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  1. I mean, that moment Vic stood at the entrance to the tunnel during that game told me everything I needed to know about him. I was over him at that point. It didn't take the first 7 games of this season for me to realize what he is.
  2. This is why I like him. . . as you stated: Accuracy is the most important skill a QB can have.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0zJZix9-JU
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7K0CR6a9C4
  5. I agree. He still can't throw that accurately over 10 yards, though.
  6. My favorite Falcon of all time. . . . used to have him in profile pic.
  7. I am sure this thread is an attempt at sarcasm and and a dark sick sense of humor. I just about guarantee it.
  8. THIS! Word has it that his father hired a QB coach to privately coach him over the college football off-season. He has immensely improved, however, I never jump on the bandwagon. He could be a one-year wonder. We just do not know. It hasn't even been a full season. Fans and even analysts (for ratings) do this every season. When will we ever learn? I remember the hype over Jake Fromm during his freshman year. . . . same with Trevor Lawrence and Jalen Hurts.
  9. I agree. I’m not as enamored with elite WRs as many, even ones like JJ. Titles can be won without top shelf WRs. Build the trenches/front lines to protect your QB and block for your RB. Focus then on your LB corp with a big SS that can function as a wildcard 4th LB in some instances. Even your corners can be good and not great with a defense built this way. Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Andre Reed, Tim Brown, James Lofton all too WRs during their era and without a ring even amongst them.
  10. Great thread and excellent writing. I like the term “decay” to describe the nature of operating an NFL organization. This is why we need a head coach that is not status quo. We need a forward thinker, a strategist, a CEO on the sidelines. . . . . No sacred cows shouldn’t just be a sound good feel good mantra. It should be reality.
  11. didn't think about it like that. makes sense. no guarantee after that by staying. could get injured, etc.
  12. Yea, this is highly presumptive. There is no guarantee Jerry or Tua declares for the NFL draft. They are eligible to remain another year or two. But to play along, I’d take Espenesa.
  13. That's the bottom line.
  14. On one of the plays, Ryan threw the ball too high. On another play (and this was a play where the play before Julio ran the same route) Julio beat Ramsey again but Ryan slightly overthrow it. Ramsey is really good, but the mouthpiece makes him unlikeable. Trash talking is one thing, but you haven't won anything yet bro. A little humility goes a long way.
  15. We have the Panthers and Bucs twice, too.
  16. I said Mike Smith because he overachieved with the players and coordinators we had here during his tenure. I believe he could win the SB with this team. Smitty ran a tight ship, a well-disciplined penalty-free team, a well-oiled machine. I believe his un-doing was the FO attempting to go "explosive". I mean, we were a foot out the door away from the SB in 2012.
  17. Bro, we've been screwed. Ryan wasn't going to make a difference.
  18. It's coaching. Look at the Saints right now. The score is 26 - 10 . . . . . . against that Bears defense . . . . . IN Chicago. They are 4-0 with a backup QB and staring 5-0 in the face with said backup QB and without their starting RB (who presents a different dynamic to their offense) and TE. The Saints defense has been one of the better defenses all season. Sean Payton has proved why he is revered the way that he is.
  19. I've always wondered how head coaches of losing teams that lose week in and week out approach post-game press conferences. I mean, what do you say after 4 consecutive losses? What can you say? It's got to be quite tough and embarrassing. . . . .smh
  20. You can't oversimplify this by saying the GM is not responsible for the Xs and Os. Of course he is not, but that's no different than saying the same when it comes to the head coach and his players. It is as the OP suggested.
  21. I'm much like you man. I really have no interest in owning a gun. Had a former co-worker essentially call me an idiot for not packing heat to protect myself, family, property, etc. I told him that there is no guarantee I can do anything if ish hits the fan. As you said, if an intruder is breaking in my home in the wee hours of the night, I am in no frame of mind to use it safely and efficiently anyway. This whole gun debate is ridiculous. People getting all riled up thinking the government wants to take away their guns. That was never what the gun debate issue was about. Government aint interested taking guns away form law-abiding citizens who otherwise are eligible to purchase permit and own firearms. I just wish people were more level-headed and even-keeled when it comes to topics like this. Topics like this do not have to be provocative and heated. Every sensible citizen wants the right to bear arms for legal purposes as well as a better system of accountability and oversight.