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  1. How about the odds of becoming a DT in the NFL?
  2. Being Black doesn't hurt either. You can get all sorts of preferences for being a minority, from college admissions to set asides. Something like 5% of government contracts must go to minority owned businesses.
  3. From this article: Because the tax bill eliminates exemptions — personal allowances for employees and their spouses and children — payroll administrators expect the government to issue a new W-4 form, with new instructions, after the updated withholding tables are released. “Every worker in the workforce is probably going to have to sign a new W-4 sometime in 2018,” Isberg said. The potential lag between implementing the new withholding tables and a new W-4 could create another problem: an inaccurate withholding amount in the meantime, Isberg said.
  4. The old W-4 was based on many things that no longer make any difference to your tax burden. Of course it will change.
  5. I'm curious about when the new 2018 W-4 comes out and wondering if we will hear what our favorite teacher is saving once she fills it out.
  6. I went to Yellowstone this past summer and it was over that amount if I remember correctly. We were just going to be there for a day, but had to buy a week pass.
  7. Why do you guys (and girls and others) keep talking about some teacher's $1.50. This is savings from the 2018 tables under her 2017 W-4, right? Has anyone seen a new 2018 W-4 form yet? I've been waiting on them to send out to my electricians. Maybe when we get the new form, she might be saving more than $1.50. Any accountants on the board?
  8. How do the freaking Saints do it? For years we've said they'll be in cap ****, but they always have so much room. Apparently twice the cap room we have
  9. Did you just assume my gender in a third grade spelling sort of way? That could be cause for a ban and I speak from experience. I do currently identify as a man, so I'll let you off the hook.
  10. The far left apparently operate as humorless buffoons. Do you seriously think you were being accused of sending powder through the mail and beating your wife? I've never met you but I'm sure you don't beat zer.
  11. Certainly.
  12. Methinks you doth protest too much. Post pictures of your cornstarch and your wife's face.
  13. I’m not just a dude on a message board. That’s you, not me. I actually do own four LLCs and a corporation. The LLCs are two commercial land leases, a South Georgia longleaf pine farm, and I lease 67 irrigated acres to a local farmer. My corporation is an Atlanta based commercial electrical contracting business that I purchased in 2008. The LLCs limit my liability in case I’m sued but do nothing to escape taxes. That makes me much more credible and legitimate than some discredited foreign spy that wrote some fake news about Trump. As for the IRS scandal, it will be discussed and pointed out forever. Your ignorance of the scope is apparent. It undoubtedly was a major factor in why Obama won a second term considering his dismal performance in his first. The other factor being the amazingly high percentage of blacks that voted for him because of his skin color. I wanted Herman Cain, but race had nothing to do with my vote. For the record, the term is ad hominem, and it means a personal attack.
  14. Obama is the one that weaponized the IRS, not Hillary. Obama audited his enemies, not Hillary. Obama is the one with all the questionable executive orders, not Hillary. I’m far more credible than Steele. I’m a business owner and pillar of the community. I won’t brag to the media about starting the Obama/Hillary investigation like Steele did. And you finished with another ad hominem attack. How cute. Aren’t you better than that?
  15. If you can’t argue properly, you insult someone’s intelligence. As someone likes to say around here all the time, you’re better than that. I believe that Hillary is crooked. The whitewater land deal, filegate, Rose Law firm records, and on and on. One after another for the past forty odd years. I’ll never trust her or Obama. If you’ve been paying attention you don’t either. At any rate, I’ve compiled a report on Obama, Bernie, and Hillary. Call it a dossier if you will. I’m having a sale today and will sell it to Trump for only $150,000. Would any of you be upset if Trump used it to get a FISA warrant to tap a few wires and unmask some incidental people caught accidentally?