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  1. You guys that think he should have played long ball... you have to be able to do it to do it. OL was getting completely mauled and if coach had tried to give routes time to develop Ryan would have been sacked about 10 times
  2. Yeah, me too and then draft Sewell and try to trade McGary for DL help
  3. After another season of watching the home team get clobbered on both sides of the trenches...what are they going to do? We need a star RB maybe🤣
  4. Been a Falcon fan since about 70 and seen too many bad teams. We are in a deep hole right now. Overall talent is putrid and we have a franchise QB who is no longer a franchise QB locked into a franchise QB contract. We have a old as crap owner with a new stadium to pay for and bleeding PSLs who mandated "no rebuild". This could get real ugly...it already is ugly and there's every chance that it gets a lot worse. If the falcons extend Ryan to placate the Falcon for life mantra with this putrid talent level I will just step even futher back with my expectations and interest And for the 1,000,000,000th time, build from the inside out. Build the trenches and stop with the shiny hood ornaments
  5. Seems like a lot of the homer cheerleaders that want to aggress the intelligent posters that are being intelligent...are conspiculously absent right now🙄
  6. Was not a fan of the starters not getting reps in PS.....
  7. I believe in the new regime. Love the hires but this year was patch work and it's going to take some time to get the talent level up. I'm not crying or worked up about it. I've been a Falcon fan since about 70 but it's not an emotional thing for me. When I make a projection, it's a completely rational observation.
  8. I think not. I'm living in the future cause the present is not cool...got to live with it, but this team has problems that are going to take time to fix. Question is how successful will this admin be at adressing these problems and building a dynasty
  9. Love the Debbie Downer and troll talk... you guys said the same thing before the last three 7-9, 7-9, 4-12 seasons.... Debbie may be a downer but at least she's not a mindless cheerleader
  10. Push for what? My acessment of the team is that we are bottom 5-7 in the league in talent but with a near top 10 QB. 7 wins, 7 wins and 4 wins and during that time we've been losing more talent than we've been bringing in. I want the Falcons to win and I understand that many see Ryan as the best chance to win...problem is that he has little help compared to the good competition. Couldn't move Ryan this offseason because of his contract so he's still here. He will make a difference in the win colomn, but even with him I think it's another 7 win team. What I don't like is moving more of his money back and delaying the inevitable end to his time here. Falcons need to bring in a lot of talent in the next couple of years to have a chance to be a good team in a few. 2 or 3 extra wins this year and next in what will likely be losing seasons are NOT worth delaying the inevitable
  11. Man you know since I've been here I've noticed you and I really look up to you. It really hurts me that you say that.... Honestly I just see a team that will struggle to win 7-8 games and that it's going to take time to get things right. I don't care to play message board macho with any of you guys because the play on the field is the only truth. Cheers
  12. It seems like many of you guys would sell the farm for one more win... even if it was only to go 7-10
  13. Do you even see the reality of the talent on this team? Do you have any idea what and how long it's going to take to fix that? Ryan will be retired before the Falcons are good enough to not suck
  14. Yeah I agree 100%??? the question is how to get there? We're very far from competing with the best
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