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  1. I 100% agree. He is a straw man. I’ve never seen a quarterback who seems so eager to crumble when there is pressure. Does it happen everytime? No. But he gets paid insane money so happening every time would just be absurd. He’s a good quarterback but you just don’t see the greats pulling that weak stuff.
  2. I cancelled mine after the Cleveland game. Best move I made all year.
  3. I was happy. I hope we lose the rest of our games. Higher draft pick and better chance Dan Quinn, nor the rest of this abysmal staff, will be back next year. Every single team has injuries. To use that as our excuse for unfocused, awful football for a majority of the year is a total cop out.
  4. Jedd Fisch was my fraternity brother. I don't think he's had a ton of success at the NFL level has he? Not sure this would be the right hire.
  5. First article that's made me feel even remotely better. Great read.
  6. Fair, but I just can't do that. I'm assuming you A. weren't at the game B. are most likely younger so haven't been through as much torture as my family has and C. have a higher capacity for forgiveness. I just keep replaying the highs and lows in my head. The feeling we had when we took the huge lead. The feeling we had when we decided to pass on 3rd and 1 and the strip sack happened. The feeling of confusion I had when we were throwing the ball on their 23 and getting sacked, then the penalty, our chance of a FG gone. The feeling I had when I went to the pisser because I couldn't watch the final play in OT and literally and figuratively watched the Falcons season and my urine go down the toilet bowl.
  7. He should have looked sick and should feel sick for a very long time. He has spent a billion dollars on this team and they can't EVER get it right. He entrusts our coaches to do their job. Had Quinn or Kyle done what they did at Home Depot, they would be fired or demoted IMMEDIATELY. He should also feel like a completely donkey for coming down to the sidelines before the game was over.
  8. I honesty don't get how any long time, die hard fan feels even remotely ok right now. Why do we watch this team every single week? Why do we (or at least me and my family) fly around the country for regular season games and to every playoff game, spending thousands of dollars in the process? Why do I give up so much of my blood, sweat, tears, time, and energy to this franchise? I do it to eventually be at the top. One time. I do it to be up 21-0 on Tom Brady and the Patriots and almost faint when Alford takes the Brady pick to the house. I've stuck by this side through good times and bad, for 40 years now, to see us put away our opponent in then Super Bowl when we have a 99.6% chance of being finally called "champions". More power to you if you're able to just feel fine a day later, but I'm pissed. I'm sad. I'm frustrated. I feel like my home was ransacked. My heart ripped out and stomped on. I won't forget Sunday until I see that we truly, FINALLY, learn from our mistakes and win the Super Bowl that this fanbase deserves.
  9. I didn't hear that. I heard excuses and an inability to admit that passing the ball on the NE 22 with 4 minutes left was the absolute wrong call. Instead he says "I was very comfortable with the play call to the player". That is moronic. I also heard him say when asked when we lost the momentum that he felt we lost it going into overtime. ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME!?!?!? I was at the game and every single person in the stadium and I imagine every person watching around the world knew the strip sack was the shift. We didn't alter our game plan. We ran the ball 5 **** times in the 2nd half. We were and are the better team and we absolutely blew it. My family has had season tickets every year since the 2nd year and I've been doing to games since I was 2 (I'm 40 now). I'm beyond tired of this franchise constantly blowing games. I thought it couldn't get worse than the NFC Championship debacle versus the Niners, this is 1,000 times worse. Blank should discount tickets. Quinn should right an open letter to fans saying how sorry he is. I don't want to hear "the foundation had been laid"! I already know this. I want to see a ******* Super Bowl championship in my lifetime and certainly before my pops, who is now 71, leaves this earth. The Falcons are in my DNA so I can't turn my back, but please, please, please learn from this mistake, learn to put teams away, and give our tormented fanbase what we deserve...a title!
  10. https://medium.com/@jaredmpaul/this-is-it-lets-rise-up-atlanta-3d17022a5f48#.2356s3f5p Thought you guys might enjoy this. RISE UP!
  11. https://medium.com/@jaredmpaul/this-is-it-lets-rise-up-atlanta-3d17022a5f48#.2356s3f5p Thought you guys might enjoy this. RISE UP!
  12. https://medium.com/@jaredmpaul/this-is-it-lets-rise-up-atlanta-3d17022a5f48#.2356s3f5p Thought you guys might enjoy this. RISE UP!
  13. Was there in '98 and I'll be there this weekend. Leave for Austin on Thursday and headed for Houston on Friday. Rise up!
  14. I have 4 tickets for the Falcons vs. Packers playoff game tomorrow in section 112, row 33 and 3 in section 112, row 33 if you are still in need of tix. Please email me at jaredmpaul at gmail.com or call/text me at 415 806 5116. Thanks!
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