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  1. LA Rams winning will turn their fans into the new Dallas Cowboys fans like they are with the Lakers so go Patriots
  2. They weren't in LA though. Im talking about the LA Rams, not the ST Louis rams.
  3. No. The Patriots must win. LA Rams do not have a championship so we don't want them to have an up on us. Would rather for a team with multiple championships to win again vs a team with no rings then they will throw that at us that they have a ring and we don't. Misery loves company so go Patriots.
  4. Patriots. I would rather for a team with multiple championships to get another one verses a team with zero championships because in an argument the Eagles will hold that over us that they have 1 and we don't.
  5. Its the same as if I pick up a chick from the bar, get her back to my home naked and still dont hit it smh
  6. We have to win just to shut the Saints fans up. Im sure they have that photo ready to post of that old white man with that fishing pole holding up lombardi trophy or that photo that has the Saints with a ring and the other side of that photo has the Falcons with an onion ring next to it lol. Give us that win and we will never have to see those photos again
  7. We good. Remember Dan Quinn was coach with the Seahawks when they played the Patriots in the SB so he knows what needs to be done to win
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