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  1. I would hope that if I impregnated my wife, finacee, or girlfriend (read: helped bring about a life) that I am consulted and we discuss this mutually, just like we do our finances, house, car, jobs, relocation, and other decisions. That baby in her womb. . uh yea, that's my baby, too. I should share in the decision-making. If she doesn't want me to be apart of it, she shouldn't engage in what it takes to conceive a baby. You knew what you were doing when you laid down with me. You knew what could come out of laying down with me. You aren't a child or stupid, so let's not play dumb now and claim "but oh my reproductive rights". If a woman aborts my/our child without my input or feedback, she is dead to me. That is the ultimate act of selfishness, self-centeredness, and pathetic attitude in a relationship, At a minimum have an open and candid discussion about it with your S/O.
  2. "The politics of fear are far-reaching and illogical". BINGO!!! Said no one ever!
  3. I mean, I'm past done with this **** so much so I'm numb. . . and maybe I shouldn't be but that's how ridiculous this **** has gotten.
  4. Wow! You have got to be kidding me. Come on! This is second grade English. . . . and the person doing the correcting gets it wrong and even worse than the original clown.
  5. Hotep?
  6. Injuries to key starters certainly matter, which is why the Falcons should be giving more playing time to these role and back up players.
  7. You didn't offend or upset me in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I am a big boy. I can handle other people's opinions, whether I agree or disagree. I will not resort to personal insults and character attacks whether I agree with you or not. I am an adult and can conduct myself accordingly. If I feel as though your opinion is too far gone, outlandish, or foolish, I am free to remove myself from said thread and not respond at all. By responding, I understand that I am, in fact, contributing to your thread and keeping it at the top of the first page. If I have nothing constructive or meaningful to contribute, I may as well sthu, have a coke and a smile, and keep it moving. Now, with that being said, your stance on this 'tanking' thing is not far out or outlandish. Teams have been known to do it in all professional sports. It is as common as point shaving was back when. The 'pride' talk about winning at this juncture of a losing season is pom pom hogwash. Some former professional athletes who have played in both the NBA and NFL have stated that times like those are perfect for playing role and back-up players to see what they really have, especially when the opponent is a postseason contending team still playing their starters. Should we tank or no? I don't know. However, your opinion holds merit.
  8. I thought we were already officially eliminated LOL . . . wow, that speaks volumes about the teams still in the hunt
  9. Yep. Probably should’ve started this a couple games ago.
  10. This is f'ed up by Prada, but I am not surprised. Welp, no Prada for the wifey. She wanted a Prada handbag. Wait till she sees this!
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't have even perceived this as black face. The thought wouldn't have even crossed my mind. I'm wondering if this media outlet is stirring the pot and sees this as such or if I just see some things, differently.
  12. This is great, Jay. I'd listen to your radio talk show if you had one. I'd read your book if you had one. This comes from an intellectually honest and emotionally balanced place. I wish more people had your temperament, level-headedness, and slant toward objectivity when discussing hot button issues like this. "Race" does not exist, which is why I placed black and white in parenthesis a few posts ago. Race is a social construct designed to further divide us: "us" specifically referring to the average, working class joe and jane. We are too stupid to see what the powers that be are doing. "The powers that be" referring to, not the figure heads in government, but the people no one knows or sees who are behind the scenes orchestrating all of this. Those people don't care about race or skin color. For them, it's a class issue. We, the ones in the same boat as the person we hate, care about all of this superficial ignorance. We are in the same boat but fighting each other over non-sense like the pigmentation in one's skin and political ideology. We are supposedly the most advanced, intelligent beings on the planet, yet we fight and hate each other over the most frivolous non-sensical things and really believe there is such a thing as "race". The "racial issues" people complain about aren't racial issues at all. They are cultural issues. It's not skin color or race; it's culture. They call me "black", but what does that mean? Does it refer to dark skin? Does it refer to people of African origin? I mean, what is "black"? My family was fortunate to trace our roots back to the 1800's and there's barely an inkling of African blood from now going back to that time. Since that time, we have had Cherokee, Portuguese by way of Brazil and Spanish by way of the DR. However, my skin is dark and I "look black" (whatever that means), yet my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents weren't considered "black". I speak Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English. I get asked all the time how a black man speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Oh, I don't know, I learned at home as they are my primary languages and learned English as a "second" language. I am with you on the black/African-American achievement thing. In fact, I don't necessarily derive any sense of pride from any of those accomplishments because, like you, I didn't do any of that. I hope to one day see a day where there is no "we" or "them" along racial or even political lines. It's non-sense. That co-worker I was talking about earlier says he identifies as a "white conservative Republican" who despises Democrats, especially liberal Democrats. I said listen man, there is no difference between you and how you identify and me and how I identify. We are both in the same boat. We are both here working this same job doing the same thing earning the same pay. If you really find value in your worth as an individual, as a man, as a human being in your political ideology or your skin color, I feel sorry for you. My identity, worth and value, my dignity and pride is not based on my skin color or my political leanings.