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  1. Well I didn't call him a liar, but ole Pete encourages thuggish behavior on his team. He thinks it gives them an edge. From the Jeremy Lane ejection:
  2. Do you really think the league was going to strip the titles (and ownership) of the 97 and 98 Denver Broncos for disregarding the salary cap? It's tainted for sure, but they wouldn't kill the golden goose. That's why, as much as it pained me, I was rooting against Peyton Manning's team in Super Bowl 48.
  3. The Comeback was an NFL playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers played on January 3, 1993. It featured the Bills recovering from a 32-point deficit[1][2] to win in overtime, 41–38, and as of February 2017 it remains the largest comeback in NFL history.[1] -from wikipedia This was a **** of a game to watch. I'm sure Houston or Tennessee fans will never want to see it again. A few weeks ago when someone linked to Super Bowl XXXIII I didn't feel like watching the rest of it after halftime.
  4. I voted next year because we should have nowhere to go but up. I have to be an optimist because next year is easier to feel good about than 2 to 5 years in the future. The talking heads were knocking us for our 5 losses...I say we can at least match that next season. First round bye in the playoffs hasn't been kind to us in the past, but it is the path of least resistance (less chance of injuries). After 2012 I started off confident for 2013 but after seeing our schedule I got a little intimidated. And then the drama with tony g detailed my hopes. Next year's schedule seems just as tough as 2016 though. There should be a pinned thread where everyone can just be facetious about our chances and air out all the dirty laundry while still being optimistic- like the 2014 Troll Up thread!
  5. Not sure why the original post says this is our "Bill Buckner" moment and that we will never get over it, when Boston DID get over it. Even the Yankees "cleansed their psyche" with a world series win a few years later after the greatest choke in professional sports history. They didn't lose in the World Series in epic fashion but still...I say that's a bigger collapse than us. I know this hurts because we have never had one before, and I'm going to have to keep myself healthy so I can live to 93 if need be. That's disturbing to think about. Like a funeral dirge. But still we march on. Victory or death! I really feel for the older fans, and I hope we don't piss away our window of opportunity. But i think our team will be ok. Remember John Elway had 16 years in the league and only won it all the last two seasons.
  6. No this isn't the worst. The Yankees losing to Red Sox in 2004 was the biggest choke job of all time. The team needs to GET THEIR MINDS RIGHT and be ready for next year. It will take time but I don't think we will have to wait 18 years before the nest Bowl
  7. I thought the seahawks choke job was more embarrassing than this one.
  8. I don't know why I feel more angry than disappointed. After the '98 season Superbowl loss I felt that I wouldn't see them again in the big game until I was an old man. But here we are 18 freakin' years later. But after 2012 I felt physically ill. I was depressed for about a week. Not this time. Now I hope my anger carries over to the team. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Never defeated, only delayed.
  9. I thought this wasn't as embarrassing as Seattle losing. And didn't the oilers have a bigger choke in vs bills in '93 (wasn't the superbowl but still don't make falcons seem worse than they are)
  10. I just want to say to everyone, (including our team if listening) GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. You know what I did after the game? I got really drunk and did my taxes. As falcons fans we are in this for the long haul. We have been here before. Hell I was in Afghanistan and we didn't quit after a bad day. Matt didn't throw any interceptions. He has many more good years in the league. We SHOULDN'T have to wait another 18 years between Bowls
  11. You're really reaching, and becoming stupider as the thread goes on. 2007 and 2009 ended with a win. The thing you can't get over is not your team, but your idol. I've already reassessed that he is better than I thought he was, but now is in a period of negative growth. Whereas on this board we have been very critical on Matt Ryan and have seen him progress from those early years to where we are today. The lack of sportsmanship shown by Aaron is much like looking at your mirror image I imagine.
  12. You know when the site went down for "maintenance" between 1050-1100am pacific time I thought that the trolls had crashed the site! But when it went back online I was hoping that a spam filter had been installed...sadly no. Trolls are ok if they are entertaining but this is just silliness
  13. Yes I think a shootout is what it will be. I'm hearing from a lot of people that 27-24 (if we use the spread) is a likely outcome but I still think 37-34 is more realistic. And I made a wager with a friend that my Falcons will score at least 40. This is by far the most competitive matchup that this year's Superbowl could produce. I don't understand the trolls who say there are other NFC teams who could give the Patriots a tougher time.
  14. There is already a change in the "mindshare" of the patriots chances of winning. On AM 710 Seattle "Brock and Salk" this morning said that regardless of what happens, this Superbowl will cement Tom Brady's legacy as the greatest of all time. Can you read between the lines? They are they are trying to temper expectations and let pats fans down easy. It wasn't a trash talking speech, a pep talk, or even a real analysis. It was an admission- that the pats could be embarrassed on the biggest stage for one too many times. An admission that the Brady/Belichick era is about to be erased; that everything that they put together since 2001 is about to be wiped away. And they are terrified of it. So they pump up Brady at the expense of the coach and the rest of the team to try to salvage whatever dignity the pats will have left after Sunday night. A post-patriots era is upon us. (As an aside, just before commercial break they both agreed that Pete Carroll sabotaged Russell Wilson from becoming "elite." ROFL)