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  1. Nate Burleson said on GMF that watching this game made him feel happy and glad he was retired because just how hard the Falcons were hitting and tackling
  2. this is a good low risk high reward type of signing
  3. yeah, call me ignorant, while offering me not a single counter point to the thing i said, just like any religion nut would do... And i don't really care what religion it is, i find them all backwards and intolerant. And i agree with you, it is the greatest fictional story ever told
  4. but it does, almost every ****** up thing ever done by people to other people in mass numbers religion was used as an excuse. So maybe we would be a better society if we start calling out ignorant people on their ******** and not "respecting" their ignorance
  5. I hate to tell you bud, but you are brainwashed. You blindly believe in something that was made up by some goat shepards 2000 years ago.
  6. i love love love the Renfrow pick, he is an awesome player and would make it a lot easier for us to cut Sanu in a year or two, plus Julio Ridley and him on the same field, good luck to the D that has to defend all of that
  7. good, because he sucks, and if he doesn't change his approach to dealing with players, he could soon be out on his ***. He has given players far far far too much power and it is destroying the league that is set up for a few big markets to get all of the players with their trade request and agent tampering. I am a die hard Portland fan, and i am happy we have a loyal star in Damian Lillard who doesn't want to leave just to be Lebrons ***** boy like AD