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  1. A bunch of people making excuses for Ryan, OL based on bad coaching. Shouldn't everyone get the same benefit of doubt?
  2. I guess it's somewhat conceiveable that the Falcons have a winning record but winning the division seems a stretch. Who knows crap happens. This prediction somehow reminds me of Jim Carey's Dumb and dumber "you mean there a chance" thing though
  3. Seems like a pretty realistic projection. Prefer a trade of pick #4 though, but if not possible Sewell will likely be BPA. I think it's realistic because of the cap situation and the time it's going to take to fix this mess. My position is that JJ for sure and probably Ryan will both be gone before Falcons will have their next highly competitive team. Also agree that this kind of offseason likely results in another high pick. Troffed and Quinned
  4. I don't want to see old guys extended. Cap hel is a reality. You can keep restructuring but the wall will come. People like to point to NO and Brees but very soon they will be paying a big cap hit to a guy not playing anymore. I prefer that our new regime avoid doing the same to Falcons. Ryan is declining Julio can't stay on the field and there are about 20 holes to fill between starters and depth. AB and Mckay said they don't want any more losing seasons but over investing in the short-term to try to win 7-9 games next year is a mistake. I hope that the new regime is smart enough to see
  5. Given the #4 pick, the way the draft talent is set and the fact that Ryan will need to be replaced in the next 2-3 years; I go BPA QB at #4. #4 is a pick that needs to bring in max position value. QB is position value #1. I let Ryan play next year. If he shows that he can still get the team to the playoffs and make a run, great. If not he's gone after next season and new QB is inserted after a year behind Ryan.
  6. The girls think so, but of course I don't talk sports
  7. About 80% of the D needs to be rebuilt. Offense is Ridley, two aging stars and maybe an OK Oline. Likely a tough start for new regime.
  8. They certainly were on that Sunday and Dan and Dan would prolly give anything to have what they have
  9. 7-9 or 8-8 is competitive and will put the franchise back two or three years so that you can watch your two heros get old
  10. One thing for sure; draft a QB at #4 or trade back
  11. Pitiful truth is that we need to rebuild almost everything. It's going to take a while and Ryan and JJ are a big problem moving forward
  12. Poor Cowboys. DQ to fix their terrible D😂😂
  13. Blind faith creates the illusion of gods
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