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  1. I care and so do you. I care because I rooted for the Bucs. I like Arians and Brady. I also like that they brought a SB to the NFCS. Only rival I disdain is the Saints. You care because you created a thread and proceeded to write a 3-paragraph essay about it. You’re trying to convince yourself you don’t care because you’re drowning in misery.
  2. I didn't say anything inaccurate or "wrong" though. This is as objective as possible.
  3. At the end of the day, we can go back and forth and disagree on winning versus losing to secure high draft picks. Neither of us have any bearing on anything. We're just fans. The Atlanta Football Falcons trophy case remains void of the Lombardi trophy. It takes an organizational culture of excellence from the owner down to the waterboy to create a consistent perennial-winning culture. Coaching is underrated among fans. You can have all of the top 1 picks. Scouting, recruiting, training, development, and coaching are more important than where a team picks in the draft. It's like having a
  4. Pretty sure you saw the two posters who said we did.
  5. You tell me. You all are the ones coming up with this. Others here on your side of the fence have already said we have had great high draft picks
  6. If we indeed have had GREAT high draft picks, which based on your logic, guarantees anything, then why have we not been consistent perennial contenders? Why do you all complain about these GREAT high draft picks, to include Ryan?
  7. Lame. . . develop your own schtick. . .you have nothing of substance.
  8. and funny this is. . . I'm using YOUR logic against you and you don't see it
  9. Reverse psychology they call it. You tankers have only proved my point.
  10. I post questions marks as comments when the comments make no sense.
  11. You're proving my point about the whole tanking thing.
  12. Your sarcasm proves my point. . . and thing is, I don't think you even see it.
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