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  1. I wish Freeman was a little more like Julio. No whining, no drama. Everything is about the team and winning, not about him. Jones just goes out and does his job. Don't tell us you're elite Freeman, show us. Free wasn't getting it done in the SB largely because the line was shot. Mack with a broken leg, Schraeder torn ligament, Matthews sprained knee and probably with the shoulder at less than 100%. Running wasn't the answer. Devonta Freeman isn't William Andrews. Free doesn't do very well in traffic and doesn't have the elite speed to get around the end. He needs a top line to get him those one on ones in the secondary where he can break some ankles and pad his average. I think he should sit down and STFU.
  2. Our offensive line was riddled with injuries and Freeman has never been much in traffic. He needs space to work his magic and he wasn't getting it. He got half his yards with a big 37 yard run early, then not much the other 10 carries. Shanny rolled the dice with the pass and I don't blame him one bit. We weren't getting it done on the ground.
  3. We should have had the offense punt on first down. Get that D back on the field!
  4. The best years were with Bobby April and Elbert Shelley if memory serves. Everyone talked about our special teams. I'd like to see us get back to that.
  5. Sark is a genius! You're welcome.
  6. Under AFC playoff teams you have the Titans at 2 & 5. Just need to change #5 Titans to #5 Texans.
  7. He better be careful with that smh.
  8. I thought he should have forfeited the right to any Falcon honors when he flipped off the Dome fans while in uniform. Maybe he'll flip you guys off again so you can remember him. Maybe all the Falcons should shoot the dirty bird at the fans. Apparently it doesn't hurt your legacy.
  9. Seeing is always a big help in sports. Discerning play action from runs and seeing where the QB is looking is a big help to a position where milliseconds matter. Knowing where to run is as bid of a deal as how fast you get there once you start. I look for a vast improvement in Campbell this year.
  10. It is nice to see that DLed has a peer out there.
  11. I think we don't lose again until the 12th game of the 2020 season. Dynasty. Players will beg to come here and play.
  12. Who all got injured early in the away game at Seattle and how long will they be out? Fantasy players need to know.
  13. At some point we will be unable to keep all our elite players. The salary cap doesn't permit elite or near elite money at every position and we already have Ryan, Julio, Trufant, Mack, Matthews, Neal, Beasley, Jarrett, Debo, Poe, and maybe Schraeder or Campbell. I'd love to keep Freeman, but running back may be where they say enough, especially with our RBBC and having Coleman and Hill on the roster. We may hold off on a contract until we see whether Hill balls out in preseason.
  14. Happy Birthday Falcanuck!