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  1. Well yes, crime is crime. But location and who lives in that location is important to know, for your own situational awareness and safety. Remember the political games being played when in 1980 (I believe it was then) that report came out showing Savannah had the highest murder rate in the country? And then the mayor whined and tried to deflect blame from himself, saying that the crime in a few problem ghetto areas (majority black) was unfairly skewing the results. Sorry bud, your city has a murder problem. Own it. There was a documentary on NYC's crime in the late 80s to early 1990s I saw that showed the mayor in '90 giving a speech to this poor community saying he was "with them," but the results from increased law enforcement resources and presence didn't occur until 3 years later. He basically strung them along for 3 years with meaningless talk instead of action. I was reminded of that Time magazine cover saying something was rotten in the big apple, the bad old days when the number of people murdered was over 2000 yearly. For others to accuse those of pointing out "black on black" crime as being racist, is just as cowardly and lazy as that savannah mayor. Own the problem, enough lip service. But maybe, people really do get the leaders they deserve. Where is the outrage? I went to a bachelor party in Buckhead and later on some of us wanted to go to mid-town and this one guy was absolutely terrified of being there after 8pm and refused to go. I'm like, P***y, this is our city, we are in a big group, they can't shoot us all. Oh, and like Taylor Swift said, heartbreak is the national anthem, we sing it proudly. (?!? Lol)
  2. Gee, all this talk and no one has posted what our President, thinks about it. “I don’t think people should be staying in locker rooms, but still I think it’s good,” he said. “You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.” I just hope all this winning translates to the Falcons this year!
  3. This is more like it. but seriously, if that's their actual New Orleans makes their entire city look like national enquirer subscribers. It's starting to rub off on me to the entire state; assuming everyone who's from there is a low class moron. I really have to stop myself sometimes.
  4. Can't be the GOAT when you lose 3 Bowls
  5. Bros, even with the Philly loss Sark hasn't had his "Mike Smith in London" moment yet. I have no doubt it will come. Somehow, someway I wish the 49ers can play us in the postseason. The ultimate Shanny vs Sark showdown would put this thing to bed. But I am cautiously optimistic for us this year. We had a frustrating playoff exit similar to 2008. There's anger but there's a lot of upside, just like back then. It wasn't downright shameful like 2010 and 2011. My must-see game this upcoming season is the Eagles rematch, in Philly. A true Sark litmus test.
  6. If Sark copy and pasted the last red zone drive from 2012, he would have done better than what he dreamed up this time.
  7. When we go 9-7 next season and get in with a wild card spot...then with "glowing confidence," Quin will say we are "only a couple of pieces away"
  8. After the Chiefs collapse, guys on ESPN were saying Andy Reid's flavor of west coast offense was responsible for the 2nd half "stagnation", because he only had about 15 plays...and the Titans D made adjustments at halftime. I really don't know much about the details myself, but I immediately thought of Sark. My main takeaway from it was it provided a reason why the Falcons have a trend of low scoring 2nd halfs. This is entirely different from the way the Vikes gave up their 17 point lead yesterday.
  9. Brees "Sky is the limit with this team"
  10. "Wiffle Boy" Williams lol
  11. I seriously thought the saints would refuse to take the field for the extra point lol
  12. Softy is usually the best local radio guy for the Seahawks (his timely hot takes can piss off the homers) but the Falcons must really be in his head if he is so desperate to spin positive PR
  13. ACC! ACC! GT 1990 National Champions! Buffalos? They were given a 5th down they don't count;)
  14. "You don't know peace 'til you've had suffering," my brother.