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  1. Who Dat?.... Who Dat?.... WHO DAT LOST DAT GAME? THE N.O. AINTS DATS WHO!! AhhhHaHaHahahahah............
  2. Just think do we even get to the SB without the season Free had that year? Teco certainly wasn't the runner then that he is now!
  3. Man that whole sequence was sweet. His determination to score, his reaction after scoring (It was as if a weight had been cast off), the way the brotherhood rallyed to him.... SWEEEET!! I thought he was going to be denied a TD for at least another game after Norman jerked him down. He definitely was about to score there! Great call by Sark or Matt to get him the ball down there for another opportunity to score.
  4. No problem bro. Got to see Big Blue win the SB before the switch, and I love the life I've built for my fam in ATL. Now the Falcons need to get them a SB before it's all said and done for me. I just don't have confidence that they ever will after the debacle of 2016.
  5. Grew up in New York as a NYG Big Blue fan but loved the Gritz Blitz Falcons back in the day so they were my second team. When I moved to ATL in the 80's slowly the Falcons became my first team. Now I'm all in Falcons and Big Blue is my second team. Ironically, the Giants lost in the final seconds today just the way the Falcons did in weeks previously, so their season sucks so far too!
  6. It won't. Q can't admit that our injuries have decimated our chances this season. If he did that before the season was over he wouldn't be much of a coach. Arthur Blank won't move against them with the kind of injuries this team has sustained.
  7. Quitters? It doesn't matter if you're a quitter or not if you get manhandled the way the defensive line was today!
  8. Media love? As far as being favorites over a no.1 seed on the road goes...... Oh, believe me, the Eagles are feeling totally disrespected right now! They're are feeling extra motivated to kick our butts! But. If the Falcons deserve that respect they'll just have to knock that motivation outta' the Eagles and put em down. The best teams don't worry about getting respect or being favorites on the road... They are what they are. The better team at that time!
  9. I have always liked being the underdog also. Believing that it provides more motivation when your really good but not getting your props. However, when you really work hard for respect and you get it.... Well it is what it is. If you deserve it show em' why, each and every time you hit the field! The media has had to put some respect on the name.. ATLANTA FALCONS.... I believe the Falcons have earned it!
  10. I believe he's learned a lot about running the ball from watching Devonta. Coleman cuts back a lot more than he did before. I think he is not only considering the cutback lane more, but also seeing it a better and hiiting it quicker. That's Devonta Freeman's running style in a nutshell.
  11. His jukes, his cutbacks, and his tenacity have improved as well. He is not just relying on his speed alone anymore. I think he has learned a great deal from Devonta Freeman. It's almost an impossibility that we'll be able to keep both of them, but I sure would love to. Playing together would help prolong their careers also, as being a pure feature back with a tenacious running style would almost guarantee getting pounded.
  12. Yep. As far as the fine goes... Take the freaking fine and stand up! I'm sure AB would have his back and pay the fine for him if that were a problem
  13. SO! Take the freaking fine and stand up for your team! If the fine was going to take food out of Quinn's family mouths i'm sure Arthur would have his back and pay it for him. When your team is getting jobbed like that you gotta stand up. He needs to take a page from the Bobby Cox book of (mgr) coaching!
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