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  1. Not sure if any of you are familiar with Brett Kollman film room youtube series but I love his knowledge on football! He picked Calvin Ridley for OROY and Dan Quinn for coach of the year. He made nothing but glowing remarks on Quinn! Check it out.
  2. Devonta Freeman. I may be speaking too soon but man the offense is rolling right now.
  3. You really would've been pissed during the Bobby Petrino year then lol
  4. You guys are crazy smh we don't need Eric Reid
  5. I am shocked. The Saints suck so yeah we were not supposed to lose.
  6. Lmao. I hate this place when we lose or something bad happens.
  7. Dude literally almost had all our offensive yards. Not to mention they didn’t count his 50+ yard catch. Ryan gets paid 30 millions a year to be a freaking game manager. I’m tired of protecting him. Julio is the one that need protection. Pay the man!!!!!
  8. I was going to ask this question but I was told it wasnt worth watching at all. I cringed at the highlights anyway
  9. Has everyone forgot we lost all of our preseason games last year and was STILL a play away from going to the NFC Championship.
  10. I Heard the team is getting down two knees this year instead of one.
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