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  1. Correction: I think I just saw a team legitimately try to tank.
  2. TO which I would respond . . . That truly hurts my feelings
  3. I'd answered: "Because I have the ability to do so".
  4. A 2-point attempt is no different than a PAT kick. . . it's simply a point after touchdown attempt. . .
  5. I am over our offensive line. I know Ryan has to be peeved right now. You false start and still can't protect me.
  6. Eh . . Mahomes is having a special time right now, but Ryan is having another MVP season.
  7. Why in the world are they going for two?!?!
  8. If I want to play the pass on defense on 2nd and 1 but also guard against the short yardage run, what defense would the best for me to utilize? Thanks!
  9. you may have just jinxed it
  10. How so? Spoke foolishly?