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  1. Underrated aspect. This is already a HUGE improvement over the Coach Bro slogan machine PR hoopla non-sense. . . . fist-bumping players' failures so they don't "feel bad" and jumping up and down like a f'n kid just because they did their jobs.
  2. oh wow! that's rare. . . at least from my experience. I've always seen dudes living at home.
  3. Wishful thinking but may be a diamond in the rough like Grady,.
  4. Overall, I like this draft. Pitts. . . better be able to turn water into wine.
  5. Oh wow. I actually wanted Landon Dickerson, but hey, I'm not the expert.
  6. Throw him in the slot and coach him up
  7. Yes. He has the potential to play above his draft pick.
  8. These fans tickle me. . . they wait for the announcement and then celebrate as if they even know who was just drafted.
  9. Oh, lol. . . . had a slow moment
  10. which is exactly what they were going for
  11. I just called that, too. Mel Kiper, here I come.
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