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  1. I eat my largest meal of the day at around noon to 1pm. I always eat light for dinner. This way, I can break my fast and re-fuel for the rest of my day. By the time dinner rolls around, it’s 3 to 4 hours before bed time and I don’t need as much energy from food because it’s the end of my day. Sample Brunch (noon to 1pm) - 1 cup steel cut oats or old-fashioned oatmeal, dry, cooked in water and topped with raisins and honey - 6 egg whites scrambled or 4 whole eggs scrambled - sautéed spinach or kale with avocado - one piece of fresh fruit, such as an orange - hand
  2. I do feel that mac n cheese is an appropriate Thanksgiving side dish BUT it better be made at home. None of that Kraft out of the box mess. I have a bias here because I love this dish, so, yes, I'd say it's the best side dish at Thanksgiving.
  3. I'm done with this. I'm done with all of it. I'm tired of keeping up with this stuff day after day. This **** causes migraines just thinking about it. The buffoonery and non-sense going on is beyond the usual political gamesmanship one would expect. This is the result of a mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, immature 74-year old grown *** man male in the Oval Office. . . . and I don't know which is worse: Trump or his ardent supporters who worship the man like he is deity. These same ones claim they're "Christian" yet worship the created rather than the Creator. They're hypocrites because if
  4. man you aint nothing but a communist socialist liberal dem-cheat lovin' fascist. . .
  5. I'll stop right there. . . no sense in continuing to debate some 15 year old consuming propaganda from nut jobs and now who thinks he knows everything. Let me guess, you watch documentaries on YouTube right?
  6. I love watching when dogs and cats get together. Hilarious **** right there!
  7. QFT!! The first point is why I stay out of the arguments about GMs and head coaches. . . . armchair GMs and head coaches. I remember it as 99.5%. I thought they were going to show up at Flowery Branch with pitchforks and torches after we drafted Ryan. Where are Dorsey and Brohm now? The same ones now view Ryan as the golden child of the franchise.
  8. I really LOVE the way you answered their questions and responded. People like this don't know the difference between liberty and freedom as well as the stipulations and consequences of both.
  9. I once was apart of that cultish-like clan. I came up out of it as I turned 14. I came completely out of it by age 21/22.
  10. Still not an excuse. . . .run down the clock . . .it doesn't matter what is obvious. What IS obvious is situational football. Run the clock. Force them to use their TO. Punt if you must. . . . common sense is better than what is obvious
  11. Nick Saban would NEVER let this happen. ****, bama would be up by 34 with 2 seconds left on the clock and he would still be coaching as if the game had just started.
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