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  1. Too many fans judge a player or their team off one play, one drive, or one game. I was not too low over the CAR loss, and I am not too high on this win over DAL. I want to see consistently before I conclude anything. . . .
  2. Yea, I actually love Romo. . .
  3. The defense has been solid all season, though. It's just, they had a heck of a game today.
  4. THIS! **** the record. It's not like they have a multiple game lead. They're only up one game. I am not sold on NO just yet. I'd still say CAR is the team to beat. CAR offense needs to put points on the board, but they still have a great front 7. Right now, I see NO as fluff. We'll see, though. . . .
  5. How do we know this? I am asking seriously because I didn't turn it on till the second half
  6. A forced fumble on the QB by a defender is a sack
  7. Not like it has not happened before. . . . The Panthers have a hard time putting points on the board, and I'm still not sold on NO. It is still too much football left for this type of talk anyway. Anything can happen.
  8. I am talking about me
  9. You know it's bad when fans of a team hope a star player on the opponent's team cannot play. I personally would want teams at their best with all of their starters healthy and giving maximum effort . . . .
  10. Can he pass block? No, we don't have to have Freeney back here. 20 points is good enough. . .
  11. It even happens in our convincing wins. In the GB win this season, the offense only put up 3 points in the second half. I remember because I got into a back and forth with another poster about this. This has been a disturbing pattern for some time now. I used to defend the defense a lot to other Falcons fans that I know, even when Mike Smith was here. They would constantly blame the defense, and while they were far from perfect, they did enough . . . considering the offenses we've fielded.
  12. At this point, I don't care about picking at any of our division rivals. . . not with what this season is becoming
  13. I mean, at this point, what's the use in being PR and politically correct? The wheels are already falling off this wagon. May as well at least go out with a bang. . . . and salvage something from such a disappointing dumpster fire of a season.