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  1. You can see this dude is a Bulldogs fan and not a Falcons fan, he only wanted Fields because of that. I am willing to bet he will become a Bears fan after they drafted Fields
  2. Its a really good mock, if Ojulari is on the board in the second round, that can be the steal of the draft.
  3. He has been pretty consistent this entire off season about us not needing a QB,as he sees AS really getting MR to a Pro Bowl level, and has advocated we trade that pick, so he has been consistent on that at least.
  4. Honestly trade the pick for a kings ransom, because if the Jets are smart they will keep Sam Darnold, pick Sewell, and with him and Becton they will have probably the best O Line for the next 10 years. We trade down and pick up Parsons from Penn State or Surtain II from Bama, and get additional picks which the new GM will appreciate
  5. Chase is probably the best WR prospect since JJ and possibly since Megatron, just look how good Justin Jefferson is playing and Chase is a better player. He has it all, and if we can get a 1st and another pick for Julio, i say we trade him, get Chase and with our second 1st rounder we draft a corner or a DE. Qb can wait for another year, Matt's contract is too big to trade
  6. When he can show me he can be great against good defense's and not the one's in the ACC maybe we can have that discussion
  7. this is going to be an interesting pick, i am hoping for Baun
  8. he was banned for being a troll, if you dont like reading draft picks ahead of time then dont, and leave me alone
  9. Especially against Brady and Brees who like to climb up in the pocket
  10. me either but ESPN went to commercial, so that pissed me off
  11. We have some good D player on the board, please TD dont screw this up. Broncos took KJ Hamler
  12. this is the deepest WR draft in years, projections are that as many as 35 will be drafted
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