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  1. I agree. I gave up on him at the end of the season that followed his season-ending injury. I knew then that he was not working off the field.
  2. QFT
  3. Never wanted Chase anyway
  4. I have nothing against you. Why'd you think this?
  5. could go either way. trap game for them.
  6. Bro, seriously? You must haven't been around here much all season. . . .
  7. 1). Winning does not screw anyone, whether players, coaches, FO, or fans; losing does that. 2). How is that screwing the fans? A high draft pick means nothing till the draft pick actually pans out. The draft is a crap shoot. Furthermore, having a high draft pick does not overcome poor drafting. 3). If the Falcons are that bad, a couple rookies aren't coming in here and turning things around. There is a HUGE learning curve and a growth process for any rookie, no matter how touted.
  8. How is them winning an FU to the fans?
  9. I have seen several. . . .
  10. . . . his freshman effort. I've been said that I was not sold on Fromm since about a quarter through his sophomore season last year. Some of it is bias for UGA football, too.