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  1. As Packers fans, trust us, we've been there. Losing the 2014 championship game was by far the worst loss I've ever had to swallow as a sports fan. It still makes me sick to this day. I also know what it feels like to be on the losing end of one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets of all time, but that doesn't even compare. So let's just say, if anything, you now know what it feels like to lose a BIG game when it seemed certain you'd win. Not every other team's fans can say that. The difference is in how it played out. For the Packers to lose the NFCCG against Seattle, it took an unbelievable
  2. This is the point I've been trying to make forever. What does a SB win really mean for a QB? Does it automatically push them up the rankings of "greatest QBs"? I don't think it does, it only enhances people's perception of that particular QB, thus subconsciously giving him a higher ranking. Are Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson better than Dan Marino, Warren Moon, or Jim Kelly? Of course not. No matter how great your QB is, it's still a team game, and the TEAM determines how many SBs you win. But in the minds of many, Ryan won't be put into elite QB status unless he wins the big one. And like you
  3. I'd love for you to point out how anything I've said is "reaching" and how I'm becoming "stupider". I'm quite dumbfounded as to how many of you continue to be combative with me, despite the fact that I've been nothing but fair and cordial. And I'm not sure what you mean by "2007" and "2009". I'm sorry to break it to ya, but the Falcons have NEVER ended a season with a win. NEVER. Also, Rodgers is not my idol; I don't idolize athletes who play a game for nothing more than our entertainment. If you want to conclude that Rodgers is digressing and his best years are behind him, that's
  4. Now that you've seen what an actual troll looks like, maybe you realize that some people just come here with no agenda other than to talk football. Just saying. Go Falcons
  5. Lol. Not one thing I've said would suggest that I "can't get over the fact that the Packers season is over." I watch football games for what they are: entertainment. When my team wins, I'm happy. When they lose, I move on. Do I get upset in the moment? Sure, that's what passionate fans do. But I get over it. For almost every fan, every single year, your season ends with a loss. I'm not one of those GB fans who boasts about "the Packers 13 World Championships", as if that's some bragging right. The Packers have only been to 3 Super Bowls since I've been alive, and they've won two of those. For
  6. For f*cks sake, can you take anything else out of context? As I've said numerous times (probably even from my very first post on this board), I AGREE THAT RYAN DESERVES THE MVP THIS SEASON!! He was the best QB in the league, and I'M ok saying that. Unlike some of you, I can actually acknowledge great talent even if it's not on my team. The whole point (that you obviously missed) was that even when you have a great QB, it means nothing if you don't also have the surrounding talent that it takes to get you to the SB. I even referenced that, by pointing out that the Packers have had 2 HALL
  7. What is my "act" exactly? Being an opposing fan who, after giving props to the Falcons, has done nothing but try to have honest football talk with the locals? It's apparent that some people simply cannot handle a fan from another team, even if he came with no ill intent. I've been accused of "trolling" for doing nothing more than being a fan of another team. That sh*t is weak. Either you guys have had a bad history with trolls on this board, or you've just never seen a fan of another team post here, and don't know how to act. So, the Packers are irrelevant this season? Sure, I can buy tha
  8. This is actually a logical response, and I thank you for that. Yes, if Ryan gets a ring this year then there is no separation between the two, as far as how a lot of people measure greatness. Though, if you've read any of my previous posts, you'd see that I, personally, don't think that SBs are a fair way to judge QBs. If Rodgers or Ryan were with the Patriots for all these years, they'd probably have the same, or at least near as many SB titles as Brady. You yourself just commented on what Ryan can do when he has weapons. THAT'S MY POINT! It takes more that a great QB to win SBs. And we can d
  9. "He throws the ball up for grabs all the time"???? At this point, I'm almost positive you're just messing with me. It's simply not possible for anyone who watches football to be so clueless. Do you really not understand what a "Hail Mary" is, and when and why offenses call this play in NFL games? Why do I even ask? Of course you don't, you're obviously f*cking retarded.
  10. As I've already stated numerous times, it was a mistake to assume "we'd all agree" considering I was posting on a Falcons message board. Fans are homers, as evidenced by you saying that Ryan was not only better this year, but will be going forward. Again, here's another Falcons fan using only the last 5 years to support their claims. Why just the past 5 years? Because Ryan is 3-1 and Rodgers is 5-6? All that says to me is, AR has played in 11 playoff games and MR has played in only 4 in that span. And you have the balls to say that AR has had "incredible supporting casts on both sides of the b
  11. You'd think that if you've watched games since 1972, you'd have at least an average knowledge of the game. You apparently do not. I feel sorry for you. Congratulations! In only two posts, you've proven yourself to be quite possibly one of the dumbest fans I've ever come across. I'm not going to ask if you've ever seen Rodgers play, because it's obvious you haven't. First, I can understand your Cutler to Favre comparison. They are both what you would call (in NFL-speak) "gunslingers." But even that comparison is beyond ridiculous. Yes, both Cutler and Favre are/were somewhat reckless risk
  12. Thanks for being a voice of reason. I had nothing but good conversations with Falcons fans the first few days I was here. I think it's very apparent I didn't come here to "troll", but I guess as soon as you say something somewhat controversial, the locals release the hounds.
  13. I tried explaining how there was much more that goes into defining the best QB in the league other than wins and losses, SB's, and even stats - because it is a TEAM game, with many variables. But since you want to bring up stats? Let's go: First, I see it was very convenient for you to choose the last 5 years as your example, considering that those were Ryan's best years. But let's not act like Rodgers is suddenly past his prime, or over the hill - he's only 2 years older than Ryan. Christ, AR just put up one of his best statistical seasons this year! But instead of cherry picking (which
  14. If you'd just go back and see what I wrote in my previous post, you'd see that I apologized for assuming that everyone on the Falcons board would agree that AR was the better QB. That was a stupid thing to write here, which I openly admitted. But go on and keep hammering me about it.
  15. There always has to be one of you, doesn't there? Hey, your team won, so I guess that means Ryan is the greatest, and Rodgers should only be so lucky as to have his name mentioned in the same sentence as him. My bad, I shouldn't have said "we'd all agree" on a Falcons board after they just beat the Packers. Of course you'd disagree. Your team is good and they deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Now, if I had said on a general NFL board that "we'd all agree that Rodgers is a better QB", the statement wouldn't be met with such hostility, for the rest of the objective football world would overwhelmi
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