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  1. I’ve never been banned you bigoted mental midget.
  2. Dude you are a straight up turd. From silly poor ole me if Deal got re-elected ... I’m gonna spend your tax dollars on a new porch. To to anyone that voted for Trump being truly deplorable. You are the true Definition of “ awful awful people” But continue to cry to us snowflake, it’s mildly entertaining to watch you piss and moan.
  3. Speaking of which where are we at now in the pending Mexican/American Corn crisis?
  4. Fixed. Thank me in 2020.
  5. https://bea.gov/newsreleases/international/transactions/2018/trans118.htm Tax Cuts: They said it wouldn't happen, but it did: The money companies stashed overseas to protect them from high U.S. corporate tax rates is flooding back in, boosting growth, jobs and confidence in the economy. Thank the Trump tax cuts.All told, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported, some $305.6 billion returned to the U.S. from overseas accounts. That's a $1.2 trillion annual rate, and far more than the $35 billion one year before. The BEA's analysts explain why this happened: "The large magnitudes (of inward capital flows) ... reflect the repatriation of accumulated earnings by foreign affiliates of U.S. multinational enterprises and their parent companies in the United States in response to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." Just crumbs.....
  6. Judge Questions Whether Mueller Has Overstepped His Authority on Manafort https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/04/us/mueller-authority-paul-manafort-case-judge.html Stupid NYtimes right Leon ?
  7. Judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case Russian firm linked to Putin’s chef accuses special counsel of ‘pettifoggery.’ https://www.politico.com/story/2018/05/04/mueller-russia-interference-election-case-delay-570627 Pffft Politico .... right Acworth?
  8. What part about the article is untrue? I won't hold my breath....
  9. The ‘Russian Collusion’ Trial Is On, And Mueller May Be The First Casualty WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lawyers for Russian company Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, formally entered a “not guilty” plea in federal court Monday in a case special counsel Robert Mueller probably never thought would happen. Mueller, weathering significant criticism that his Russian collusion case was thin, unveiled a grandiose indictment Feb. 16 against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies. The 13 Russians in question were charged with waging “information warfare” in the United States, interfering with the 2016 presidential election, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Mueller generated headlines with the February indictment, safe in the knowledge the 13 Russians were beyond U.S. jurisdiction. Therefore, there would be no trial — only sensational Russian collusion accusations. Mueller may now have to try the case, and Concord’s lawyers have put the special counsel on notice. The Russian company’s lawyers intend to invoke “discovery” to obtain U.S. intelligence about what they knew of Russian activities. “I guess Mueller thought it was a freebie, for sure,” former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy told The Daily Caller News Foundation after the court proceeding. “He thought it could make this association (of Russian collusion) and it would never be challenged in court,” McCarthy, also a National Review contributing editor, said. Concord retained the services of two attorneys at mega law firm Reed Smith, and the company is demanding a speedy trial. The lawyers indicated they were going to exercise Concord’s rights under discovery to examine all of Mueller’s “evidence” of the conspiracy.In starting Wednesday’s trial, Eric A. Dubelier, a Reed Smith law partner, entered a “not guilty” plea in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He also repeated his client’s interest for a “speedy trial.” McCarthy called Mueller’s entire indictment an “unforced error.” “One thing you never want to do is to indict in a case that you’re not prepared to try,” McCarthy said. Mueller tried to delay Wednesday’s hearing and floated a claim Concord had not been properly served notice. “Until the Court has an opportunity to determine if Concord was properly served, it would be inadvisable to conduct an initial appearance and arraignment at which important rights will be communicated and a plea entertained,” Mueller’s lawyers filed in federal court. But Concord opposed the motion. “The Special Counsel is not entitled to special rules and is required like the Attorney General to follow the rules of the Court,” Dubelier stated in his response to Mueller. U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich agreed with Concord and rejected Mueller’s request for a delay in the trial without comment, which led to Wednesday’s arraignment. Concord wants a “speedy trial” as provided by federal law, the company’s lawyers also repeated Wednesday. The case will resume July 9. It is the second legal headache for Mueller in two weeks. Last week, federal Judge T.S. Ellis, III, a Reagan appointee, threatened to throw out the special counsel’s indictment of Paul Manafort since the charges against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager did not relate to any charges of Russian collusion. Instead, the charges were tied to banking activities that went as far back as 2005 — more than a decade before Trump announced his intention to run for president.
  10. But he was such a fine and upstanding FBI agent that Trump was simply smearing. Amirite?
  11. https://twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/987027875386855430?s=20 Let us remember, Trump is simply smearing fine upstanding FBI agents that would never do any such things Trump wildy claims...
  12. Simmer down Frances I’m just merely pointing out the obvious. But if you feel the need to defend yourself I’m all eyes... The last part of your post is comedy gold considering the drivel you post. I haven’t defended or condoned anything. Happy Valentines sweetheart.
  13. White powder letter to Donald Trump Jr. said 'You're an awful, awful person': report http://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/white-powder-letter-donald-trump-said-you-awful-awful-person-report/eFKm6OiD7EWZPWpBeQ0OoM/
  14. But in an April 2016 interview on Fox News Sunday, then-President Obama said he "guaranteed" he was staying out of the FBI probe. Here's an excerpt: OBAMA: “I can guarantee. I can guarantee that not because I give Attorney General [Loretta] Lynch a directive, that is institutionally how we have always operated. I do not talk to the Attorney General about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it. I guarantee it. I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case. Period. Nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the Justice Department because nobody is above the law.” WALLACE: “Even if she ends up as the Democratic nominee?” OBAMA: “How many times do I have to say it, Chris? Guaranteed.”
  15. Love Skyrim here had it when it first ever came out....bought it for my switch just recently.