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  1. So now you're actually arguing that the league is altering the trajectory of field goal kicks?
  2. They've reached an entirely new level of butthurt. I can only imagine how bad it would be if this had happened to them in the Super Bowl instead.
  3. Saints also win if the Rams' kicker doesn't make that kick in regulation to send the game to OT. Do you think the kick was rigged?
  4. The Eagles blew it last week. It's really tough to win a road playoff game in the swamp.
  5. Saints look like they were popping pills with Sean Payton pregame.
  6. Systematically, though, they aren't really guys you'd typically hear lumped in together. I suppose Kingsbury thinks it might help having input from someone who also made the transition from college to pro recently.
  7. Kingsbury and Sark seems like a weird fit. I don't really group them together as similar offensive minds in terms of philosophy.
  8. He's still employed by them in a personnel role, so other teams need permission from the Broncos. Everything the Broncos are doing is by the book. I'm sure if he really wanted out of Denver he would have resigned or at least made that point clear to Elway. It's not like he's being forced to work for them.
  9. If other teams had wanted to interview Shanahan to be their OC, we would have blocked it. You can't block other teams for interviewing a coordinator for their head coaching position. Broncos couldn't block Kubiak from interviewing for a current head coaching vacancy, but they can block anything less than that.
  10. I think it's silly to suggest the FO deliberately avoids taking UGA players. They just don't go out of their way to take UGA players over other guys just to appease the portion of the fan base that wants them to. Every year someone lists all of the UGA players in the draft and suggests which ones the Falcons should take, and sets up this straw man where if none of them are taken, it's because the Falcons don't like UGA. If the player is at the top of the Falcons' board and the pick makes sense, I guarantee you the Falcons aren't going to pass on a guy just because he went to UGA.
  11. It's being reported as true.
  12. Yes, they are retreads--i.e. coaches that have been around at many different stops. You are aware that there are assistant coaches all across the NFL, right? It's the job of a head coach and front office to do their homework and identify promising candidates.
  13. I'd prefer we go find the next innovative young coach to be the OC rather than go for retreads like Kubiak or Haley.
  14. People have been using the "Cam is hurt" excuse for the last three years. At some point if you're still too hurt to be efficient, it's on the organization for not finding a replacement. Either that, or just admit he's not that good.
  15. We're 4-8. Looks like we're doing just fine losing without putting any additional effort into the task.
  16. I gave it until we inexplicably decided not to onside kick down 26-16 with 4 minutes left.
  17. The debate about whether Sark or the OL is the problem is obfuscating the fact that they're both problems. Sark hasn't been able to get the offense playing at a high level consistently. If he's here next year, he'll probably be walking out with Quinn at the end of 2019.
  18. Watching a team like the Bears engineer drives with innovative plays, even with a backup journeyman at QB, makes you realize just how primitive and far behind the Falcons are from a schematic standpoint. It's true that the OL blows, receivers are dropping passes, etc. and those things aren't on Sark, but the job of the coach is to take the hand you're dealt and maximize the abilities of your personnel. We don't appear to be putting our players in the best position to be successful.
  19. I have no idea what kind of pro he'll be, but Fromm makes some really impressive throws and not many mistakes. This is coming from a Tech fan.
  20. In 2018, you can't be caught on video pushing and kicking a woman. This should be a no-brainer.
  21. It's not on the same level as the Ray Rice footage, but I think you'll find a lot of people in the public who disagree that this isn't that bad. There's no way the Chiefs could have weathered the public outcry and retained him.
  22. Not sure if his career is over, but it wouldn't shock me. I'd say he's done at least through next year, and even then it would take a lot of rehabilitating his image, doing outreach for domestic violence awareness groups, etc. And let's not forget he had another incident where he punched a man. No clue how some in this thread really thought nothing would happen. What world/year are you living in?
  23. Not nearly as much as we hurt ourselves
  24. If the Saints have to play even one game on the road in the postseason, I think they're done.
  25. Sure, but they could also lose today and still win the division. Somebody's gotta win it.