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  1. Yep. Huge "What if". What if these changes occured very early in the season? Are we a SB contender?
  2. I appreciate 2016. But not taking charge and forcing Shanahan to call run plays in the SB collapse was unforgivable. There comes a point when you've got to take charge. He didn't. Regardless, I do think he can be a successful coach in this league again. But he probably wants to take a break first.
  3. Why does Blank continue to get roasted? He's empowered his coach and Gam to do their jobs. Doesn't meddle as far as we know. Dirt cheap concession prices. This squarely falls on the GM & coach. And the lazy players. Blank will clean house accordingly.
  4. I was against firing a coach mid season. But I'm officially on the fire Quinn bandwagon now. This team has been blown out in six of the 7 losses. The defense is atrocious. Embarrassing.
  5. Jason Garrett would be an option if Dallas fires him.
  6. 49ers already had an agreement in place with Shanny. I doubt he pulls a McDaniels on them. And the idea of firing a coach that you went to the SB with is ludicrous.
  7. It's too bad you weren't at this place on February 5th 2017.
  8. Agreed. Since 2011, this franchise has had very good RB's, a HOF TE, HOF QB (Since 08), a generational Wide Receiver, a top o-line, and great defenses. Top to bottom they've had all pro's. I don't understand how there hasn't been a SB victory yet. 28-3 was a once in a lifetime occurence. You'll never see it happen again. Yet it happened to us. Arthur Blank is probably getting very impatient. This is a big season for Quinn snd T.D. Anything short of a Super Bowl appearance could result in a major shakeup.
  9. Falcons sustained a crazy amount of injuries last year. Things will be back in order this season. I see a 13-3 record worst case scenario. I also believe the Saints fall offca cliff. Imo this will be Brees's last season. Bridgewater probably replaces him midseason.
  10. In the process I believe we will sweep the Saints, and outscore them 80-30 in both games. This feels like a magical season is upon us. Anybody else feel we are close to winning it all?
  11. May god be with you and your family during this tough time!!