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  1. Thanks man Uh yea, that quiz is a crock pot full of steaming hot pig ****! It had a very specific question about racial discrimination but only included black people. That's dumb. So only black people are the only other group of people? I didn't even finish the **** thing. It's stupid. I took another one and it was much more comprehensive and involving. It has me as moderately conservative with the following highlights: some government is necessary but a government that is actually by the people for the people, no to abortion but understandable in cases of incest/rape, no to affirmative action, yes to green initiatives, yes to capital punishment in severe cases where party is guilty without a shadow of doubt, yes to something should be done about inequality based on ethnicity, gender, etc., and the list goes on. . . I guess I would fall right in line with the typical person that's my age, gender, and ethnicity, so I am not surprised by the results.
  2. Yea, we are talking about QB vs QB. . . not team vs team. It's like how a lot of people consider P. Manning to be better though he has 3 less rings. . .
  3. LMBO!!! I tried Googling but got more of a broad, dictionary-like definition. Maybe I should take this opportunity to exit left. . . LOL
  4. Maybe I have been living in a cave, or maybe I am not as sophisticated as some here. . . at least when it comes to politics. What is the difference between someone who identifies as liberal versus someone who identifies as conservative? Does the political view make that person who they are? (For example, he is a liberal, or she is a conservative? Is a person their political preference/views?) Why is that so many people get upset over someone's political views? For instance, I had a john tell me that he could not associate with me because I am liberal. I told him that I did not even know what a liberal is, and I also told him that I doubt he even knew my political views. I do not do labels. My views do not define who I am as a person, and they do not make me who I am. Funny thing about this john is that he identifies as conservative while labeling me a liberal. However, he is in no better shape than I am. In fact, he is worst off in every way imaginable. . . physically, economically, financially, career-wise, etc. I told him to look at himself and then look at me. If my life is how a liberal lives, then by all means, I am indeed a liberal. I'll take it everyday of the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and twice on Sundays. I do not understand firing political grenades at the man or woman in the same boat as you. This clown is no better off than me. . .
  5. Honestly, even with my blinders off, I can easily see the Falcons playing in the SB in the new stadium. . .
  6. Amen, my brother . . . a freakin' men! It's not like the '98 bowl (over before the coin toss/blowout) or like the game was a close nail biter throughout. . .
  7. I predicted 1.5 weeks ago that the Falcons will win 3 SBs between now and 2022 . . . lofty (and perhaps misguided) I know, but I am sticking to that.
  8. Have you been apart of it?
  9. It's hard to believe that anyone actually supports Trump. It's hard to take the Oval Office seriously when you have someone like Trump in there.
  10. Thanks lol
  11. People should break down their budget into allocation categories and percentages instead of breaking down their paychecks according to their bills. Housing - 33% Living Expenses - 25% Transportation - 20% Savings 15% Debt - 7% All of these figures are based on monthly net income. These percentages are based on someone with a manageable debt load (i.e. their monthly debt payment (not including mortgage and auto loan) do not exceed 7% of their net monthly income). How can you know how much apartment rent you can afford or how much house (mortgage) you can afford? What A LOT of people do is say, ok, with my first paycheck of the month, I can pay my rent and utilities. With my second check, I can pay my auto loan and insurance. The problem with this is that you do not know if you have left room for debt payments and savings. This is how so many people end up paying out 50% of their monthly net on just rent/utilities or mortgage/utilities. I knew a chick that brought home $2,000 per month, but she paid $1,000 per month in just rent. That is ludicrous!!! Her argument was that she did not have an auto loan and her cell phone and insurance was cheap and that she could skimp on food. Even with all of that, what your future home girl? See, the problem is, many people do not think about this. Much of this younger generation will follow in the footsteps of many of the baby boomers who have little to no retirement and/or debt and/or having to work well into their 60s. Furthermore, your back end debt (total of all your monthly debt payments) should not exceed 43% of your gross income.
  12. The Trump Presidency . . . not getting off to a great start as I initially thought. The dude is becoming a jackass.
  13. Yea, it was un'freakin'believable!!! Stuff like this is why you have your conspiracy theorists believing that pro sports are rigged. I mean. . . it was just too real to be real. Quinn and staff coached in that SB liked they've been there before and then BOOM . . . can't finish. No worries, though, I'm over it. I would not trade this staff for anything in the world. Look at the strides Quinn made from year one to year two. . . from going 8-8 and missing the playoffs to being a bone-headed playcall or two from defeating Belichick, Brady, and the Patriots #1 ranked defense in style to winning the SB.
  14. Thing is, we do not have to worry about our dork of an altar choir boy in Ryan EVER seeing any of the allegations and scandals that we have seen with Brady and his elk. I see Ryan winning 2 or 3 SBs before he hangs 'em up. I'd rather a QB like this than supposedly the GOAT QB albeit with character blemishes and asterisks next to his name and achievements. . . . . flame away biotches! (did I do that right?)
  15. Yea . . it is a bit irksome