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  1. Ryan is not a trade asset with his salary. The Texans would be looking for picks... trying to add Ryan to a trade would actually make it less appealing for them.
  2. Exactly! The AJC could tap anyone from the Falcoholic to replace him and instantly be better off.
  3. I honestly don't get why DLed still has a job. He's not a talented or thoughtful writer, his pieces are chockful of typos and factual errors that nobody bothers to edit, and he doesn't carry himself very professionally.
  4. Any reason why you don't want Smith calling plays?
  5. Yeah, true. They're balanced, but run it more than most teams in today's NFL. Like Shanahan, I don't think he's going to be intent on forcing a certain run/pass ratio--he'll maximize the personnel he has and keep the defense off balance, whether that means 70/30 or 50/50.
  6. I think it's a combination of Vrabel and their personnel. When you have a RB like Henry and a so-so QB like Tannehill, running it often is simply playing to your strengths. Even so, Tannehill had BY FAR his two best years under Arthur Smith.
  7. Look at Henry's stats before Smith became the OC. He didn't become the best back in the league before then. Also, I don't think Smith intends to be as run-heavy in Atlanta. He will adapt his scheme to the personnel he has. He won't have Henry in Atlanta, but he will have a better QB and lethal receivers. He's an inventive play caller--not just someone relying on a great running back to pound it all game. He's not going to expect the Falcons RBs to be Derrick Henry, just like Shanahan didn't expect Ryan to be a dual-threat QB like RG3.
  8. There are only 32 head coaching jobs. Sharp coordinators jump at head coaching opportunities wherever they are. They're not concerned about perceived curses or losing histories.
  9. Only a Falcons fan can look at a 99.9% win probability and know that it's going to be a nailbiter.
  10. I think this is backwards. ATL sports media is lukewarm because we rarely win championships and college football swallows everything else up. Our teams aren't unsuccessful because of a lack of media pressure/enthusiasm. There's a lack of media pressure/enthusiasm because our teams aren't successful.
  11. It doesn't have to be a running QB. We just need a good QB. So far this year, Ryan has not been that. Ridiculous drive-killing turnovers and his deep balls are rarely within reach of his receivers. He's not going anywhere because the organization has too much invested in him, so we all just have to hope he returns to being a good QB at some point.
  12. Sadly even 1-15 might not get us the #1 pick next year.
  13. Who cares? He'll be yucking it up with Mariota after the game just like he was with Brissett postgame last week.
  14. The Saints play in a very small market and that doesn't seem to affect them. Historically it hasn't been an issue for the Packers either...or the Steelers and Ravens. The team that just beat us today plays in a much smaller market, as do most NFL teams. The NFL is actually the sport where market size matters very little. We're struggling because we don't have good leadership in coaching or the front office. We don't learn from our mistakes on the field, and off the field we're too loyal to the players we've drafted in contract negotiations and end up with no cap space to address signific
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