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  1. Just think do we even get to the SB without the season Free had that year? Teco certainly wasn't the runner then that he is now!
  2. Man that whole sequence was sweet. His determination to score, his reaction after scoring (It was as if a weight had been cast off), the way the brotherhood rallyed to him.... SWEEEET!! I thought he was going to be denied a TD for at least another game after Norman jerked him down. He definitely was about to score there! Great call by Sark or Matt to get him the ball down there for another opportunity to score.
  3. No problem bro. Got to see Big Blue win the SB before the switch, and I love the life I've built for my fam in ATL. Now the Falcons need to get them a SB before it's all said and done for me. I just don't have confidence that they ever will after the debacle of 2016.
  4. Grew up in New York as a NYG Big Blue fan but loved the Gritz Blitz Falcons back in the day so they were my second team. When I moved to ATL in the 80's slowly the Falcons became my first team. Now I'm all in Falcons and Big Blue is my second team. Ironically, the Giants lost in the final seconds today just the way the Falcons did in weeks previously, so their season sucks so far too!
  5. It won't. Q can't admit that our injuries have decimated our chances this season. If he did that before the season was over he wouldn't be much of a coach. Arthur Blank won't move against them with the kind of injuries this team has sustained.
  6. Quitters? It doesn't matter if you're a quitter or not if you get manhandled the way the defensive line was today!
  7. Hey guys, a little long winded story to introduce myself. I've been following this board for several years now, just reading the comments and having a blast. I grew up in NYC and am a life long NY Football Giant fan. In my youth I played football across the avenue from Yankee Stadium where the Giants played. Yeah i'm that old! But during that time one of my favorite NFL players was Tommy Nobis. Then in the late 70's my second team became the Atlanta Falcons. Those were the Falcons of the Grits Blitz! My favorite Falcons then were Claude Humphrey and Steve Bartkowski. In Oct. of 1984 my work brought me to Atlanta to live. I arrived bringing with me my NYC > ATL attitude. After all, wasn't I born, raised and educated there. A native New Yorker grows up just knowing NYC is the greatest city in the world and we are the greatest citizens on the planet. And we know all that without ever having traveled outside the confines of the city. Well, it wasn't that long before I grew to appreciate the beautiful city of Atlanta and it's metro area for the things that make it a great place to live. I've since traveled to many places throughout the south, to the cities and small towns. And I've also traveled to different parts of the world. I've learned to appreciate the uniqueness of each place I've traveled and what they all bring to earths table. Atlanta is my home now. I've raised my family here. I still love the New York Football Giants but the Atlanta Falcons are also my team now. If they play each other I root for the Falcon's. The Giants have 4 SB Trophy's and I want the Falcons to get theirs! I get ragged severely by my NY friends for that. I have it thrown in my face that the Falcons are a "Choker" team. And this last SB was a affirmation of that for them and crushing to me. But they must forget, i'm a Native New Yorker, I can take it! Take heart Falcon fans we're close! When I was growing up in NYC the Giants were frequent also rans, and at times the laughing stock of the league. Before this last SB meltdown the most devastating football moment for me was in a game that the Giants QB simply had to kneel down to preserve a victory against the hated Eagles, we hate Boston and Philly, instead there was confusion, the ball was snapped for a running play and the snap was fumbled. It was picked up by Herman Edwards, who I couldn't stand at the time, and run back for a TD and an Eagles victory. I watched the tube not believing what i'd just seen! Just like with this SB. When Edwards scored I remember the Philly QB Ron Jaworski right there on the field, on TV, holding his nose and say "They stink!". Wow... the city was in an uproar! It seemed that the Giants were the most inept football team in the NFL. But some years later the Giants had the talent and the coaches (Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick) that made us SB Champions. I believe that with Coach Quinn and the talent the Falcons possess that a SB Championship is within our gasp. I know, we should have taken it this game and it's hard to get back there. But some teams get back frequently. Just look at New England. To me the Falcons are building a team that can do it. We can win it all and soon!