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  1. I'm picking it up today. I have the extra cash and a need for true 4K gaming.
  2. Anyone tried this mod out on Fortnite? It's currently free and I must say it's hella fun. As a console player I've been wanting Player Unknown because of the Battle Royale game mode. This is the first of it's kind on a console to my knowledge. You basically have 100 people on a large map and last man standing wins. You have to find weapons and gear as you go. You can play solo, duos , and teams of 4 currently.
  3. I've heard the same reports as well. Even going so far as to get a hotel in Chicago during the Lollapalooza event. But he never checked in or something to that effect. http://wgntv.com/2017/10/05/las-vegas-gunman-booked-hotel-overlooking-lollapalooza-report-says/
  4. Some info about the guns he supposedly used. All high end rifles. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/las-vegas-killer-had-better-rifles-than-the-us-military/ar-AAsSDWY "Law enforcement recovered 23 firearms from the 32nd-floor suite of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, including AR-15-style rifles. They are the equivalent of the U.S. military’s standard service rifle, the M-16. One the rifles seen in an unofficial photograph features a “free floating barrel,” unlike an M-16 whose barrel is connected to the rest of the rifle. Inside a free-floating barrel, bullets travel without interference from micro-vibrations. Conversely, a bullet fired from a fixed barrel can be thrown off its intended trajectory by these external vibrations. The difference can be as much as 50% more accurate. The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have been trying to outfit their conventional infantry forces with weapons that have free-floating barrels for years. In other words, Paddock’s weapons are more accurate by design than some of the weapons the U.S. military issues out to their regular infantry service members."
  5. Three days after and still not a clue why he did this? Doesn't make sense. Article below states he also had a camera inside the room filming himself doing the shooting? http://nypost.com/2017/10/03/las-vegas-gunman-set-up-camera-inside-his-hotel-room/
  6. IMO it is not only a statement game but a playoff seed game as well. You don't want Greenbay winning over Seattle and the Falcons already. My problem with the whole thing is if we win tonight and meet them in the playoffs. That would mean the Falcons would have to beat them 4 times in a roll? Tough thing to do.
  7. **** .... What a waste ... now if we could sign Rubin from Seattle I'd fell a little better about this ..
  8. And on the flip side of this Cam Newton coming with HISTORICALLY BAD numbers last year. Least accurate QBs in 2016 1. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers C%+: Minus-6.1 percent Newton's alarmingly low 52.9 completion percentage last season is in need of context -- he and Jameis Winston were the only full-time starters to average at least 10 air yards per attempt. According to ESPN Stats & Info, however, Newton had the highest rate of off-target throws (22.9 percent) while pressured and still had the third-highest rate (18.5 percent) when he was not under pressure. Newton's minus-6.1 percent C%+ in 2016 is the third-lowest season for any quarterback with at least 400 pass attempts since 2006, behind Blake Bortles' minus-6.8 percent in 2014 and Brett Favre's minus-6.2 percent in 2006.
  9. It would be cool ... but honestly for a person that's been in the private sector all of his life proven time and time again he's controversial. Is it really a surprise?
  10. The game is truly a cash cow. I've been watching some RP mods on twitch it's entertaining.
  11. Could you please be specific on what your talking about ? In terms of making it impossible ? What is this again I'm not following .
  12. Ohh it was bad during the Bush years. Trust me. Trump took it to a 24/7 triggered level. Some of it is funny, some I honestly feel sorry for and then you have just a plain old toxic circle jerk echo chamber, which has been taking place here on the regular since election night.
  13. Marla you have to consider the crowd here and the narrative. Politics at it finest. I'm sure you know this. This place is quite entertaining though! TOXIC most of the time, but it has it moments.
  14. 2024 is gonna be while. Any update on that corn apocalypse trade war coming our way, now that we've pissed off Mexico off?