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  1. Maybe the OP could first learn the actual name of one of the QB and then post this stupid question. Joe BURROW is an amazing QB prospect, but Matty is a former NFL MVP and an All Pro QB. Its not even a question, and i am a huge huge Joe Burrow fan
  2. Find a team that wants Jordan Love, trade down to the 20's and pick up an extra 2nd, and grab Fulton, who is a much better fit then Henderson for DQ defense. But i would do this only if Kinlaw is not there, if he is you run to the podium. Kinlaw and Grady would be amazing and just the pairing we need to push up the pocket against Brady and Brees
  3. so now we can focus on the Defense in the draft, and finally build a good defense that Matty hasn't had in his entire career in the ATL
  4. Yeah Clyde is my favorite RB i the draft, dude can do it all, plus he is so hard to bring down and played in an NFL offense
  5. Give him a one year prove it deal, with lots of incentives, otherwise its a pass from me
  6. i think Swift will be the first RB of the board but one of Dobbins, Taylor and CEH will be there when we pick in the 2nd. In the first i am hoping we dont go for a CB but rather either Kinlaw or Chaisson are there at 16. We need pass rushers given the QBs that are in our division and in the NFC, almost all of them are pocket passers...
  7. The depth for TE in this draft is AWFUL, there is probably only one TE in the top 50, so Hurst is a good pick up
  8. so its basically Hurst, a 4th rounder this year and a 3rd rounder next year for a 2&5 this year...thats a pretty good deal tbh
  9. Do we get a Comp pic for this?
  10. Kinlaw or Chaisson. Both bring something different, but both would be an real upgrade on what we have right now
  11. relax, there will be a run on QB and especially on OL so a lot of great prospects will be there at 16.
  12. **** the Aints and their crybaby fans
  13. its Burrow for me, he is essentially running an NFL style offense, and making NFL type throws, unlike Lawrence, who is extremely talented, but struggled last night after going against the first really tough defense he saw all year, while no defense has been able to stop Burrow and LSU.
  14. He didnt play bad, but Joe Burrow is having an all time college season, and thats just it
  15. yeah the media is just bunch of idiots, just look how much they were rooting for Bama against LSU this year, apart ofcourse from the LSU guys at ESPN. I cant wait for this match up, as an LSU fan i cant wait to see our O go against the Dawgs D. The x factor for LSU will be Clyde E-H who has really played amazing this year, and made the opposing D pay when they drop 7 or 8 into coverage. We had trouble with Auburn's D in the first half because we didn't expect them to come out in a 3-1-7 scheme, but we gave the ball to Clyde E-H in the second half and he gashed them. I am just hoping for a great game and ofc an LSU win