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  1. Really going to miss him. It was absolutely worth it to trade up and get him. We don't get to the SB without him. And he made the defining catch that should've won us a SB. But unfortunately that gets overshadowed by the stupidity that occurred afterwards. Regardless, I wish him well. Best Falcon of all time behind maybe Deion.
  2. Ironic because two years earlier Kearse made an insane catch for Seattle. But it's a footnote because of what happened two plays later. And their opponent was...the Patriots. Regardless, that's one of the best throw and catches I've ever seen. Preseason. Regular season. Postseason. Doesn't matter. I was absolutely stunned he made that catch. Game clincher....or so we thought.
  3. Not afraid to admit I wept like a baby after that game. Felt like I had no soul. Numbness too. I would've rather we gotten our doors blown off. At least it somewhat eases the pain knowing you didn't have a chance from the start. The only way to make amends is by winning a SB or two.
  4. Wasn't a terrible coach. But he will be forever remembered for what happened on February 5th, 2017. Don't give me excuses about doing what got you there. Or not overriding your O.C. If the Pats had a 28-3 lead, Belichick would've stepped in and ensured the right calls were made. Blank wasted three full years following the SB disaster with Quinn. I don't care how many coaches it takes. Just find the right guy.
  5. Yep. Huge "What if". What if these changes occured very early in the season? Are we a SB contender?
  6. I appreciate 2016. But not taking charge and forcing Shanahan to call run plays in the SB collapse was unforgivable. There comes a point when you've got to take charge. He didn't. Regardless, I do think he can be a successful coach in this league again. But he probably wants to take a break first.
  7. Why does Blank continue to get roasted? He's empowered his coach and Gam to do their jobs. Doesn't meddle as far as we know. Dirt cheap concession prices. This squarely falls on the GM & coach. And the lazy players. Blank will clean house accordingly.
  8. I was against firing a coach mid season. But I'm officially on the fire Quinn bandwagon now. This team has been blown out in six of the 7 losses. The defense is atrocious. Embarrassing.
  9. Jason Garrett would be an option if Dallas fires him.
  10. 49ers already had an agreement in place with Shanny. I doubt he pulls a McDaniels on them. And the idea of firing a coach that you went to the SB with is ludicrous.
  11. It's too bad you weren't at this place on February 5th 2017.
  12. Agreed. Since 2011, this franchise has had very good RB's, a HOF TE, HOF QB (Since 08), a generational Wide Receiver, a top o-line, and great defenses. Top to bottom they've had all pro's. I don't understand how there hasn't been a SB victory yet. 28-3 was a once in a lifetime occurence. You'll never see it happen again. Yet it happened to us. Arthur Blank is probably getting very impatient. This is a big season for Quinn snd T.D. Anything short of a Super Bowl appearance could result in a major shakeup.
  13. Falcons sustained a crazy amount of injuries last year. Things will be back in order this season. I see a 13-3 record worst case scenario. I also believe the Saints fall offca cliff. Imo this will be Brees's last season. Bridgewater probably replaces him midseason.
  14. In the process I believe we will sweep the Saints, and outscore them 80-30 in both games. This feels like a magical season is upon us. Anybody else feel we are close to winning it all?
  15. This. People must not remember the Leftwich & Redmond days.
  16. Saints fans are jealous that Atlanta is a world class city. NO..not so much.
  17. Every 2nd or 3rd thread on their forum is about us. Looks like they can't stop thinking about us even when they have a decent team lol.
  18. Don't blame them. I too would want to get a good close up look at two great teams (Chiefs/Rams) fighting for the ultimate prize.
  19. Not many people can say they've gotten a pick six off Tom Brady in a SB. In fact only one can say it.
  20. Bevell? Is this the same dude who had a hand in that other SB fiasco? Great. Now we will have two coaches on the staff who had a big hand in blowing two different SB's to the same team no less.
  21. I'll never quite understand why Quinn didn't try an onside kick. The defense was virtually dead from exhaustion. The Patriots were unstoppable. There was nothing to lose. It was inevitable that they'd march down the field for a TD.
  22. Team had virtually zero shot against Denver in that SB. Even without the Robinson incident. Broncos won that SB the moment Morton Anderson kicked the fg in Minnesota. Ditto 04 team. Philly had better players everywhere. 08 was Ryan's rookie season. Cardinals were more balanced. They had experience at the QB position. Surprised you didn't put 2010 on that list. 1 seed who got ranover in the first game.
  23. Had we been blown out from the start, or lost in a back and forth game, would it have been easier to get over?
  24. It still burns inside me every day. Had we won, this season would be easier to handle. Most gut wrenching feeling I've ever had. Took me a month before I could eat properly again. How long did it take the rest of y'all?
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