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  1. There are only 32 head coaching jobs. Sharp coordinators jump at head coaching opportunities wherever they are. They're not concerned about perceived curses or losing histories.
  2. Only a Falcons fan can look at a 99.9% win probability and know that it's going to be a nailbiter.
  3. I think this is backwards. ATL sports media is lukewarm because we rarely win championships and college football swallows everything else up. Our teams aren't unsuccessful because of a lack of media pressure/enthusiasm. There's a lack of media pressure/enthusiasm because our teams aren't successful.
  4. It doesn't have to be a running QB. We just need a good QB. So far this year, Ryan has not been that. Ridiculous drive-killing turnovers and his deep balls are rarely within reach of his receivers. He's not going anywhere because the organization has too much invested in him, so we all just have to hope he returns to being a good QB at some point.
  5. Sadly even 1-15 might not get us the #1 pick next year.
  6. Who cares? He'll be yucking it up with Mariota after the game just like he was with Brissett postgame last week.
  7. The Saints play in a very small market and that doesn't seem to affect them. Historically it hasn't been an issue for the Packers either...or the Steelers and Ravens. The team that just beat us today plays in a much smaller market, as do most NFL teams. The NFL is actually the sport where market size matters very little. We're struggling because we don't have good leadership in coaching or the front office. We don't learn from our mistakes on the field, and off the field we're too loyal to the players we've drafted in contract negotiations and end up with no cap space to address signific
  8. I get the sentiment expressed by some that it shouldn't matter if we go for an offensive or defensive guy, but after 12 years of Ryan constantly cycling through new coordinators/schemes, it might not be a bad idea to go after a bright young offensive coach who will bring his own offense (and thus some stability there). Then hire a vet at DC who knows how to run a defense that's physical yet disciplined.
  9. If this was out of character for a Quinn-coached team, I might agree with you. However, this type of performance has become all too common. This is now two of three games this year where we just don't look like we even entered the game with a sound defensive game plan. Quinn looks clueless as to what's going on, and his in-game decision-making is a total joke.
  10. I doubt we will ever win a Super Bowl. It's more likely that CTE and other issues lead to the dissolution of the NFL and organized football in America than it is that the Falcons will win a Super Bowl.
  11. Funny, I thought the thread title was in reference to the Vikings game two weeks ago. In any case, Quinn never has the team prepared to play an AFC team, no matter who it is, and this is now the second time in three weeks where it's obvious we didn't come in with a competent game plan. I bet Frank Reich was just licking his chops watching our defense in film, knowing Quinn is too clueless to adjust when a team starts killing the zone with the short passing game.
  12. It's still so early. It's like trying to get a read on the best teams in baseball after 20 games (1/8 of the season) in a 162-game season. You'll have some teams that are obvious contenders (Patriots, Chiefs-->Dodgers, Astros), but other teams that will emerge later, as well as teams that start hot but will flame out. We didn't look like world beaters after 2 games in 2016. The Saints started 0-2 in 2017, with two double digit losses. Even the Patriots have had some rough Septembers in the past relative to their expectations.
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