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  1. What a title. BREAKING NEWS!!! Some members of the defense were not happy? Do tell. I would sincerely hope that everyone associated with the organization was not happy. Please cut the ones that were happy immediately.
  2. Lots of Falcons had an awful game. Free, Matthews, Ryan, Neal, and even Julio didn’t have it. Shraeder and Wes sucked too.
  3. Here we go. Long drive for a TD and we make the two point conversion.
  4. With both teams named after birds, the only question is by how much the birds win.
  5. When I read the Title I thought they were fans of the Underdog cartoon from my childhood.
  6. Falcons win and Don Henley is injured in the first quarter.
  7. SyCo needs to start a thread over there about how bad we’re going to kick their butts.
  8. I thought it was funny that the refs didn’t know that a punt hitting the ground untouched takes off the fair catch. They blew it dead earlier after the return guy caught it after a bounce and tried to run.
  9. What’s easier, batting a little pop fly pass or blocking a punt after the punter takes three forward steps? You could even snap it to one of the blockers halfway to the punter. With a little practice it should be a 100% completion rate.
  10. Still, if they’re rushing ten guys there’s a large risk of a blocked punt. I didn’t recall that we were backed up that far. Maybe I should leave the coaching to Quinn, huh?
  11. Toward the end of the game we had a 4th and 5. In comes Bosher and the punt team. All of a sudden, the defenders covering our gunners come in close for an all out blitz. Why don’t we audible to a short pass in a situation like that instead of calling the gunners in to block? I assume Bosher can throw a football 40 or 50 feet to an uncovered receiver. It just seemed like an easy first down to me.
  12. I liked the play where we snapped the ball and Sanu was still just standing there looking at the sideline. Hardy had to push him to get him to start running. And we still won.
  13. They didn’t call the ticky tack fouls on him that they usually do.
  14. Let’s wait until we lose to fire him. Maybe next year will be like Shanny’s second year.