powerful offense. They were fast and physical just like us. I was looking for screens and bootlegs myself. When Julio and Sanu went out, I thought we would see more 3 TE sets.
  4. Sounds like what we need is inertial dampeners. Too bad this scifi technology doesn't exist.
  5. I didn't get an official tour but I did get tickets to the last preseason game for $25 and walked around for about 2 hrs. Had a blast.
  6. There is a new helmet available that absorbs much more of the force from impacts. I believe Alex Smith uses one. Several colleges have adopted it. You can tell the difference from regular helmets because it has a larger profile and vents at strategic locations. It has been proven to be effective. Alex Smith is one of the first NFL players wearing a revolutionary new helmet designed to reduce concussions Cork Gaines, provided by Published 9:05 pm, Thursday, September 7, 2017 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is one of the first players using a new helmet that is like nothing seen in the NFL before. The Chiefs took on the New England Patriots in the season opener and many people noted the new oversized helmet being worn by Smith. That is the new Vicis Zero1, a helmet that is new to the NFL this season but is already considered the safest helmet in the NFL. Steven Senne/AP Here are the helmets Smith wore in 2016. Andy Lyons; Grant Halverson/Getty Images The helmet is made by Vicis, a Seattle-based startup. According to Inc., 25 NFL teams and "at least" 20 college football teams have ordered the helmets for the 2017 season.
  7. Speaking of commercials, am I the only one that finds the GEICO commercial with the referee hilarious? That's funny as heck to me. Laugh every time.
  8. Gotta give the defense props for keeping the game close despite the turnovers. Held Detroit to 3 and out on the last interception and scratched and clawed for every inch of the field on that last drive in spite of penalties.
  9. Sorry, completely missed the part about online streaming.
  10. You could go to a sports bar as a last resort.
  11. Wasn't the call official call offensive pass interference? If a receiver blocks a defender before the pass is thrown isn't that offensive pass interference? Unless I'm mistaken the REFEREE called offensive pass interference. The ANNONCERS said it was a pick play.
  12. Lol never heard of the dude.
  13. @Jahi Sun@Ezekiel 25:17 I can't believe you are the only guys that got this reference lol.