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  1. I'll never quite understand why Quinn didn't try an onside kick. The defense was virtually dead from exhaustion. The Patriots were unstoppable. There was nothing to lose. It was inevitable that they'd march down the field for a TD.
  2. Team had virtually zero shot against Denver in that SB. Even without the Robinson incident. Broncos won that SB the moment Morton Anderson kicked the fg in Minnesota. Ditto 04 team. Philly had better players everywhere. 08 was Ryan's rookie season. Cardinals were more balanced. They had experience at the QB position. Surprised you didn't put 2010 on that list. 1 seed who got ranover in the first game.
  3. Had we been blown out from the start, or lost in a back and forth game, would it have been easier to get over?
  4. It still burns inside me every day. Had we won, this season would be easier to handle. Most gut wrenching feeling I've ever had. Took me a month before I could eat properly again. How long did it take the rest of y'all?
  5. Yes he is. A.B. has a better support system (Coaches) than JJ. I wouldn't trade JJ straight up for Kamara & Thomas (Not that it would ever happen). The man is the best Falcons player ever. Also made an unbelievable SB catch.
  6. Well...should we sign him?
  7. I realize our season has gone down the drain. But the Aints wont make the SB. Hopefully that will make some feel better. Oh yeah, I take Ryan over Brees any day of the week. This season I mean. Ryan has done more with less protection.
  8. Then how do you explain getting outscored 31-7 in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl?
  9. How is Blank responsible for this?
  10. Saints didn't blow us out. It was self inflicted wounds. The sky isn't falling. We know we can compete with them. Trying to be positive.
  11. Who in the **** are these dudes catching touchdowns for the Saints? I've never heard of any of them.
  12. So people are pissed Quinn went for it. Why? The Saints are likely to score regardless.
  13. Jesus. Being down by contact on that pick return may be the turning point.
  14. We have 5 offensive weapons. Saints have three. Our D is much improved and we get our best defensive player back. We have an excellent chance of winning.
  15. Tired of firing coaches after every few years. DQ shouldn't go anywhere.