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  1. I believe that their main argument for the prognosis wasn't that the secondary will suck because they got rid of a sucky secondary, but because all the players they brought in haven't done squat elsewhere
  2. Rather stick to the "draft RBs in later rounds philosophy" Take a look at the talent and depth on the defence and I think that you'll see where the top picks need to go next draft
  3. Looks about right. A bunch of Falcon's defensive players need to step it up if they want a better rating. New regime should help, but they are really starting with thin talent
  4. Just saw a realgm report that Titans are talking a first for JJ
  5. Maybe... or maybe just tired of seeing the Falcons lose the line of scrimmage battle on both sides year after year after year.... and MR laying on his butt after yet another sack
  6. Maybe or maybe after the haul SF gave up, the price woulda been too high
  7. They shoulda made that trade for #4 instead of #3. MIA wasn't going to take a QB. Woulda saved them a little and we woulda got all those picks. Now that it's done deal I'm good with Pitts, but imagine Falcons getting all that for #4
  8. No more trade up crap. After over a decade of watching troff blow draft capital on trade ups... no more
  9. Yeah, all those receivers looks real scary. Second year, totally unproven guy at C and no one at LG looks scary too
  10. I'm all for the POSSIBILITY of a QB. If the QB turns out well it is by FAAAAR the highest value pick. Sitting on the bench for year to mature and learn the ropes, or come in if injury is not a problem. The consensus is that this is a fairly unique QB draft with four or five of the top picks and BPA being QB. Many here think they know better and want to pretend that these QBs are busts.... just because they want a TE.....
  11. I agree with everything he said in the article. Only good thing about 4-12 is having the picks and Falcons have many options about how to go about it. Another subject, but I'll throw it in here. Why are so many saying that Pitts is BPA at #4 after the 3 QBS? That is an opinion. Another opinion would be that at least 1 more QB is BPA, or Sewell or Chase. I got nothing against Pitts but a bunch of fans seem to pick their guy and want to shove it down everyone's throats. Always better to remain flexible and open minded. Better for the intelligence and tolerance
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