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  1. Stats don't prove a thing, just indicate tendencies and promote comparison. I thought I noticed that Free goes down more often than TeCo at first contact and looked for vindication in online statistics. I'm sorry if that offended you Vandy, but boorish? Perhaps you'd care to explain that one to me? Ungentlemanly, crass? I don't see the connection.
  2. I was looking for who was better at YAC, and failed miserably. Can you point me to where I can find yards after contact stats?
  3. That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve read today. You’re saying that smart fans never compare two players? That’s practically all fans do since stats have been kept is compare player stats. Why would you say such a moronic thing?
  4. According to this site, Free gets stuffed on 14.5% of his runs. TeCo gets stuffed on 9.3% of his carries. This bears out what my eyes tell me too. No Gain Freeman?
  5. So the two clubs will hold yo mamma and a skinny dude? Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  6. Hmmm, empty seats and crowd noise was a problem? A fifth round pick loss might be worth a little speaker help.
  7. He was knocked out cold today. You could see the replay that he went limp and the ball was loose. It was a miracle it stayed under his arm. I think Free is done for the year. Go Coleman!
  8. Poe, realizing he is about to be unemployed, makes a supreme effort and gets a TFL, but is injured celebrating. Tru will almost make a tackle, but will barely jump out of the way in time. He will almost intercept the ball twice. Ryan will make an adjustment and start underthrowing receivers again. Something finally clicks for Wes and he decides to become an architect. Roberts will call for and make a fair catch on the two yard line. Ryan, in the post game interview will say he must play better and there were some good things and some things that we still need to work on. Quinn comes up with two new slogans. Cowboys rest their starters in the second half and prevail 38-17.
  9. April 26, 2018. With the fifth overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select: Some field goal kicker probably.
  10. It was twice as long as it needed to be. Why not delete the second half? Or perhaps Quinn really did say everything twice.
  11. 1/2 second early is no longer PI. Got it.
  12. Ran pussed out stepping into the throw.
  13. Confidence is high. We will win. Just not today.
  14. A lot of it is. That wasn’t.