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  1. Nah i don’t like trading a high pick and go that far back And expect to draft a top end talent and if they have a chance to draft fields or Wilson And they feel they have a chance to big a great player they should jump on it. they can trade Matt next year for picks and move down for even more picks if there bad again This year this team doesn’t really have a ton of holes there just poorly coached they have multiple pro bowl caliber players on either side of the ball if there put in a position to succeed they Can the only guy that seems to have regressed is Neal all teams have holes And al
  2. Funny how people keep saying Kyles offense. It’s the west coast offense and Ryan Is probably more mobile now than then when he was adjusting to playing more on the run when Kyle got there. What made Kyle great was he creativeness where he would scheme guys wide open for huge plays Made defensives really play vanilla. Not to many guys like that I’d put him up there as one of the best coaches in football no doubt the falcons would’ve been in the playoffs with Kyle as the head coach I think he so good that the falcons probably have a better chance of drafting another franchise QB At
  3. Fields also shows leadership and wants to win not just there to play it means something to him I can live with draft someone like that even if didn’t work out you know he’s going to put the time and work in to be great
  4. Don’t forget if Ryan gets injured playing who’s there to fill in and keep the team in a winning position If they improve? I really don’t think Schaub is that guy. Also if they could move Ryan and free up all that money I really don’t think that’s a hard decision and Ryan would be traded to another team assuming they could get there guy And really believed in him. i believe there are a few guys that could end up being franchise caliber qbs And very good but it all comes down to development look at josh Allen and Mitchell Trebisky but have a lot of talent and I believe Allen has had much be
  5. I’d say 3-5 productive year left borrowing an injury and you can Still will a Super Bowl with Ryan just not with the salary he is paid now and that’s why I think his time in Atlanta should be coming to an end in the next season or two Unless he’s winning to take a pay cut closer to 17-20 mil a year (which he won’t and can’t blame him) and why they should draft his replacement Now why they have a chance I’d go with tray lance Or Zach Wilson and lance is only 20 years old so he could easily sit a year or two and learn. for comparison (and it can’t happen given Ryan’s contract) but if
  6. Poe is doing his job eating up double teams and getting push when singled up the under achiever is Jarrett he should be getting more pressures and being more productive with sacks he's playing next to a guy that should make the games easier for him and it's Poe who is commanding the majority of the doubles right now. Jarrett flashes ever now and then but needs to be better Poe has been about what I though he would be. Now had hagman not been cut maybe Poe and Jarrett would be a little fresher and more productive
  7. It was just a bad day for Matt he didn't get the bounce so to say with 2 of the three pics and the first one was all on Matt he didn't find the safety and assumed he was going to have Julio on the post route. Matt does a very poor job of manipulating the safeties with his eyes and body look at the throw Brady made to win the game he used his body language and eyes to hold that safety just a split second longer and it gave him a small window to find the WR for the TD. had matt looked to his right he would have had Julio on that route for a huge play made even a TD (Julio has taken a few of thos
  8. TE in round 1 is an ok pick if hes the Best player availability for our scheme offense or defense if the falcons really want an impactful DE/passrusher sign one its very very difficult to find elite or impactful pass rushers late in the 1st and be good in year 1 it happens but late in round 1 its rare. most of the guys that are late gems are guys that developed in to great players we need someone from day 1 this season that can rush opposite of beasley. Just look at hageman has all the tools to be not just a good player but an all pro type player but still hasn't put it together y
  9. Dominique Easley is the guy I would target he has very high upside elite inside pass rusher very similar to Jarrett
  10. Donald is a lot like Sheldon Richardson who can pretty much play anywhere on the DL even played some LBer Its not like Donald is 6-6 350 he like 6-1 280 he will play a JJ watt type role or he will rush standing up.
  11. It wasn't the momentum it was the short field new england was going to score regardless but having a short field made a comeback possible they already had the momentum at that point. Even had freeman pick him up long was a split second behind him to get the sack the difference between the two ones an incomplete more than likely and the other being a sack fumble.
  12. Jake Mathews was yet again easily beaten on that play had freeman picked his man up Ryan still may have been sacked that pressure would have easily effected the play even then Ryan could have rolled to his left avoiding the fumble and likely setting up a 3rd and 10 or dumped it off to freeman for more than likely a 15-20 yard gain. Dude is so overrated he is solid to good in the run game but below average as a pass blocker he's starting to become a reliability maybe he is better suited as a RT or guard were he will see slower players the majority of the time. Just think Chris long is
  13. Assuming they resign the key offensive guys and sign some free agent vets to mix in on this defense there really are no holes Dare I say Dan Quinn and the front office are doing things the patriot way in drafting guys to not only fit there scheme but put them in a position to excel in what they do best. just look at Jones they let him use his speed they let Neal Rome and hit and be that enforced. Even on offense there speed wr use there speed and stretch the defense. They will also have Clayborne and Shelby back plus whoever they sign and draft there is depth there s
  14. You can look at it two ways one that its a learning process and the falcons were simply ahead of schedule this year look back at Seattle in 2012 Denver in the Superbowl after getting blown out by Seattle. Or you can say well everything line up perfect this year with home field advantage and favoritable matuchups then to build a huge lead even with poor offensive play were up 28-3 deep into the 3rd and had the great franische with the goat reeling and all but done and found a way to lose rather than win and there goes there only chance. Its really hard to say how they will respo
  15. He needs to open the check book and go for it. They have a very young and talent team on the rise now is the time you go over pay for a star player to help you get over the hump there's no telling if this will be a 1 year window or a 5 year window
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