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  1. I agree. There is always “that time”, and when it’s time . . . it’s time. This reminds of that old adage: You can’t please all of the people all of the time and no mater what you do, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it.
  2. I would Iove to see someone tell you when you should retire and where you should live.
  3. fixed
  4. been saying this for awhile now, both on and outside of this board. . .
  5. . . . and this is the problem with the ignorant people in our society. I want to see the closets and dirty laundry of these people rushing to judgement and throwing stones. For starters, no one but the parties involved know exactly what happened. That's number one. Number two, even if he made a poor decision, no one person is better than someone else. It isn't like we are talking rape and child molestation here. We all have our struggles. Hop off the high horse.
  6. You should be what? 33, 34?
  7. LMAO! Yea, I remember this game. I was sitting there watching live with a sense of wicked glee.
  8. All man! Glad I wasn't eating or drinking upon seeing this!
  9. Wait, this is photo-shopped, right?
  10. This, this annnnnd this! 2013 NFCCG (probably had a fighting chance against the Ravens), SB LI, and last season in the divisional round (in chronological order). . . . . just as you laid out. With the way those 3 opportunities went, I'm no longer holding my breath. I'm just here to enjoy the ride on the rainbow of hope.
  11. Unbelievably believable
  12. WOW! This thread is almost ten pages over this petty incident.
  13. . . . . and I wish people would use their own brain and sense of sound judgment without allowing the media to feed the brain
  14. Yea man. . . .fans can be hypocrites. These pro athletes aren't doing anything different (or worse) than what I see everyday Joes and Janes do everyday. For all we know, there is a disruption in that organization that transcends any one player. The fact that they had the fiasco with Bell and now AB is telling. I want to see some of these fans criticizing Bell and now AB walk in their shoes and see how they'd react at their organization.
  15. I'm floored!!! This is amazingly impressive! Throw a ring or two in there and perhaps a SB MVP, and Ryan is looking better than the next best thing!
  16. Yep. . . You need balance throughout the team and not just superstars in a few positions. The Eagles win the SB with Foles and a TE who lead thje team in receiving but didn't crack a thousand.
  17. Some fan favorites may need to be offloaded. This is a business where adult decisions need to be made.
  18. Politics is in EVERYTHING my friend, even down to a slice of bread. The commissioner is, in effect, a politician. He is the liaison between the NFL, its individual organizations, and the federal government. It is this same way in all other professional sports in this nation.
  19. I don't care. I cried after watching the video. I read the article and still see no reason for the initial interaction. She was disoriented because she was ill and on meds. She did the responsible thing and pulled over. If you want to approach her, come to her aid and make sure she's okay. I hope my fellow sister in arms can squeeze every penny she can out of them. Imagine if she was your mother, significant other, daughter, etc. Man, f*** those *mutha********!!!!! I'm absolutely f'n livid!
  20. Ah yep! What made their terrible call seem so horrible is due to the timing of it. . . nothing more than that.
  21. LOL. . . . I'm loving the original video by the OP!!!
  22. LOL. . . good one