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  1. Feels kinda like kissing your Cousins am I right?
  2. It’d be sweet to have a 5+ sack type of game and hold Jameis to 4999 passing yards
  3. While watching Pats/Chiefs during commercials, it said to ask Siri who has the leading passing yards. A rather amusing list, but who is just behind Brady in the #6 spot? Matt Ryan. So you're saying there's a chance.
  4. Don’t really mind if the gnats take this one since Harper will get his face rubbed in it.
  5. If your BIL was the victim of a bad shoot, shouldn’t the family have at least received a settlement from the city, or a wrongful death judgement?
  6. Hilarious how they looked to be having a quarterback controversy on the sideline for a bit.
  7. Quinn is behind the 8 ball. Seahawks and 49ers are 2-0. I’ve been waiting years for the revenge game against Shanahan. And he better not put Blair Walsh in against the Seahawks.
  8. Isn’t Hooper the last Falcon that was successful on a 2 pt conversion? So yes get him involved!
  9. I always stop by The Shell House, off 8 Gateway Blvd W when I’m in Savannah. I’m upset they stopped preseasoning the shrimp, waitress said people complained it was too salty lol.
  10. I believe you don’t seem to understand what facts are. Everything I have stated about law enforcement incident response history can be verified in the newspapers. And I explained how a knife beats a gun, if you take advantage of the proper vector and surprise your opponent. Perhaps you mean data? I would refer you to page 1 of this thread if you are trying to prove your hypothesis in good faith, because at this point it’s sounds like you’re in favor of nuking hurricanes to stop them.
  11. Since you don’t like Socrates, I can guess who’s the pigeon When presented with ideas (facts) that contradict your hypothesis, your hypothesis needs to be modified. I believe Jayz posted a video a while back with a handy chart. It showed that this country continues to have the majority of gun related deaths from guns that are NOT assault rifles.
  12. And I used my Seal Pup knife in Afghanistan to stop an ANA soldier from picking up my rifle while I was in the middle of getting my haircut. So it’s ALWAYS situational. I believe this is where I DUNK.
  13. That’s exactly the point. I have definitively proven that the left is incapable of learning by using the Socratic method. Maybe we need to get the whole gang in here and discuss this bombshell event. If the left is immune to the Socratic method of rhetoric, where do we as a nation go from here? Of course you can see where things will end up with a little imagination. The right will leap upon this finding that the left are irredeemably logically deficient, and not to be taken seriously. The left will howl in protest, saying that only simple minds would use anything but the lecture method. If only the right would use more lectures, the left would be able to effectively respond.
  14. If instead a rabid camel spider was coming at you like an angry facehugger, I would have to choose kicks and fancy footwork.
  15. I think you need to keep the definition of vector in mind and draw a diagram of your hypothetical scenario, perhaps in MS Paint, so we can truly answer your question to your satisfaction.