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  1. i was big fan of his, going to his BC days, and was hoping we could get him in the draft. But he needs to retire, or i fear he will not live to see his 50. birthday
  2. i see us going 2-4, or even worse 1-5. Matt Ryan needs to play like 2016 not 2015, and if he doesnt we are in for a long season
  3. Dude, i am pretty good when it comes to jokes that are considered un-PC but this is just plain sexist.
  4. yeah he needs to play better, i dont understand what happend to his long ball, he was on point last year, and this year he is just overthrowing or underthrowing them
  5. TBH i am not liking what i am seeing from Matt these 3 games. It just seems that our O is a little out of sync and that starts with Matt who has been overthrowing our WR and TE, similar to 2015. I am hoping these are just hiccups along the way
  6. this game shoudnt have been close but it was...it reminded me of the Cards and Chiefs games of the past
  7. That right there is the problem...they actually are not, its just the narative of the left that they are, but given the rate of the crime the POC are actually underrepresented in police shootings. I have no problem with what Kaep is doing, because i am not the citizen of the USA, but i can tell ******** when i see one
  8. i am torn between Andy Dalton in a dome or Dominique Davis is the future, hm i am not sure
  9. wow Brady is 16/36 ****, those are Cam Newtons numbers
  10. the Chiefs are wooping their behinds
  11. thats why you run the **** ball
  12. wow is it just me or Brady has been looking old as f### this whole game
  13. One of his best friends is Kyle, so no wonder he is going to use us losing him as a big factor. I would have put us top 3, ahead of the Steelers and the Chiefs, and the only reason i woulf put the Giants ahead is because i rate their D as the best in the game
  14. I dont think the problem will be early retirements of players, but what i see as a problem is down the line maybe 10, 15 years when the talent pool will be severely depleted because kids right now are not allowed to play football by their parents, and are pushed more towards safer sports like basketball, baseball, european football.
  15. Last year from week 7 they were i think in the top 3 of a lot of defensive categories