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  1. Like I said, there should have been a full scale nation wide shutdown for at least one month with essential workers actually being essential and having to follow all CDC guidelines for containing the virus. What in john brown being a liberal, moderate, or conservative have to do with a public health issue escapes my good sense. I'll never understand why anti-maskers and conspiracy theorists shout "liberal idiots" from the rooftops for those who wear masks. What does that have to do with wearing a mask, dare I ask? Yes, continue to bask in your ignorance. Properly wearing the appropriate mask is such a small task for the benefit of public health. You call yourself an American patriot for standing up for your perceived constitutional rights. Make no mistake, hero you are not; more like a zero.
  2. I’ve been poor and homeless (never as an adult) but have lived in a car and slept out in the open having to drink and eat my own saliva.
  3. Yea, this was quick compared to how long it took other vaccines to develop and produce. This one must contain some disinfectant cleaner.
  4. MAD, you said it all right here and summed it up perfectly! We could've been much more past this than where we now are. In fact, it's worse than before the "shutdown". The economy is no better, probably worse now, than if we had a full national shutdown for several weeks.
  5. never cared for her... glad she isn't a rep. where i am
  6. I mistook you for someone else then. My bust.
  7. What is political about wearing a mask during a pandemic? IMHO, more opportunity for bureaucracy exists on the other side of the fence with the anti-mask people. What perceived freedom and/or liberty do you feel we are/will lose due to government-mandated shutdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and properly worn masks? The U.S. Constitution allows the federal government to execute orders like this in regards to public health and safety. It’s not like this nation hasn’t been here before. Vaccines were developed and are still in mass use today from diseases long ago reined. How bad will economy suffer if the nation completely shutdown? Our shutdown was child’s play compared to shutdowns in other nations. The economy will stop, but how bad will it hurt the economy? If everything shut down except medical facilities, grocery stores, and other essentials, if everyone sheltered in place for several weeks (not just two weeks), and everyone practiced social distancing and properly wore masks if they had to be out, I believe we would now see a thriving economy.
  8. Why are you ignoring me and going back and forth with Invincible?
  9. Have I offended you? Edit: Responded to the wrong post/poster.
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